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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Ten (10) Steps towards achieving goals (I.T.S Conference)

· Identify your goals through perception and conception. Write these goals in a simple sentence and be conscious of it.
· Be cautious of these goals always, read them always, memorize them and value them. It helps renew their viability and potency.
· Plan how to step out to work the goals. Identify when and who will help you achieve the goals.
· Create a positive mind set that your goal has already been achieved and snap a mind picture of how the success is and how it is being celebrated.
· Be aware of opportunities that provide you with the tools to reshape your dreams. Make good use of those opportunities.
· Utilize your confidence, courage, creativity, commitment and conscience to stay in focus in times of difficulties.
· In time of failure, gather yourself and try again. Failure is an opportunity to let you know that you must try again, but this time round using an alternate approach.
· Silence is gold, speech is silver. Go for the gold, not silver. Stop talking too much about your goals. Get into the game and score them.
· Listen to advice and counsel from great achievers, avoid those who belittle your ambitions. Stand on the shoulders of giants and you will see farther than them.
· Set and observe deadlines. Work out to meet deadlines. Work exceptionally to leave on earth an IMPACT.

Dangers of an untransformed life (I.T.S Conference)

Do you know what is means to be educated? Well, try ignorance and you will know the true difference.  Try a week of sickness and you will appreciate an hour of good health. A life untransformed is like a pencil unsharpened; it can’t make IMPACTS on the paper. When a life impurely lived  remains untransformed, it Suppresses, Compresses,  Oppresses and Depresses one’s sense of action and direction. Be determined to resist every oppressors’ rule and that can only be realistic if you refuse to submit yourself for an “untransformed life” to subdue. God is looking for those who are prepared to handle his secrets, and pass it on to the next generation.  Be the virtuous Christian who can truly be trusted, renewing your mind. I LOVE YOU!

Transform your behaviour (I.T.S Conference)

Thoughts produce actions; actions produce habits. A habit internalized becomes a behaviour . What really go into your mind matters so well because it leads you somewhere sooner or later.  What specific behaviour would you want to show to the world? Is it the good, the bad or the ugly? Remember not every movement is progress; so not every behaviour is a success producing one. Let your behaviour be a clean one; free of immorality, violence and corruption. 

Leave an IMPACT, start now by living a transformed life. Best wishes! 

-Wisdom Kpogli

Transform your thoughts (I.T.S Conference)

A transformed life is made by a deliberate action meant to convert oneself from a state of unproductiveness into a better one that yields evident results. Before any activity, event or adventure sets itself into being through a human being, it comes as a seed of thoughts. That seed produces fruits when actions are taken for it to be planted. The bottom line is that the seed you plant produces its respective fruits. "First comes the thought, then the organization of that thought into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning as you will observe is your imagination” said Napoleon Hill. You can and must imagine a big dream, no controversy! However, your thoughts must suggest to you a feasible way of starting, else it will be like cutting the coat according to your elder brother’s size.  TAKE CARE!

- Cephas Tornyi 

Transform your Actions (I.T.S Conference)

Transformation by definition is altering or changing greatly the appearance of something. Actions are  things we do after our thoughts or based on our temperament. These actions defines our success rate if there will be one. Of course every individual needs success to grow, to improve and to give meaning to life. For those actions that may not help your success to see the light of day, need transformation, a great change. The other way of  doing things may just be that great change or will give this change. It is only the change of ACTION, using the alternates that will give that birth to SUCCESS. This is supported by Williams James, a psychologist when he said, The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can Alter their lives by altering their attitude of mind.   Stay Blessed !

- Gilbert Mensah

Friday, 29 March 2013

50 believing statements for all believers (46-50)

Believers are achievers, therefore believe and achieve!
·        Believe that without being saved, you cannot be restored for genuine work!
·        Believe that the only way, and truth and life to restore your dreams is Christ!
·        Believe that by confessing and forsaking your iniquities, you graduate from being an unbeliever to a believer!
·        Believe in prayer, fellowship, meditation and inspiration to reach out to God!
·        Believe that through Christ, you are an achiever!

50 believing statements for all believers (41-45)

Believers are achievers, therefore believe and achieve!
  • ·        Believe that you can’t be sunk by petty disappointments; you must come over and overcome!
  • ·        Believe that you will not give way for failure to suppress your future!
  • ·        Believe you can make it great even if at first you don’t succeed!
  • ·        Believe and try it again till you celebrate your success!
  • ·        Believe that a tree that has been cut down also has a hope!

50 believing statements for all believers (36-40)

Believers are achievers, therefore believe and achieve!
  • ·        Believe that you will get there if you don’t waste profitable opportunities on your ways!
  • ·        Believe that you must improve every good work you started and by stepping often, you will create ways in and ways out!
  • ·        Believe that every step taken, no matter how small it is can contribute to your accomplishments
  • ·        Believe in pure ways of taking steps and take genuine steps that are clean and clear
  • Believe in the style of living that the ants’ family employs and make better what seems difficult today!

        -Israelmore Ayivor

50 believing statements for all believers (31-35)

Stop trying to be like someone else. Don’t follow a pursuit because someone else is doing it! Be truthful, you know what you love and you know why you love it!
  • Believers are achievers, therefore believe and achieve!
  • ·        Believe that you are who you are and no lies about you will change who you are!
  • ·        Believe that by telling the truth about you, you will be able to forge better relationships with people of the like mind!
  • ·        Believe and have a very good perception about people so that you will not be misled!
  • ·        Believe that you can get the best cure when you mention the best symptoms affecting you!
  • ·        Believe that you cannot hide for God and do the right thing at the time that no one is watching you!

50 Believing Statements of a true Believer (26-30)

As a believer, appreciate what God gives you and recognize him for it! Don’t go boasting about yourself as if it is by your own strength by which you were able to climb higher!
  • ·        Believe and recognize that God is the source of your dreams, but not you!
  • ·        Believe and appreciate God for planning to fulfill His plans and purpose through you!
  • ·        Believe and profess that God is great and you can’t do anything except by His power!
  • ·        Believe and humble yourself even to those you are superior to in your endeavours!
  • ·        Believe and live against pride, envy and anger each and every day!

May the Lord see you through!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

50 Believing statements for all believers ( 21-25 )

Believers are achievers, therefore believe and achieve!
  • ·        Believe that every human being must be guided!
  • ·        Believe that every human being has something inside him/her that counts!
  • ·        Believe that everyone was sent to leave a mark on earth!
  • ·        Believe that everyone is fallible, you may make mistakes!
  • ·        Believe that everyone must be sharpened before he can be able to work!

50 Believing statements for all believers ( 16- 20 )

Believers are achievers, therefore believe and achieve!

  • ·        Believe that you need somebody who will give you guidance and correction!
  • ·        Believe and pray for the best companionship and the wisdom to discern the thought of your associates!
  • ·        Believe you must serve as a blessing to everyone in your companionship!
  • ·        Believe you can get there when you take the positive and healthy path!
  • ·        Believe that iron sharpens iron; you can sharpen the countenance of another person!


50 Believing statements for all believers ( 11- 15 )

Believers are achievers, therefore believe and achieve!

  • ·        Believe that before you can confirm your achievements, you must persist to the end!
  • ·        Believe that you can control and dominate in your field, so you must conquer every strong obstacle!
  • ·        Believe that to complete well as a successful climber, you must never think of descending too early!
  • ·        Believe that you will construct new paths, new journeys, and new impacts for others to benefit them!
  • ·        Believe you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!


50 Believing statements for all believers ( 6 - 10 )

Believers are achievers!
  • ·        Believe that you must not allow great tasks to frighten you just because they look great!
  • ·        Believe that you must not waste your energy pursuing clustered tasks, but rather plot them strategically against the available time!
  • ·        Believe that you can prepare and plan every single day and at the end account for a joyful day!
  • ·        Believe that you can break things down and assemble them to work for you!
  • ·        Believe that greater is He, that is in you than He that is in the world!


Monday, 4 March 2013

50 Believing statements for all believers (1-5)

Believers are achievers, therefore believe and achieve!

  • ·        Believe that you are responsible for your own accomplishments God deposited in you!
  • ·        Believe that success is not luck; it is the result a deliberate effort to do a hard work!
  • ·        Believe that prayer works through faith and action!
  • ·        Believe that great people took great steps. Weak people took weak steps!
  • ·        Believe that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!
Excerpts from Believe and Achieve, Series 1