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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

My 2014 Year message to all Friends

Friends, Welcome to a new year~ 2014.
The year looks new, but I believe that the newness of the year has more to do with our positive attitudes than our physical sight and emotional feelings.
  • Look up the sky. The colour is the same today as it was on 31st December 2013.
  • Look up the sea. The wave is as constant as it was on the last day of the previous year!
  • Sniff the air you used to breathe 24 hours ago. The moisture of the air is the same!
  • Feel the soil you walked on 1440 minutes ago; the texture is the same, just as it  was!
  • The volume of my breakfast is the same; the size of my lunch did not change and I believe the weight of my supper will be as it was yesterday!
The year is new as the calendar tells. But it would be as old as the previous year if you enter it with the old mindset that never brought you any better and happier life. When you live in the New Year with an old mind that always failed you, you are as old as the failures of the past. The year is new therefore the thoughts must be branded with new odour, colour and texture!
Enter the New Year with a can-do spirit that tells everyone that “all things are possible”. I pray for you; I believe you can do it. I know you will do it. Do it and do it better to the glory of the Lord Jehovah!
You can go extra mile to do extraordinary things even at the extra time. I thank God for the things He did to others through you in the previous year. Even the little steps you took are highly appreciated. In those LITTLE things you did, other people can feel TINY miracles. No piece of the Kingdom Cake is too small. Even the tiniest miracles is  as wholesome as a National Package.
Take life with all seriousness and believe that you are responsible for optimizing your God-given potentials. God gave the seed, but he wants the fruits back. Pick the seeds up. Plant the best ones. He promised the rain. It will be a bumper harvest!
Personally, 2014 is my year of CEASELESS PRAISE unto God. I will ceaselessly remember you on everyday, every week and in every month of this year in my Praise unto the Lord Jehovah our creator!
Live life sooooo well.
Shalom and enjoy the year!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Lead people to somewhere!

It is illegal to lead people to nowhere. A leader can only lead as far as he has reached. Leaders who are blind can only lead to the level of visionlessness. True leaders, who have vision, can lead with motion. It is simple; you can't give what you don't have. If you have ignorance, its ignorance you give; if you have wisdom, its wisdom you give!

Vision guides your motion and this means visionlessness is motionlessnes. Bad leaders keep moving but refuse progress and all this happen because they have sight, but lack vision!

It's a crime to lead people to nowhere. It is a waste of human resource and energy to keep following a leader with the hope of getting somewhere, later to realize you are getting lost. When the direction is wrong, the destination is automatically wrong.

God does not give a forward movement to an organization, nation or business that is already on the wrong direction. The best he can say is "go back a little and begin from where to miss your way".

As a leader, take time to ask yourself this question: "am I on the track?". Keep asking it till you get the right answer always! Never lead people to nowhere, it is a crime!

Go, dare and live life so well!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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You must dare to be there!

King David, in his slinky civilian attire, was able to dare and saw victory in a battle with the giant Goliath. Older Israeli warriors, in their protective military regalia, also saw the same Goliath, but feared and could not make it! Compare and contrast; Fear made Israeli warriors to declare their own defeat on seeing Goliath without even attempting to fight. You asked why? They tell you it's because of "Goliath"! Goliath, and so what?

It takes you courage to dare and what it means is that you can't breakthrough obstacles if you always dwell on the melancholic side of passive living! You got to dare! Lift your head up; open your eyes wide and see greatness in any opportunity that comes your way. Fears do not create success; hope does!

Don't fear difficult examinations; Don't panic due to hard times; Don't complain that you can't do it because it's difficult; Don't run away from your accomplishments. You can do it; so start doing it! You can!

You will kill ten thousand obstacles with five little stones if you dare to add faith to the speed at which you throw them. May the "Goliaths" of your life receive your command when you dare to get there!

Go, dare and live life so well!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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See yourself up there!

Great aspiring achievers are people who see themselves as "Consultants", but not as "sales persons" even at the time they are running "sales errands". They believe that "no condition", not even one "is permanent"!

God has his own plans that are meant to prosper us. It is an ingratitude unto God if you refuse to appreciate the fact that where you are, is too small as compared to where you will be. Never think and say "it is over for you". God is not done with you until he is done with whatever he created you to do.

Every breakthrough will manifest to create better conditions in your life if only you believe to achieve it. Wherever you dream of being, you will be there if it is God's own will for you! Nothing will change it!

See yourself climbing; but not descending! See yourself rising; but not falling! See yourself floating; but not sinking! See yourself galloping; but not crawling! As a man thinks, so he becomes. Think positive and you will be there!

Live life so well and remember, no condition is permanent and none will ever be!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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You are a leader!

When the centre cannot hold, the result is that "things will definitely fall apart! It is an everyday formula.

The simplest way to transform a society is to transfigure the leadership of a society! When the head is not good, the body moves to any haphazard direction; the head is the "centre" of control for the entire body!

The question is the "who is a leader?". The answer is "You are a leader". When you are prepared to rise up against the unchanging trends of behaviour in the society; when you dream of what to create to enhance your territory; when you jump outside the box to think big, dream big and act big...then you are a leader!

However, when you always take time to assess whether your previous year is greater than your current year and make amendments to make the next year greater than the current year, then you are a leader of leaders!

When things want to fall apart, do well so that they don't fall on your head. Good leaders are problem solvers. If the problems you had last year by the same time are the same problems you have this year by the same time, two questions will vindicate you by the evidence of your sincere answers; 1. What have you done about the problem? 2. Did you try another approach when the first failed?

Remember you are a leader and what this means is that, You can join the masses to transform the world one person at a time! Strengthen your leadership and change the world. We are prepared to celebrate with you!

Live life so well...

--Israelmore Ayivor
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It's about YOU!

You got to change your mind, not because your brains cells are getting worn out; But because your thought process may become too old to correspond with the systems in the world now. You can and you must change the world! And if that will happen, then you must change your mind!

You got to put an end to all behaviours of indignity that disfigure your integrity, not because your Government is stopping it; But because they do not brand you in anyway better way!

You got to stop every war of fear, inadequacy, low self-image, etc. in your ongoing in your mind and have a peace of heart, not because United Nations had trained peace-keepers; but because it is healthy to find peace in the midst of the storm!

You are responsible for the kind of name you want to bear; you got to create it and tag it on yourself! God continues to do great things through human beings and you were not created to be an exception. However, you got to understand that it does not take your knowing to get you going; it takes your "thinking and acting" to get you climbing higher and higher!

Don't be thoughtful of depending on the shoe of other people in order to run your life so well. It won't fit; Even if it does, you can only have it to hire. It's all about you; appreciate yourself for whom you are and get going because you can get there!

YOU are YOU! Know YOU can! YOU must not be afraid because God has a prosperous future plan for YOU! YOU got to know YOU! Guess who you are? YOU are a blessing to all others especially me!

That's why I can't stop loving YOU!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Be bold to make a change!

You cannot change whatever you cannot confront. Every thought of change in your mind is like an image in the mirror; you can see it, you can be aware of it's presence, but you can't feel it!

Many are the great monuments that are still remaining in the bud of wishes; no change is expected if wishes are made to be priorities! When wishes were to be the means to excellence, God would have spared us of the precious gifts he deposited in us! "Wishing" alone cannot make it!

The bottom line is that, God is not content with your present state no matter how great you feel about it; that's why he gave you imaginations. Through an excellent use of imaginations, dynamic transformation becomes evident.

The principal key to unlocking the gates of change is "boldness" without which accomplishments still remain as potentials. If you claim you want to make a change, you got to be bold, confronting your obstacles with a courageous spirit. That's the key!

When you begin, almost every voice is gonna tell you to give up!
However, if you are being driven by the spirit of boldness, you are going to "tune down" the voices of discouragement!

Be bold and live life sooooo well!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Grab 2014 with open hands!

God HAD made the way... where there SEEMED to be no way! God had finished decorating 2014 for us... It is left over for us to....

>> Stand for it!

>> Go for it!
>> Give thanks for it!

 Don't say "God will make a way". God had already made the way, signed the contract and finished processing the papers for our fulfillment in the
next year...

 Grab it and live life sooooo well!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Go, make a Choice!

God does not give a forward movement to someone who is already on the wrong path as an answer to his/her prayer. He tells you to GO BACK and begin well!

You choose to begin and begin well today, or else prepare to COME BACK and begin again! Make a good choice once and for all so that while on the right path to your success stories, the only voice from God will be "GO ON" my dear!

There isn't a shortcut to a better living that passes behind God's profound knowledge; When you pass by his approval, rest and be well assured, you 'll need it even when time is gone!

Go take the right path and you will not be compelled to start again and again!

Shallom! Live life so well!

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If you really need it, go for it!

This is how I am thinking about it; "if Mohammed will not go to the mountain, let mountain be there; let Mohammed also be there; and let a distance separate Mohammed and the mountain!

A success ship does not go to people's houses to load their dreams; people must meet it at the habour of choices and actions. People who think they can be waiting for fried fish to jump out of the frying pan into their mouths should be still and know that they have to keep waiting till they die. Why? This is because fried fishes are dead; they don't fly into mouths!

Never ever think success will come as a magic; it comes as a reward. Rewards are given not because they must be given; but because they are commanded, deserved and earned!

What do you deserve? What are you doing to grab it? Are you waiting and wanting? Are you charging and changing for it? Remember the statement "Garbage in; Garbage out". You can't put in garbage and expect a consumable product! Stand up and go for it if you really want it! Close the distance that separate your desires from you and God will make a way!

Live life so well!

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Be polite, but positive!

It may be that in your entire life, you are supposed to serve as an open warning to others in such a way that even when they hear your footsteps, they quickly stop doing the forbidden things. You got to be polite, else people misconceive you; you also need to be positive else their attitudes may change your sense of approach to life issues.

A rude man tells a woman to stop talking too much because she is making noise. A polite man will tell this same woman that she looks so beautiful when her lips are closed. Compare and choose one!

Speak politely; but be sure you get to where you are going with your words.

Stay blessed and live life so well!

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Your brain is a Gold Coast...

If you are interested in becoming a colonial master over "Gold Coast", don't dream about putting people into slavery! Just blow your brain, mine your mind! The brain in like a balloon, you got to blow it into a portable size and shape!

More Gold, Silver and Diamond had been mined from the thoughts of men than from the crusts of the earth. Your brain is a coast of great monuments!

You can either breed wild crocodiles or tamed sheep from the very brain in your skull. When the mind changes, life changes! Mind change could be positive or negative; wild or tame. You got to be positive to mine the best minerals off the brain's beach.

Shake of the disbelief; drop down the doubt! Open your mind and cast your thoughts as wide as you can! Think big; Think Positive; Think possibility!

You are a rich country on your own because you carry in you what can make or unmarked the world. Rise up and use all those great ideas you have!

Live life sooooo well!
Stay blessed and live life so well!

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Know it and Show it...

If you have a plan and you don't even SHOW IT, you are just like someone born to be great and don't even KNOW IT.

Wishes and wants do not transform a person; actions and reactions do so! Show the world your plans by the actions you take progressively.

Those who are uninspired need to be inspired. Those who are inspired need to be re-inspired to move from great performance level to exceptional performance level.

Never leave your plans to sit in the idle ink of your papers. Let them run in the shoes of your actions and let God be praised for this awesome plan he had and shown to us!

Show yourself. But before that, know yourself!

Stay blessed and live life so well!

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Don't be intimidated by your limitations....

According to scientists, the bumblebee's body is too heavy and its wing span too small. Aerodynamically, the bumblebee cannot fly. But the bumblebee doesn't know that and it keeps
flying. It never took a course in Aerodynamics in order to know the facts laid down against it. This bee goes flying against all its limitations... It flies and the scientists wonder why....

When you don't know your limitations, you go
out and surprise yourself. In hindsight, you wonder if you had any limitations. The only limitations a person has are those that are self-
imposed. Self-imposed limitations come from laid down cultures such as;

 In my village, a lady had never become a Medical Doctor before, so I can’t!
 If you don't have money, you can't do anything. I don't have it, so I can't!
 I have sinned so many times and I think for now I have cross the prospectus of salvation. Nothing can be done with me!

The moment you imposed that culture on yourself, it begins to narrow your imaginations and there your dreams cannot get expanded influences.

Even if you know your limitations, believe in the solid rock on which you lean; Christ. He will change your miseries into motivational histories! Don't forget to share the testimony with us!

Rock well under the canopy of the all-knowing God. I confess, I love you than I used to do.
Stay blessed and live life so well!

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God loves everyone!

God loves whoever and whatever he created!
He loves the Chinese living in the bamboo lodge!
He loves the African living in the mud hut!
He loves the Eskimo living in the ice tent!
He loves the Indian living in the teepee!
He loves you no matter where you are!

God loves the wounded fish in the dirty pond... He loves the frightful beasts in the thickest forest... He loves the dry tree in the Sahara desert and even the weak baby bird in the torn thorn nest!

Just call him father and he will respond and turn to you!

Blissful afternoon!

Stay blessed and live life so well!

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Don't worry, be happy!

Don't worry, be happy!

When you get into TROUBLE your worrying makes it DOUBLE, said a song writer. Its true that when you worry, you may be tempted to FROWN and that will bring everybody DOWN... So don’t worry, be happy now!

Worrying is like rocking up and down in a rocking chair. It makes you to move, but keeps you where you are! It makes everything in your life look like GHOSTS, and assigns you to be their HOST! There is nothing great that you can gain from that!

If there is a box of bad attitudes that you’ll need to throw away, pack them well and put "worry" on top of them. Worry less; hope more! If possible, worries nil, hope much more.

Live life with hope of God's LOVE; Hope from ABOVE Conquers all worries!

Stay blessed and live life so well!

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Be proud of what you have!

All other birds are always jealous of the beautiful feathers that the peacock has. But the peacock itself doesn't know the value of it's beautiful plumage and goes plucking it off with it's feet! Oh peacock!

You have the ability that some people out there do not have in that adequacy. But they are making it greatly with the little they have! Never sit idle to see the great value in you being plucked off by you!

A human peacock may have dominant talents, but will keep being static till someone with a less ability goes to bypass them in the race! Somebody complained of having feet without shoes, until he met somebody who has not feet but not complaining!

Feel good at what you have; someone hasn't gotten that, yet is happy, confident and proud! One of the greatest sources of depression in life is to be worrying over what you don't have while looking merely on upon what you have!

"Do not neglect the gift that is in you" ~ 1st Timothy 4:14

I love you plus plus plus!

Stay blessed and live life so well!

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Never be discouraged!

Dr. Myles Munroe was called "a monkey" by his High School Teacher because he has a black skin. That name "monkey" had been the name his classmates used to tease him!

At first, he was discouraged and when he got home, he told his mother, "mummy, it could be true. Maybe I am a monkey"! His mother retorted; "no my son, you are a great man, not a monkey"!

He felt great by his mother's words and said within himself "the boy called monkey will surprise everyone soon". About 25 years after, an old man, struggled to walk with his walking stick to met Dr. Munroe at one of the World Class Conferences chaired and facilititated by him, bought one of his book and pleaded with him to orthograph it for him. Dr. Munroe kindly endorsed his signature in the book with the words "YOU ARE NOT WHAT PEOPLE CALL YOU TO BE, YOU ARE GREAT"!

The old man begun to share tears, begun to apologize to the motivational guru! The guru didn't understand why this old man should be asking him for forgiveness! Alas, the old man introduced himself as Mr. Robinson, the teacher who named Dr. Munroe as "a monkey"!

Tears of Joy could flew down the cheeks of Dr. Myles. He prayed for the old man and even gave him money and many books at free cost!

You see? You are not what people call you to be! Never let people's mockeries about your dreams discourage you to coil yourself in your shell. On a more serious note, never discourage other people too because the young man sitting beside you may be the next UN General secretary in the future!

A good self-esteem is the overall perception you have about how worthy feel you are... Never let how people feel you are suppress who you should be! And also remember, never let others also feel low by what you tell them!

Stay blessed and live life so well!

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Say no to bad leaders!

Few days ago, a young girl child of 7 years, brought her sister of 5 years to the hospital for admission and treatment while their mother was away to the market to sell. According to the little care taker, their mother said that "she will bring her to the hospital after 3 days when she gather some money". But the 7-years old sister couldn't stand the severity of the pains of her sister and hence she has to wait for their mother to leave the house before they could take the next step.

When their mother went away for her market day business, off, these two sisters secretly sneaked out of the house into the hospital, demanding and insisting on admission since they believe "that is the only way out for relief". Their mother returned, visited them in the hospital and gave them a blame for doing "something" without her knowledge! You see?

It is very simple. This true story said it all. If you want bad leaders to suggest for you what to do, you might die with your good opinions in your head!

It is pitiful if we throw our good ideas away in order to worship the evil ideas of so-called "seniors"! Guess what they have for us? Nothing much! Think.

I love the passion of the little girl to resist all barriers to the health of her sister. Yes! When leadership has become a barrier, you need to bore a hole through it and find your way out to the next level.

One of the lines of the Ghanaian national anthem said it all; "...AND HELP US TO RESIST OPPRESSORS' RULE WITH ALL OUR RIGHT AND MIGHT FOR EVERMORE". This is not just an anthem, but it is a prayer! Resist every temptation from anybody who does not have any good plan for you and move ahead in life.

Sometimes, it would seem as if you are arrogant. No please, your life is your life, your success is your success and you will not die before thinking of what to do! Many failures would have been skipped if only we had not listened to bad leaders!

Stay blessed and live life so well!

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It's Vision, not gender!

One of the most irrelevant quotes of our time goes; "If you educate a man, you educate one person. But if you educate a woman, you educate the whole nation" ...??????. I think this sentence by Dr. Kwegir Aggrey had passed its expiry date a long while ago. Analyze it critically and compare it to African women in general. You will discover that it's no longer relevant today! Let's pack it somewhere!

There are many of educated woman who are ignorant; they are obsessed about their work and meetings upon meetings while leaving their children in the hands of inexperienced "house girls". What of those women in politics who openly insult men in their opposing political parties? They are also educated, but how is the entire nation transformed by a woman whose mouth is sharp to insult her president on air all in the name of politics?

I am beginning to like this one; "if you educate a visionary person, you educate the whole nation". And a visionary person could be a man, a woman, a boy, a girl, a youth, a grandmother, a grandfather, a white man or a black man!

Vision will guide Africa, not gender!

Stay blessed and live life so well!

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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The right position!

Not every position on the football field is a scoring position; not every position in life is a success mentoring position!

Take note of it. Where you find yourself is very important, hence you ensure that every single minute spent in the day is well spent at the right place and at the right time!

You can't be on bed all day while others are seriously striving hard with their heads, hearts and hands and expect to reap what they will reap. That is an offside position!

Be determined to spend the right time with the right friends. Communications that do not yield any positive result in your life must never be tolerated. Events, Books, Movies, Programmes that do not provide you with the support and information you need to succeed are totally unnecessary.

Make time to monitor your steps. Always assess your steps and put them in order! You can only score the winning goal when you put yourself at the front of the goal! Face the GOAL you have on paper now!

Stay blessed and live life so well!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Some years ask questions.

Years have questions for those who live to enjoy them. Fortunately, some other years also have answers for the questions asked.

LAST YEAR asks you; "are you applying what you learnt from God?". THIS YEAR answers; "yes, can't you see his life is changing?" or "no, can't you see he is the same?"

LAST YEAR asks you; "are you serious about eternity?". THIS YEAR answers; "yes, because he prays and prepares everyday" or "no, he is not serious, because he lives his life anyhow". Good answers. THIS YEAR doesn't lie; it answers according to what you are doing! Now what about NEXT YEAR?

NEXT YEAR only has the evidence of the answers THIS YEAR provides. You become what you are doing now; Next year is that evidence!

Sometimes, next year becomes silent and refuses to provide evidence about who you will become. When this happens, it means "either that CHRIST will come by then" or "the next moment may not meet you! Thus; “black silence”.

Prepare to answer God any day! Live life so well!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Africa; the few with visions can do it!

If the economy of Ghana was turned around by the efforts of one man, Tetteh Quarshie in those early days, then a husband and his wife can turn Africa around. It's not the number that does the work; it’s the concentrated visions of the passionate few! It's possible!

The change we need will never come at a go. It will come by the transformation of the entire populace one man at a time! Every family should sweep the front yard of their household and the entire city will be clean! Each city should have her streets cleaned and the entire country will look attractive! Yea. Every country should promote their youths with entrepreneurial ideologies and skill mentoring opportunities and you see that the continent will be a place where no citizen will even think of abandoning or leaving!

It is a duty of everyone to start the transformational process, but if you can't start it, don't destroy the dreams of those who have already started; perhaps you will join them later!

Africa needs you! Live life so well!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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You should be 12:30 or 6:00! But don't be 12:00 or 6:30!

You should be 12:30 or 6:00! But don't be 12:00 or 6:30!

A popular proverb advises; "Do not put all your eggs in one basket"!

When you watch the analogue clock closely, you see that when the time is 6:00 and 12:30, both "minute hand" and the "hour hand" are spread away from each other; one goes up and the other comes down! However when the time is 6:30 both "hands" come down and when it is 12:00 both "hands" go up!

The argument is that you have many gifts and among them, one is your dominant gift. Don't only choose to invest into only one; spread your attention across any gift you have discovered when the opportunity comes for it to naturally yield results!

Don't be glued to only one stream of income if you want to be a multi-billionaire. Don't invest your time studying only one course or subject if you desire to get a better GPA or aggregate!

This is how the bird does it; it spreads its wings in the opposite directions and then it can fly!

When it’s time for school, be at school. When it time for church, be at church. When its time for business, be there for business! Spread yourself and you will fly! Live life so well!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Imitation is Limitation!

A single day in my own shoe that is comfortable for me is better than 365 days in someone else's shoes that does not fit me at all.

Be yourself; you can't be who you are not meant to be. There is something you can never do; leave it for those who can do it! There is something you can do; do it till all is done!

Talents are natural abilities capable of being developed into productive assets. Everyone has it (them). But is unfortunate some people give up on their God-given gifts in pursuit of what other people do. This kind of Imitation is Limitation!

When you have passion for what someone else does, it is mentorship and role modeling that you need; not imitation. FIX yourself where you FIT and you will not limit your destiny!

Someone may take 30 minutes to compose an excellent music naturally on note, while another person may still suffer with the accuracy of his tunes and musical notes even if given 30 months and beyond.

The good news is that you can develop what you have if you will stay in the shoe that fit you most! Live life so well!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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True Leaders break New Territories!

Yes. Oh no! Don't subject yourself to a leadership that does not break new territories! If the problems you have this year are the same problems you had last year, then you are not a leader. You are rather a problem that must be solved.

Apostle Paul was a problem and God had to "solve him" for breaking 13 and more provinces with 13 and more books in the Bible. That is how it works.

One of the most deadly causes of destruction of divine destinies is when a leader is failing, but he or she does not know it. Another big blow that sends the jaws of visions into pieces is when the followers of the poor leader are comfortable with that "static" status year after year after year!

Jesus, model of true leadership taught that "when the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a ditch". This means, the fact that people are in position doesn't mean they can all see. You are your own leader. Where are you leading yourself now? You can't afford to be static! Rise up and break new territories!

Be a true leader and subject yourself to true leadership!
Live life so well!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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This and other reasons!

The menopause of Sarah became her menostart; this is feminine beauty! The death plot against Mordecai became his life spring; this is masculine beauty!

When you look up into the beautiful sky, just call your friends. Tell them how beautiful the sky is! God designs beauty in everything he created; the waves of the sea, the songs of the birds, the warmth of the sun and the lot... This and other reasons, in all things we LOVE the mighty God.

In the beauty of God, may you have a sum total of all other beauties he had in his people;

The Elegant nature of Esther,
The Meek nature of Moses,
The Pius nature of Paul,
The Passionate nature of Peter, and above all,
The Just nature of Jesus!

May you become the tin of great beauty, filled with the energy drink of love with which you will inspire people to inspire other people! Beauty is not a missing treasure in the household of God; This and other reasons we say, "We Love You, Jesus"!

Honour God with your beauty!
Live life so well!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Pentecost in action!

Pentecost without hard work brings "plenty cost". The anointing does not make us rich if we don't rest our head to think and move our bodies to act

Never give chance for idleness to create vacancy for the devil to operate in your life; he tries to find work for idles hands! Use your time to apply the word of God in your life! Speak it, and keep saying it; apply it and keep applying it!

God himself promised us of prosperity, good health and success, but he expects us to work in order to get it! Today, whatever treasure is laid in our storehouses for us, we command the devil to take his hands off those divine properties in Jesus' name!

"devil", take your hands off because it does not belong to you. My Bible tells me that you came to STEAL, kill and to destroy! Yes! By the knowledge of this word, and the PENTECOST power vested in Christ, we command that you will not give us a "Plenty Cost"!

We'll work and eat the fruits of our work in Jesus' name!
Live life so well!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Your success is God's success!

When the product of a manufacturer fails, the manufacturer never feels happy at all. He tries to repair and fix it to work again!

The success of every manufacturer depends on the success of his products. Your success is God's success! No matter how you fail, he will repair and fix you back for success again!

We are clay in the palm of God; he molds shapes out of us. Although some become cuboid  others become cylindrical, others turn into rectangular, spherical and oval shapes. We can't all be equal, but we are all important and useful.... God's hands made us all!

No matter how perfect a product has been made, if it does not promote, dignify and advertise the manufacturer, its success is no good news!

Your success must advertise the Kingdom of God and others will see your good work, character, success, dreams and impacts and give glory to God, who is in heaven!

God counts you as a success; respond to this counting as well. Go to make it happen!
Live life so well!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Water your dreams!

Your dreams are like the cement. If you water it with actions, it becomes a hard concrete mass. But if you leave it exposed and unwatered, the air will easily blow it away!

1. Dream big dreams, dream extra-large dreams!
2. Write your dreams on paper or type them on your PC.
3. Set goals; realistic SMART goals to accomplish those dreams.
4. Follow the set goals with feasible actions!
5. Regularly assess yourself to be sure you are on track!
6. Face obstacles and deal with them with passion!
6. Be grateful unto God!

May your dreams come true! Prepare to celebrate them with joy and thanksgiving!

Great day!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Don't overwork to please people!

You were not created to please people; you were created to inspire them!
Christ was hailed, praised and led triumphantly into Jerusalem by the people. On arrival, just on the spot, he went into the chapel where people were using the chapel for their "selfish gains". Jesus did not wait to say "because I was hailed and praised by the people, let me have favour on those in the chapel by allowing them to proceed". No!

Christ drove them away mercilessly! He sacked them away! Bible said, "He made a whip out of ropes, to drive them away"!

Employees fear to be sacked, Students fear to fail, Pastors fear to lose members, etc. and their only resort is to become PLEASERS OF PEOPLE!

Oh no! You can't continue to be that way. Stand with people when they are right; part away with them when they insist on going wrong!

Don't intentionally demand respect... You will automatically command it if you stay put God first in everything you do!

Glorious day!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Beware of some human behaviours!

Remember, not everybody will like your dreams, although they are real dreams. To some people, if they should give you a noble prize for manufacturing oxygen, they will freely accept to suffocate and die. Why? Because they will ask "is it YOU?; YOU?, and who are you to make me breathe?" It’s no surprise!

Human behaviour sometimes never cease to pose an amazement. There are people that you do everything for, but they will never see any good side of it! Carry their bodies and put them on the moon; they will misinterpret it and say, you have buried them deep down into the soil. Employ them and give them the best salary package; they will still complain that you are stingy!

Never be discouraged about those kinds of behaviours; learn your lessons and move on! Don't overwork to please people. Do what you can do as a visionary to see to the welfare of people, but never let their undue anxiety, discontentment and their unhealthy egos pin you to mediocrity.

--Israelmore Ayivor
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--Israelmore Ayivor
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The star on you!

If you don't create a good message about your dreams, those who were created to pay for it can't find it.

Whatever what God wanted done, he created someone to finance it; but those who need to finance it must first find it. Do you feel it's uncomfortable speaking about your dreams and aspirations? Do you think it is "pride" exposing your ambitions?

Wait and listen. Maybe I am one of those who need to pay for your visions, but where is the plan that am paying for? Once I can't find it, I can't finance it. The same thing applies to all sponsors God prepared for you!

Develop what you have. Project it to the world. God will put a star up there on you. Then the wise men will look for you as they looked for Christ. They are going to bring the gold, the frankincense and the myrrh (Mat 2:11). Even if you are hiding in the sheep's pen, they will find you once the star directs them!

Your brand is the star on you and by it your find those you need and those who need you!

Great day!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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The greatest legacy is Peace!

Simply; no peace, no progress. Peace is the storehouse, where treasures are assured of safety and security.

Before Christ sent the comforter Holy Spirit, He gave out PEACE, to prepare the way. In his words of blessing, Christ said, "My peace I give you... Let not your heart be troubled"!

It's of no use if a company prioritizes "buying of equipments" ahead of "resolving an existing dispute among its workers". When those equipments arrive, where will the safe environment be for them to be used?

The greatest legacy a father can leave for his children before he departs is PEACE, otherwise his properties will go in PIECES sooner that he dies.

If you enjoy peace now, remember it is out of the toils of those who were gone before you. The question is "will you leave the same peace when you are gone"?

The future of the unborn is right there in your palms. Live like Jesus; He maintained the PEACE and look, there comes the Holy Spirit!

Jesus inspires me!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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We will rejoice together!

When the success is uniform, the celebration becomes universal. Of which use is it to yo to rejoice at the time your friend cries?

When you identify a path to victory and you hide it to yourself alone, you seem not to understand the song "when we all get heaven...". Yes! That is the song of victory for ALL of us!

What a day of rejoicing that it will be for me to see you smile as you also see me smile! I will see you laugh as you see me laugh too.

As Christ succeeds, we will success! As Christ conquers, we will conquer! As Christ was lifted, we will be lifted! As Christ overcame, we will overcome...

One day, tears of joy shall rain down as streams across our cheek beds as we see the loved ones who will make it into the glorious eternity...

Don't miss this clarion call, triumphant entry and eternal abode! Once again, another great fellowship will shake the boundaries of heaven... Your presence will highly be acknowledged!

See you there, see me there.

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Be careful of money!

Many Countries, Churches, Communities and people fail because they allow money to give them directions instead of the giver of the money to do so!

It is not a sin to be rich. As a matter of fact, that is the will of God for us; that we should prosper and become affluent in healthy and wealthy affairs. But it is God's utmost plan for us to become rich in wisdom and strength so that we can manage judiciously whatever he deposits in our palms!

When money now decides to create a barrier between you and the greatest commadment from Christ which is LOVE, that money then becomes an idol, thats what idols do. Money must not decide for you whom to love and whom not to love!

Money should never determine for you whether to go to Church or not! And take this one as hot as it comes, "Money should not be the reason why you enter a relationship towards marriage".

Money should not tell you what to do; the giver of the money is responsible for that.

Spend money well...

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Maintain your POSITION.

Know the people BEFORE you, and the people BEHIND you. This is what makes you to secure your place in history and not missing out any drop of your potentials.

In Ghana Commercial Bank in AD 2013, if you want to withdraw money or make a deposit into an account, the simple rule is to join the long queue. Well, joining the queue is not a problem, but when you feel like excusing the queue for few minute to come back again, you must know the people BEFORE and BEHIND you so that you can secure your safe position on return. People who do not do this only generate uproars and confusion in the banking hall.

In life, the legacy you enjoy now was left by the people BEFORE you! However you must be determined to leave a legacy for those BEHIND you; they are the unborn generations!

If you don't make a difference, you allow the person BEHIND you to follow the person BEFORE you and that means, you cut away your POSITION !

Don't lose it; do something to leave something!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Till all is done!

You were not saved to do God's work in Heaven. If it were so, God would have saved you and kill you on the next day so that you can go to him very quickly.

God saved you and kept you on earth so that you can do the work he assigned for you before you were born (Eph. 2:10). And when you are done with it sincerely, there you go into eternity.

Start the race, Run the race, Finish the race in the divine path instituted for you by God and behold; there lays a crown of glory for you; a crown that cannot be withheld from you!

You were saved not by work, but for work. Do it till all is done. By your Inventions, Innovations, Initiatives, Improvements, Involvements, Imaginations, Information, Interventions and Inspirations...... not leave any stone unturned... Do it till all is done; turn it till all is turned! When God calls you to build 100 storey on earth and you build 99, take it as if this is the beginning of your work and finish the race!

Shalom and Peace to you!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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The world is a busy place...

The world is a busy place filled with many busy businesses, both Godly and the ungodly. It means before you go on to accept any activity or event that comes into the world, you must weigh its Values, examine the Virtues, listen to Views and then you give your Verdict. Satan is not wise; he is just crafty!

We are the Children of the light who ought to understand the ungodly orchestrations of the devil in the crafty name of deceit. If we live a reckless life of not "looking before leaping", we might step into danger and recover that weren't safe after the harm had been caused!

There is no other way to determine the difference between the will of God and the crafts of satan... Jesus is the way, the truth and the life... The Holy Spirit of God is the Comforter...

When you are possessed by evil spirits, it is crafty manipulations that you follow; but when you are possessed by the Holy Spirit of God, it is wise discretions you pursue!

Remember, not every business is the business of God!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Monday, 30 September 2013

Laughter galore!

Laughter is a medicine whose overdose is not an intoxication. Smiles are weapons whose over exploitations are never dangerous. Since I can smile and never be charged for each package of smiles, why can't I add laughter to it and do them together unnecessarily?

Laughing while cooking; laughing at your stew! Smiling while walking; smiling at the floor! Laughing while sleeping; Laughing at your dreams. Smiling while doing your own thing in the toilet; smiling at the flies!

Well, I want to agree that laughter is not only a medicine, but also a vaccine. It does not only cure, but also prevents anger, bitterness and hatred of all brands. Why don't you get immune to all those bad attitudes that have no known essence? You can, if only you can smile, grin and laugh unnecessary!

Too much of everything is bad; but too much of laughter is the best. Have no limits for your self-made happiness because "nobody will happy you"! However, be careful that your laughter calls for no alarm. When it does, it now becomes a teasing or mockery...!

Happy yourself.... Live life sooooo well!!!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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