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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

My 2014 Year message to all Friends

Friends, Welcome to a new year~ 2014.
The year looks new, but I believe that the newness of the year has more to do with our positive attitudes than our physical sight and emotional feelings.
  • Look up the sky. The colour is the same today as it was on 31st December 2013.
  • Look up the sea. The wave is as constant as it was on the last day of the previous year!
  • Sniff the air you used to breathe 24 hours ago. The moisture of the air is the same!
  • Feel the soil you walked on 1440 minutes ago; the texture is the same, just as it  was!
  • The volume of my breakfast is the same; the size of my lunch did not change and I believe the weight of my supper will be as it was yesterday!
The year is new as the calendar tells. But it would be as old as the previous year if you enter it with the old mindset that never brought you any better and happier life. When you live in the New Year with an old mind that always failed you, you are as old as the failures of the past. The year is new therefore the thoughts must be branded with new odour, colour and texture!
Enter the New Year with a can-do spirit that tells everyone that “all things are possible”. I pray for you; I believe you can do it. I know you will do it. Do it and do it better to the glory of the Lord Jehovah!
You can go extra mile to do extraordinary things even at the extra time. I thank God for the things He did to others through you in the previous year. Even the little steps you took are highly appreciated. In those LITTLE things you did, other people can feel TINY miracles. No piece of the Kingdom Cake is too small. Even the tiniest miracles is  as wholesome as a National Package.
Take life with all seriousness and believe that you are responsible for optimizing your God-given potentials. God gave the seed, but he wants the fruits back. Pick the seeds up. Plant the best ones. He promised the rain. It will be a bumper harvest!
Personally, 2014 is my year of CEASELESS PRAISE unto God. I will ceaselessly remember you on everyday, every week and in every month of this year in my Praise unto the Lord Jehovah our creator!
Live life sooooo well.
Shalom and enjoy the year!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Lead people to somewhere!

It is illegal to lead people to nowhere. A leader can only lead as far as he has reached. Leaders who are blind can only lead to the level of visionlessness. True leaders, who have vision, can lead with motion. It is simple; you can't give what you don't have. If you have ignorance, its ignorance you give; if you have wisdom, its wisdom you give!

Vision guides your motion and this means visionlessness is motionlessnes. Bad leaders keep moving but refuse progress and all this happen because they have sight, but lack vision!

It's a crime to lead people to nowhere. It is a waste of human resource and energy to keep following a leader with the hope of getting somewhere, later to realize you are getting lost. When the direction is wrong, the destination is automatically wrong.

God does not give a forward movement to an organization, nation or business that is already on the wrong direction. The best he can say is "go back a little and begin from where to miss your way".

As a leader, take time to ask yourself this question: "am I on the track?". Keep asking it till you get the right answer always! Never lead people to nowhere, it is a crime!

Go, dare and live life so well!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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You must dare to be there!

King David, in his slinky civilian attire, was able to dare and saw victory in a battle with the giant Goliath. Older Israeli warriors, in their protective military regalia, also saw the same Goliath, but feared and could not make it! Compare and contrast; Fear made Israeli warriors to declare their own defeat on seeing Goliath without even attempting to fight. You asked why? They tell you it's because of "Goliath"! Goliath, and so what?

It takes you courage to dare and what it means is that you can't breakthrough obstacles if you always dwell on the melancholic side of passive living! You got to dare! Lift your head up; open your eyes wide and see greatness in any opportunity that comes your way. Fears do not create success; hope does!

Don't fear difficult examinations; Don't panic due to hard times; Don't complain that you can't do it because it's difficult; Don't run away from your accomplishments. You can do it; so start doing it! You can!

You will kill ten thousand obstacles with five little stones if you dare to add faith to the speed at which you throw them. May the "Goliaths" of your life receive your command when you dare to get there!

Go, dare and live life so well!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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See yourself up there!

Great aspiring achievers are people who see themselves as "Consultants", but not as "sales persons" even at the time they are running "sales errands". They believe that "no condition", not even one "is permanent"!

God has his own plans that are meant to prosper us. It is an ingratitude unto God if you refuse to appreciate the fact that where you are, is too small as compared to where you will be. Never think and say "it is over for you". God is not done with you until he is done with whatever he created you to do.

Every breakthrough will manifest to create better conditions in your life if only you believe to achieve it. Wherever you dream of being, you will be there if it is God's own will for you! Nothing will change it!

See yourself climbing; but not descending! See yourself rising; but not falling! See yourself floating; but not sinking! See yourself galloping; but not crawling! As a man thinks, so he becomes. Think positive and you will be there!

Live life so well and remember, no condition is permanent and none will ever be!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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You are a leader!

When the centre cannot hold, the result is that "things will definitely fall apart! It is an everyday formula.

The simplest way to transform a society is to transfigure the leadership of a society! When the head is not good, the body moves to any haphazard direction; the head is the "centre" of control for the entire body!

The question is the "who is a leader?". The answer is "You are a leader". When you are prepared to rise up against the unchanging trends of behaviour in the society; when you dream of what to create to enhance your territory; when you jump outside the box to think big, dream big and act big...then you are a leader!

However, when you always take time to assess whether your previous year is greater than your current year and make amendments to make the next year greater than the current year, then you are a leader of leaders!

When things want to fall apart, do well so that they don't fall on your head. Good leaders are problem solvers. If the problems you had last year by the same time are the same problems you have this year by the same time, two questions will vindicate you by the evidence of your sincere answers; 1. What have you done about the problem? 2. Did you try another approach when the first failed?

Remember you are a leader and what this means is that, You can join the masses to transform the world one person at a time! Strengthen your leadership and change the world. We are prepared to celebrate with you!

Live life so well...

--Israelmore Ayivor
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It's about YOU!

You got to change your mind, not because your brains cells are getting worn out; But because your thought process may become too old to correspond with the systems in the world now. You can and you must change the world! And if that will happen, then you must change your mind!

You got to put an end to all behaviours of indignity that disfigure your integrity, not because your Government is stopping it; But because they do not brand you in anyway better way!

You got to stop every war of fear, inadequacy, low self-image, etc. in your ongoing in your mind and have a peace of heart, not because United Nations had trained peace-keepers; but because it is healthy to find peace in the midst of the storm!

You are responsible for the kind of name you want to bear; you got to create it and tag it on yourself! God continues to do great things through human beings and you were not created to be an exception. However, you got to understand that it does not take your knowing to get you going; it takes your "thinking and acting" to get you climbing higher and higher!

Don't be thoughtful of depending on the shoe of other people in order to run your life so well. It won't fit; Even if it does, you can only have it to hire. It's all about you; appreciate yourself for whom you are and get going because you can get there!

YOU are YOU! Know YOU can! YOU must not be afraid because God has a prosperous future plan for YOU! YOU got to know YOU! Guess who you are? YOU are a blessing to all others especially me!

That's why I can't stop loving YOU!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Be bold to make a change!

You cannot change whatever you cannot confront. Every thought of change in your mind is like an image in the mirror; you can see it, you can be aware of it's presence, but you can't feel it!

Many are the great monuments that are still remaining in the bud of wishes; no change is expected if wishes are made to be priorities! When wishes were to be the means to excellence, God would have spared us of the precious gifts he deposited in us! "Wishing" alone cannot make it!

The bottom line is that, God is not content with your present state no matter how great you feel about it; that's why he gave you imaginations. Through an excellent use of imaginations, dynamic transformation becomes evident.

The principal key to unlocking the gates of change is "boldness" without which accomplishments still remain as potentials. If you claim you want to make a change, you got to be bold, confronting your obstacles with a courageous spirit. That's the key!

When you begin, almost every voice is gonna tell you to give up!
However, if you are being driven by the spirit of boldness, you are going to "tune down" the voices of discouragement!

Be bold and live life sooooo well!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Grab 2014 with open hands!

God HAD made the way... where there SEEMED to be no way! God had finished decorating 2014 for us... It is left over for us to....

>> Stand for it!

>> Go for it!
>> Give thanks for it!

 Don't say "God will make a way". God had already made the way, signed the contract and finished processing the papers for our fulfillment in the
next year...

 Grab it and live life sooooo well!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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