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Friday, 19 July 2013

Make it better...

Let your big dreams be extra-larger than your ghostly fears and your man-made actions louder than your man-said words.

Let your praise songs be numbered higher than your weary dirges and your utmost hope firmer than your woeful regrets.

Let your heartfelt thanks be more consistent than your nagging needs and your passionate apology fervent than your unhealthy justifications.

Let your destined visions be farther than your gifted sight and your ultimate joy be vibrant than your demeaning worries.
Save yourself from depression... Be INSPIRED!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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God's Love is endless;

Do you wonder why people that you truly trust are not available for you all the time that you need them? Remember that the sweetest ever fruits are seasonal~ they have a special time to appear; then they also have their drought periods.

Fortunately, the Steadfast Love of the Lord is not seasonal; His Mercies do not have a winter or summer days... They are new every morning!

Our God is awesome. Happy Day!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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--Israelmore Ayivor
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Live for others...

" be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others" ~ Nelson Mandela

Joy becomes universal and uniform when it is enjoy by the masses. One person alone who is wealthy among the deprived may not have the best share of his joy.

The subsistence mentality of a person is a prison in which his personal joy is detained. If you want to do something, first think about whether it will make or unmake your society. 

Your freedom is meaningless unless it is linked to the total liberation of those around you. It is then that you are free indeed!
# Success unshared is failure in disguise!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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In the absence of the best...!

If the Preferable is not Available, the Available becomes Preferable.

Where there is no achievement, mediocrity becomes the excellent. Where there is no Liberty, minor conflicts are considered as the most descent ways of Peaceful co-existence. One cube of sugar is a coast of Riches at a place where famine exists. The "good" reigns in the absence of the "best"...

The question to ask is that "if the Preferable is not Available, and the Available becomes the Preferable, should we take the Available or leave it?

Pursue excellence and success will chase after you!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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What true compassion means;

"True compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar. It comes to see that an edifice that produces beggars need reconstruction" ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Compassion is a lifetime business. You can't say something like, "I will have compassion on Mondays and Fridays only". That is hypocrisy!

If you give a man a fish, he will have a single meat. But if you teach him how to fish, he will eat all the time, even in your inalienable absence. This means, true compassion does not sit on the laps of renovation; it dives with an approach to reconstruction.

Make an impact in someone's life and leave a remarkable impression that will go ways down to transform the world, one person at a time! Think about lasting impressions... That is true compassion!

* Compassion is a spring of ever flowing waters, quenching thirsts beyond 

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Becoming a master!

The rain drops can make holes in the hard rocks just by dropping often and often; they don't take violent actions to make the holes. Whatever is difficult for you become easy if you take a bite of it every day.

You become a master in what you repeatedly do in consistency. Mastery is not born; it is acquired. It is not blood linked; it is learnt! 

It is not dispensed on the podium of quitters; but purchased on the counter of consistent application of self-willing can do spirit and an outstanding endurance to persevere!
* Everybody is standing, but for you to be excellence, you must stand out!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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You must dare!

When you see people who have been to wars, you can easily identify them. Some have the scars to prove it; others have one arm cut off, etc. This does not teach that you should be a cripple to prove your success. Rather, it tells that you must dare to face the future by taking strategic risks and opportunities that are likely to come with marks. 

The mark reminds you of your courage to face the battle head-on.

Some people look so clean and neat because the never take actions. The fact that those who played the game are sweating and dirty all over means they entered the tournament of risks to score better goals in life!
Think about this; "are you so neat in your clean gown" or "are you sweating in your dirty jersey"?

Do something, make the mark, take the risk, dare to win and why not???

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Born for the earth!

You were not born for your family alone; you are a gift to the earth! "You are the salt of the earth", said Christ.

Do you imagine why Christ didn't say "you are the salt of your village"? Your limit is without limits. You have to go as far as where life exists.

Don't live a life that dilutes your influence. Remember, the salt can easily become savourless when misused.
The entire earth is waiting to celebrate your success if only you will be ready to add your taste to it!
Come on!

We are waiting for you!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Are you a Pepper or a Salt?

You either become the pepper on someone's eyes, or you become the salt on his tongue. It all depends on what you are thinking about him in your mind.

The attitudes of oppressive people do not leave any positive impact in the life of others; but the true life of impressive people does it.

What you should bear in mind is that God may have passed someone's gifts to him/her through you. If you have the bitter attitude of pepper, the gift is delayed in your traffic and God may not use you as a channel any longer.

Love everyone, create an impact in their lives, put smiles on the face of everyone, rejoice freely, and change the tears of people into joy!

Don't become a source of harm to others. You were made for a positive influence!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Add your salty influence!

You are the salt of the earth. But remember, salt is useful in association; and unless in isolation.

When it is dissolved in a solvent; it is then that its influence is manifested. For how long are you going to hide your talents behind the plateau of execution?

Come out from your comfort zone. Let your passion shake you up to dissolve your sweet taste on the earth for the tongues of everyone to benefit from!

Don't let the taste get lost. When the salt's taste is lost, it will qualify for the rubbish dumb.

I want to enjoy the taste of your salty nature. Add your salt onto my tongue!
Think outside that narrow box; come out from that comfort zone and get integrated into your field of mastery!
God is looking up to you!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Free accommodation!

The greatest joy comes when success is shared freely. Whatever God gives you, someone must be a beneficiary!

Some people may have just rented your body to live in it for some time and depart. Others consider you as a permanent residence to dwell in forever. 

Whichever, you must remember to accommodate all those who want to be accommodated. Giving does not only precede receiving; it is the reason for it because it is in giving that we receive!

Be each other's keepers. Share your success stories with those willing to here you and listen to the same from those who want to tell you more!

Life's about getting and sharing!

*Live Life so well!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Your choice it the priority!

The ink that writes your life story should be found in your own pen!

The thoughts that determine your destiny must be found in your own skull!

The hands that build your monuments of accomplishments must be part of your own body!

Whatever God gives you is what He will use to enhance you. Don't despise what you have, no matter how humble it looks. Hidden in it is a great thing that represents you! The true you is contained in YOU! So you are YOU...and then YOU were wonderfully made!

Live life so well!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Not a path, but a progress!

The priority in life does not end on finding the right path. Life is about making progress on that path! Even if you are on the right track and you remain there, you will be knocked down by what is coming from behind you!

That path must lead you somewhere, worthy to be spoken of. Stagnation is not to be tolerated. If you are good enough, remember you can be better; if you can think of things as possible, they will be possible!

Live life so well!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Learn from Mistakes!

"More people would learn from their mistakes if they weren't so busy denying them"- Harold Smith

The tragic consequence of repeating a mistake that made you to fail is a more horribly repeated failure. It’s like a formula that always produces wrong answers. It doesn't matter whether you repeat it 13 times in 13 years; you will get the same result!

What made most successful global failures to become success achievers today is not a crime, corruption or contempt. It’s rather their ability to learn from their mistakes and then coming again with a better approach.

Don't deny the attribute that you are fallible. You may make mistakes. That is why behind the pencil is an eraser. The denial of the pencil to have made unethical marks means, the eraser will also not work.

The denial of a mistake is an assurance about the repetition of that failure! You can only make good corrections when you accept them.

Live life so well!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Look for the best!

"Out of the clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity"- Albert Einstein

Success lies in the ability of a person to see opportunity where no other person can see it. Your eyes have a special function which someone's eyes may not have.

What you see could be too small for another person’s eyes to see. In every trouble, look at the awesome power of Christ's restoration! In agony Christ also looked at the supportive capability of His father.

When you set your eyes on the joy at the end, you will persist and resist every opposition, but if you are concerned about the pains of the present, you will surrender to failure.

Appointment exists in every disappointment. Joseph's kingship was revealed from the prison. God will create best things from your worst situations if only you will be ready to open your eyes and look for them!

Expect the best even in the worst because they are definitely present. Live life so well !!!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Was your yesterday better than today?

If what you have done yesterday still looks big to you, you haven't done much today -Mikhail Gorbachev

There is a simple way to know whether you made a day great or not. That is to know whether yesterday's accomplishments still look great before you!

There is a simple test that differentiates between a true leader and a false leader. To know this, just ask the question; the problems you have this year, are they the same problems you had last year if yes, then you are not working, but just occupying a position!

A life worth living is about improvements; it’s like building a castle. The only way is addition of blocks; not subtraction! It’s about building, not demolition! It’s about reaching the peak and if you are going to keep repeating backwards steps often, you will be late!

Don't go back... Look forward, make progress, climb upwards, grow bigger, think better, move faster, aim higher and reach the maximum level of your destiny!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Take action!

Ideas are like legs. What good are they if you cannot run on them or spread them?

It is not enough to dream; you must act! It is not enough to read; you must learn! It is not enough to learn; you must inspire! It is not enough to teach; you must train!

You obtain a true potential and you maximize in into the best fitting extra-large purpose... That is called optimization! If you don't know the true purpose of a product, you will end up abusing the product. That is why most people are abusing their legs today because they don't know their uses! Don't abuse what you have; use it till all is used up!

Don't keep your ideas too long their marks, waiting for a whistle to blow before they run. Remember that ideas will be true ideas at the moment they begin to join the race!
It is not enough to have the knowledge about something... You must gain the wisdom to make your way through into the divine destination of your destiny!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Decision Decides Destiny!

Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved - William Jennings Bryan

Purposeful Destiny is like an errand assignment. You must run it to make it meaningful. You don't become who you should become when you remain expressionlessly without taking actions.

Success is a choice; you choose it and work it out! Excellence is deliberate and so it is intentionally pursued. No successful person ever remained idle for success to knock his/her door for him/her. You go out to bring the success you desire into your abode.

Your success lies in your own hands. You must therefore not wait for the grass to become greener by magic. You have the hands to irrigate your own territory by doing what is expected of you!

The only person to stop your dreams is you and that happens when you want to keep waiting for success to jump up and land in your palms.
» Never wait for chance; go for the best choice.

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Don't be afraid!

"You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose the sight of the shore" - Christopher Columbus

The only way to reach the unknown destination is to take a tour to the unknown destination. Life is about actions, risk taking and an ability to dare!

You will remain where you are forever when you refuse to move out of your comfort zone to reach out to the wide wilderness in search for your accomplishments. As long as you fear obstacles, you will not reach far!

A journey to success is like crossing a river. You have many rivers to cross and each contains many crocodiles! The face of the shore looks horrible with terrific tides breaking the chain of hopes in the future!

The little question to ask yourself is "will my anchor hold in the storms of life" when the oceans unfold their ugly winds of strife!

There is hope on the face of every difficulty. That is why the beautiful rose flower are stacked in a mesh of thorns!
Don't fear the crocodiles... Dare!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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God is just MOLDING you!

God does not want you to REMAIN how you are. He wants to MOLD you into who He wants you to become. As a result of MOLDING, you may be rubbed against something; you may be twisted in distress, you may be crumbled under pressure; you may be wet by storms and turned by ramps! 

That does not make you a despised material... It rather tells that you are useful clay whose beautiful destined shape will be the talk of the world.

If you think about the MOLDING, you may be offended and disintegrate yourself... But if you focus on that beautiful art of your destined shape, you will surrender yourself for your true destiny!

God has a master plan for your life and it must come through a process...
Be available for use by God. He is not interested in the seeds he put in you; He is interested in the fruits that must come out of you!
*Surrender all parts of your body…unto Jesus...our blessed Saviour for Him to MOLD you!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Stop waiting and start working!

"Your greatest self has been awaiting your whole life. Don't make it wait any longer”! -Steve Marabolli

There is more experience on the pitch of justification than on the camp of training. It is good for one to prepare very well before projecting his/her mission on earth. However this idea of thorough preparation does not limit you to remain as a novice forever

There must come a time that you must become the very person you are learning to become and that time can be NOW! Don't keep your words on long dating expedition; they must be transformed into quick marriages for procreation!

The ignorant, the unsaved, the needy; the weak, the sick, the lost; the oppressed, the manipulated and the tortured people are waiting for you. If your assignment is to lift them out of their prevailing predicaments, then why are you waiting for that long?
Enter the game and change the figures on the score board NOW! We are waiting for you because we believe you can do it in Jesus' name!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Great ability, great responsibility!

With great abilities come great responsibilities; great power comes with great assignments.

With great age comes great reasoning; great actions come with great experiences.

With great battles come great victories; great trees come with great tap roots.

However, if a little faith can move great mountains, what then will a great faith do? Mysterious things... I guess!

*Without faith, it is impossible to please God!
Shalom and peace to you!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Many people, different ideas!

Everyone goes into the sports stadium on a match day for a peculiar set of reasons!

-People enter the gates for the reason that they want to watch others play!
- Some also go as referees to judge how others display their talents!
- The match players arrive there with the intent of scoring to win and their coaches come in to guide them do so!

However among the prayers on the pitch, some defend, others attack; some dribble, others cause injury to their opponents; some score winning goals, others score own goals; some play the ball over the bar, others cause their own doom penalty!

In life pursuits,
-Never watch others to define your happiness
-Never cause injury to anyone
-Never play away your dreams for a "throw in"
-Never hit your good friends over the bar
-Never cause your own penalty, offending the law!

You can rule your life by the grand coach above! You don't deserve a RED card; play neatly with glorious winning in focus! I love you sooooo much!

Shalom and peace to you!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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You have a duty!

There is one reason why I can say no one on earth was created by accident. Think about this; the manufacturer of a product knows what he is creating his product for before he finished it. A manufacturer does not finish creating his product before thinking about its function!

The fact is that God destined your end; He created you and finished the plans of your work before He even brought you on earth. It’s not today before God will be thinking about what to use you for.

The good news is that God's plan for you is not to harm you; but to prosper you and give you an expected decorated end!
Inquire from your maker to reveal more of your purpose to you; He will take you through for the establishment of his purpose!

Don't live your life by merely existing. Let your manufacturer reveal your duty to you because He knows it and will not want to create anything and see it get wasted!

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The hidden identity!

God hides a great future in a humble present; He keeps a bright end in a dark beginnings!

In every young girl child, God deposited a great woman; in every young boy child, He destined a great man.
Yes! A single seed contains a great forest; many chicken are found in a small egg!

May every hidden future be exposed in its appointed time! Don't use today as your tape measure to define your end; there is more hope in the future than now!

Shalom and peace to you!

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