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Saturday, 31 August 2013

The tragedy of Tradition!

Tradition is the prison, where change is detained... Tradition keeps "Change" on trial by delaying the "Verdict". Tradition is the password that keeps change under lock. If you refuse change, you will fade and guess the cause; "those old ways of doing things".

16th Century roads cannot lead to 21st Century abodes... No old plans can lead to new excellences; and sadly all old excellences are new mediocrities.

Don't renovate the roads that lead to old destinations; it is a waste of time, money and energy. Don't paint the old cracking walls; it is a waste of the paint.

When the boat is leaking, patching the leaks will be of no importance; changing the vessel should be the priority on the agenda to kill that "tradition".

Though the "Personality" of God does not Change; and His "Purposes" do not Change, His "Plans" always change! God's "purpose" for Israelites to reach Canaan did not Change; but his plan to use Moses as their leader Changed.
Wake up! We are in A.D 2013, not B.C.

Live life sooooo well!!!

~ Israelmore Ayivor
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Overcome all temptations:

It is not the best for us to lay embargo on the industries that produce temptations. What we need to do is to compete, overcome and dominate the market with the products of our endurance. No battles we face, no crown will we win. No temptations exist, no conquerors are known.

Victory comes after battles; success comes after hard work... Joy comes after enduring all hardships. Endure, persevere, persist and over every hardship you found yourself in today!

Life is a choice, Life is a mission, Life is a journey, and Life has purpose... Never give up filling the thirsts of the hungry obstacles that only plans of seeing you half way through. Your destination is the crown... Have the future in focus and make it a duty not to be stopped by trivial issues of pain, immorality and emotional wounds.

Young ladies, be wise; young gentlemen, keep your zips up! Endure all temptations!
Greater Joy is ahead...if only we endure to see the end…

Live life sooooo well!!!

~ Israelmore Ayivor
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Let faith take the lead...

When the opportunity door of your storehouse opens for you, let faith and hope enter first, then followed by you. It takes the trust of God for things that exist, to wait on him for the evidence of things that do not exist yet.

Many are the steps taken in doubt, which saw their shapeless end in no time. Those who travail in faith today will triumph in joy tomorrow.

When you see yourself already arriving safely when you are yet to start a journey, nothing will oppose your steps to make that move. See yourself as a winner even before you begin the race and you will get there.

You don't discredit your values, visions and virtues when you are about to enter the storehouse of your treasure.

Remember, not every opportunity is a profitable one. Whatever God endorses for you will surely come your way if you have the faith and stretch-out to reach for it.
We are counting on you so much. Rise up and move the world!

Live life sooooo well!!!

~ Israelmore Ayivor
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Good friends, Great impacts!

A good friend will help you to discover the potentials you haven't uncovered. A bad friend will help you to cover up the potentials you have already discovered.

When you are short in height and climb the shoulder of the giant person, you can see further and farther. The attitude you pose is greatly influenced by the links of friendships you bookmark.

It is always said that "show me your friends and I will tell you your character". It is good to be alone than having friends who lead you away from your dreams and ambition.

Spread your courtesy across the door posts of everyone, but reserve your intimacy with the little trustworthy friends who are going where you are going!
The scripture said, two people cannot walk except they are in agreement. What are you in agreement with? Who also is in agreement with that? Who else is not in agreement with it?

Keep your eyes widely open before the friend whose bullet you receive on his behalf, turn to become the gun behind your neck! 

Live life sooooo well!!!

~ Israelmore Ayivor
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Do the work you love!

A research conducted in America revealed that 98% of people who die out of cardiovascular or heart-related diseases die on Monday mornings between 7:00am and 9:00am.

It was concluded that it was because Monday mornings between 7am and 9am is the busiest period in the week and as usual people ride to go to places they hate to go.

It is certain that people are highly likely to meet their untimely death when they are put under pressure to do what they always hate within their hearts. Some people do not love the work they do, but they love they salary it pays and hence they are compelled to do what they dislike and you know the result? The customers and clients become the sufferers.

To be a good nurse, love; To be a good teacher, understand people; To be a good pastor, endure the tempter!

Never insist on doing what pinches your heart. Better to be jobless than to do a job that will take people's lives away alongside with your own life!

Act Right! Love it, and Do it!

Live life sooooo well!!!

~ Israelmore Ayivor
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Head, Heart, Hand...

Your Head is the store of your thoughts. Whatever you want to achieve on earth, you must first have it in the bud of imaginations. These images are called dreams!

Your Heart is the indicator of your convictions. Whatever virtual photos of your visions you see in your mind's camera, they must drop into your heart. It gives you a conviction and an ability to move with a special passion.

Your Hand is the point of action towards your dreams. It does not matter how wide your head thinks positively! It does not matter whether your heart is in full agreement! Your actions must be correct, coherent and consistent!

Never let your the head remain dormant; Use it to think positively! Never let your heart be troubled; Believe in God, believe also in Christ! Never let your hands be idle; the devil finds work for idle hands!

You are fully equipped with all that you need to become all that you must become. Discover them and you will celebrate your success in style! 

Live life sooooo well!!!

~ Israelmore Ayivor
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Intimacy with Christ:

When you are close to Christ, you are enclosed in liberty. You can never be intimidated by man if you are intimate with Christ. For total redemption, never struggle to live in Christ; rather Struggle to make Christ live in you.

When Christ is in you, the fruits you bear will resemble the ones he born when He was alive. He manifests his strength in your weakness. When you are weak, you become strong.
Christ is Love; Love is everything; therefore, Christ is everything.

It is one thing knowing the principles of Christ; and it is another thing portraying the personality of Christ. Christ's principles become useless to you when you hear and know them but do not long to exhibit His personality.

May we be counted worthy by accepting Christ who is willing to live in us.
Christ in you, is the hope of Glory....!

Live life sooooo well!!!

~ Israelmore Ayivor
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The wake-up call…

Don't waste your youthful days. They are never as too long as you think. It’s is better to stabilize your adulthood by working hard to maintain a worthy career now as a youth and retire at 40, than to waste your youth on parties and prodigal pursuits of pleasure and still be looking for a job at 50.

Pleasure is not the reason for life; life is the reason for pleasure. To have fun is not a bad idea, but it’s sweeter when you have it independent of borrowed money!
A good farmer tilts his land, waits for the rain, sows his seeds and harvests his yields. Which land are you tiling now?

Invest your time, money and talent very well. Don't wait to grow old before you start living your dreams. Don't wait for the next 10 years. If anything, you should have started from the past 10 years!

Wake up! 21st century is all about information! Experience and age are factors that have little influence on your success. Wake up, it’s your time to shine and now is that time!

Live life sooooo well!!!

~ Israelmore Ayivor
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Your mercy, Lord!

It is called mercy because we don't deserve it after all. The moment we deserve something that we ask for, mercy no longer comes to play. In the mercy of Jehovah, things that Disappoint will Disappear; Setbacks will Set themselves Back and Sufferings become Successes!

The mercy of the Lord creates in us a new brand of thoughts and well-being... The "Jacob" in us becomes the "Israel" for the nations; the "Abram" we pose becomes the "Abraham" of the land; the "Saul" we are becomes the "Paul" of the people. We don't deserve it in the first place and hence, we can only claim it by the merciful attribute of God through Christ!
May our "Stony" hearts be transformed into a "Fleshy" heart. And our success "Seeds" be nurtured in success "Fruits".

May the Lord have mercy on us and prevent us from the fangs of the evil one who is fiercely and hungrily looking for someone to devour. We are winners, not because we deserve it. But by the grace, mercy and favour of God!


Live life sooooo well!!!

~ Israelmore Ayivor
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Choose and be a good model!

A role model is a person whose roles can be modeled. If the role you deliver today cannot be adopted by anyone in your absence, you are no good model.

If you ever find a role whose model cannot create a good brand in you, you better skip it and forge ahead. It’s not every behaviour that you are expected to emulate from friends. 

You study all and keep stick to the positive ones.
Above all, long to be a role model to thoughts and perceptions become a pivot to the loads of others' dreams by their own efforts. To maintain a good self-image within your heart, do what is good even at the place that no one watches you.

To maintain a good self-image in your environment, learn to give up on circumstances that make people complain about your ignorance and negligence not because it feels right to please people. But because you have to make good impressions that will put your influence on a higher demand.

Don't copy blindly... But learn and apply what good models inspire you do to.


Live life sooooo well!!!

~ Israelmore Ayivor
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Wisdom is the principal!

Virtues are common, but the virtuous are very few. This is because ordinarily, people know but do not apply what they know. To break the culture, you must make wisdom the principal thing.

The principal thing is the first and foremost thing to look for. The "College Principal", is the first person to be seen as the one in position to approve any information or action to be carried on as far as the college is concerned. 

It therefore means, when you don't have the conviction about the principal thing, you don't achieve the purpose of discovering knowledge.

Knowledge comes from the word "to know". Wisdom is knowledge in at work. It is better not to know a virtue than to know it and not apply it.

Be a self-leader whose self-discovery becomes a critical tool to transform the society through leadership by example. Learn about honesty at church; come back to become honest! Learn about forgiveness at church; come back to become a forgiver!
This is wisdom!

Live life sooooo well!!!

~ Israelmore Ayivor
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Don't thunder more!

When I was young, I thought it was thunder that kills people. But when I learnt physics in the high school, I discovered that it is rather the lightning that does the killing. The voice of the thunder itself is just a noise. The lightning is the poise!

There are times that you must be convinced that soft words cool hot hearts and the passionate straws easily sends the camel's back into pieces. You need not go into grudge to gain something; you don't need a fight to enjoy some privileges. All you need is peace, poise, passion, and purpose!

Learn to thunder less and lighten more because, it’s not roaring that does the work. Oh yes, the most monotonous noise is from the waves of less filled barrel. Empty barrels are the best noise makers, but not the most productive.

Never let your presence make people restless due to your uncontrollable temper. When you are around people, let them feel a soothing environment, harmonious and lovely.

Thunder less and Lighten more!

Live life sooooo well!!!

~ Israelmore Ayivor
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And so what? And so.....

Why divide ourselves in our thoughts? He is an African, American or Asian, and so what? She is an Akan, Ga, Ewe and so what? They are for Paul, Apollo, James, Charles, and so what?

What language does the wind speak? Which tongue do the storms know? What is the complexion of the rain? What is the culture of the sunshine? What is the dressing mode of the snow? What is the currency of the air we breathe!
Oh people, is it not the same God that created all of us? Why then should we see others as not belonging to the human race?

He belongs to NPP, CPP, NDC and so what? She supports Manchester United, Liverpool FC, Arsenal, and so what? He is from Anlo, Mafi, Ketu, Akpafu, Tongu and so what?

And so....

God made us all equally!
God wants us to love one another.
God expect us to stay in the unity of the mind.
God want us to be each other’s' keeper
God first loves us and this proved that loving one another is possible!

"Leave me alone", is not good news! "Let’s be together" is not a bad news... Let’s make our choice now!

Live life sooooo well!!!

~ Israelmore Ayivor
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Success, the ATM way!

Please, ENTER your secret number... Please WAIT while your transaction is processing! These are the words from the speaker of the ATM machine at every Ghana Commercial Bank when you are transacting business by it.

Its sometimes noisy though, but how and what can we learn from voice of that unseen person whose directives we take to withdraw our monies from that immovable device?

Remember you have a secret number; it's unique to you; nobody knows it; nobody can type it unless you are reckless enough to expose it without initiatives; this is your conspicuous talent or fair enough, your dominant gift from God, the CEO of the Bank of Success!

When you put in all your efforts to invest into your talents, you WAIT while it transacts to yield success for you. "Those who wait upon the Lord renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings as the eagles", thus said the Lord!

Wait and keep the prayer network alive. The success pebbles eventually show their faces and you pick them with joy... But never forget your tithe. Sure!

Thank you for banking with God!

Live life sooooo well!!!

~ Israelmore Ayivor
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We are like the moon!

The moon shines anyway, but it does not produce its own light. It reflects the light illuminated onto its surface by the Sun.

Whatever gifts we identify in us has its original source. God reflects his attributes in us and that makes us to reflect that unique make-up. No gift can be greater than the source, where it comes from.

The moon does not behave as if it is the owner of its own light; when the sun appears; it gives up for it to shine the original light and comes back with its reflection when the sun is gone.
Learn from the moon. When you lose whatever things you have, don't forget the source; He still provides according to the mercies in His glory! Never feel too profound and overwhelmed about your own goodness. 

Be grateful to God for shining his goodness in you... And when God appears, give up and let Him do his work; don't stand in His ways!
Have a blessed day in the favour and mercies and fellowship and grace bestowed on us Children of the light!

Live life sooooo well!!!

~ Israelmore Ayivor
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It's possible!

Cease to think of impossibility and you will seize an opportunity for productivity. Excellence comes when you leave thoughts of impossibilities behind and live by the focus of faith and hope in the face of difficulty.

If you think it is possible, it will be possible. If you think it is impossible, the impossible will be possible. Whatever you think; whether possible or impossible will forever be possible to happen.

Think of what you want to do as possible, but be sure you are led by a God. Your conviction and passion are the dynamic powers behind the possibility of your life plans!

"It seems impossible until it is done", said Nelson Mandela. Neil Armstrong landed his feet on the moon and it is believed to be possible. It therefore means, every undone thing is already done with the possibility mentality!

You can, I can, We can! He can, She can, They can! Everyone can, if only we believe it is possible!

You can do all things through Christ who strengthen you!

Live life sooooo well!!!

~ Israelmore Ayivor
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Seven (7) ways to keep your zeal in fellowship with God.

1.  Never be lazy but work hard anytime, anyhow, anywhere.

2. Never look unto anyone who is not doing something but do it as long are you are alive.

3. Never depend on human "leaders" for salvation, but look unto them for guidance and work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.

4. Never keep to complaining but stand out with the Holy Spirit of God against the dark powers of this age.

5. Never be idle but open your eyes to see the problems in your church and help solve them promptly!

6. Never be mindful of earthly rewards but think of heavenly curriculum vitae!

7. Never be complacent; but keep reaching high for the best every day and every night.

Live life sooooo well!!!

~ Israelmore Ayivor
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God wants answers to satan's reproaches!

"My son, be wise and make my heart glad, that I may answer him that reproaches me"- Prov. 27:11

We are aware that satan always visits God, pointing fingers to us on earth and accusing God of our persistent disbeliefs. Today, God simply wanted to inform us that He had heard enough of those questions, accusations, finger pointing and ridicules from satan when he comes to him with the news of disbelief, pride, impurity and disobedience among his sons and daughters!

Enough is enough. What God now wanted is "answers" to prove satan wrong! If we take up the challenge by the grace of God to work out our salvation with fear and trembling, God will have answers to satan's questions and put him into disgrace! But if our lives are still soaked with disbelief, we make satan to accuse God more and more!

Let’s your life shine...and by that means, God will turn to satan and say; "see, I still have one favourite child". His name is.....(you). It's possible!

Live life sooooo well!!!

~ Israelmore Ayivor
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To us, it is a privilege!

It is a privilege to carry EVERYTHING to God in prayer!

Every Problem & Plights!
Every Danger & Dirtiness!
Every Sin & Suffering!
Every Conflict & Chaos!

It is our privilege because there is no ever time that God becomes busy, tired, worried, or worn out!
We can ask, and keep asking! We can give thanks to God as long as we can! We can sing praise as long as we can! 

God had never assigned an angel to cut down the sizes of people's prayers. God does not accuse his children of "over-praying"! As long as we are alive, we need to ask and keep asking!

This is a privilege for us... How then can we neglect this great opportunity? Never! Let us take up the will, zeal and passion to commit ourselves from Christ to live in and through us...

I thank God for this great privilege!

Live life sooooo well!!!

~ Israelmore Ayivor
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Invest in Books.

When you are out of the chapel, the Holy Bible becomes your pastor; when you are out of the classroom, your text books become your lecturers. Invest in books and expand your knowledge in the absence of your teachers.

A book is the remand where knowledge is detained. To bail them out, you must read as much as available and as often as possible.

No policeman had ever arrested anyone for over-reading; but ignorance prosecutes those who under-read. You begin to stop growing on the day you stop learning, so why not keep learning and keep growing!

As long as you are alive, make it a habit to read as much as you can ~ you can read a whole library of books #It's Possible!

Live life sooooo well!!!

~ Israelmore Ayivor
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Let your values find a value!

Don't waste your precious time on people who do not appreciate your value. Learn to use your perfume on the pigs when they also learn to bath.

Don't excessively put off people anyway, but know those who need to consume your precious hours and those you may entertain in your leisure periods. Be courteous with all but intimate with the little few who know your worth.

The barking of your dogs may be helpful when they follow you to hunt; but it will be disgraceful to you if they do so as they follow you to a party. Those who do not know where to plant their precious values should understand this;
It is not only the viability and variety of the seed that makes the harvest look plump. Sometimes, the soil must value the value of the seed. When the soil is not supportive, the seed's value becomes a waste!

There are many good seeds in you. Therefore you must avoid every bad soil in the world.

# All may glitter, but not all is Gold! 

Live life sooooo well!!!

~ Israelmore Ayivor
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Integrity is the priority!

If you lose your integrity, you will also lose your identity, your sensitivity and your dignity. Integrity is honesty, modesty and security in all kinds of weather. It should be our priority!

Let's do good things especially when and where nobody is watching us! God watches us always! Let's be sincere to serve, not because of fame, pay or recognition! In everything we do let's have this thought behind our back; Greater is our reward in Heaven.

It is good to be a fool on earth and gain #Heaven; than to be a king on earth and win #Hell. May God, the giver of good gifts look down and keep us in his profound truth and spirit! A great day is my wish for you all!

Live life sooooo well!!!

~ Israelmore Ayivor
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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Invent and keep re-inventing!

What will make you great today will never make you great tomorrow! The airplane that Wilbur and Orville Wright invented in 1906 would be seen as a scrap today. It becomes valueless with time.

People who are going nowhere are people who resist change because of a rigid accomplishment. However, people who are going somewhere are those who are always proud of their past glories and guess where they are going? Backwards!

If you would find a space in this global universe of excellence, you got to know that inventing alone is not enough! You must invent and keep re-inventing yourself! You don't make statements like "this is how we do it, we can't change it". That is narrow-mindedness.

Invention is an investment if only its resultant profit is re-ploughed into the business. What you accomplish at first should for this reason, be a stepping stone for greater accomplishments no one has ever seen through you before.
Make new dreams! 

Live life sooooo well !!!

~ Israelmore Ayivor
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Where money goes to, money comes from!

Wherever your money and time will go, that is where your money will come from. Some monies will go and never come back. This occurs when the put them onto a one-way traffic business.

Imagine someone who unnecessarily buys many shoes in a month, but cannot tell about having bought one book in a year! This is a poor investment; it is a one-way traffic.
There are two things on which you can spend your time and money on and you will never regret it. They are; your God and your talents.

Honour God with your time and money and you will gain more when you need and ask of them. Invest your time and money into your talents and you will transform the entire globe one person at a time.

Ladies, don't excessively spend your money on your hair styles. That will never return money to you. Never spent your time attending night clubs; that would even kill the talents you have.

Think about the future....

Live life sooooo well !!!

~ Israelmore Ayivor
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Your harvest time is the future!

The success of the future does not lie solely on the safety of the past, but broadly on the security of the present.
The future depends on today's actions. 

Tomorrow begins from today that is why tomorrow is partly predictable. Your past which once had a frown with sad miseries can smile with success stories, if only you desire it and fight for it.

Who gets the guts to stop your bright future? It’s you because you own what it takes to make or unmake you; bake and unbake you; cake or uncake you!

God is looking for your fruits; he has given the fertile soil... Don't give him back those old seeds... Plant them promptly! Forget about the poor yield of the previous season. Another season in here; it is your harvest time!

Live life sooooo well !!!

~ Israelmore Ayivor
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Competency is a hallmark!

Your driver is driving you and you can feel free to doze in the car. This is trust, built on competence.
Competence is what you do and how you do it to enhance your ability to make people feel at ease when things are in your hands.

What do you have in your hands now? A church, a school or a family? How are they feeling in your hands? Are they struggling to survive or happy to find caring hands like yours? The caring nature of a husband lies in the testimonies his wife gives about him and that tells about how she feels in his hands.

Again and again, what is in your hands? How are you handling it. Remember your creator will ask for an account for what you hold in your palm. Hold it and hold it well... Hold it with care!

Be competent at what you do, and if you can't, then why are you even doing it?
Do it and do it well. Do it till all is done. Make your hands safe for what you have in it to also be safe. Whatever you have the opportunity to lay hands on, make it better than it was!

Live life sooooo well !!!

~ Israelmore Ayivor
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