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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

At your own funeral, 70 years or more to come

Imagine you are at the funeral ground of a loved one,
As you walk inside the building, last respect to be done.

You feel the sympathy of losing a very dear person,
And you star think, memories teaching you a lesson.

As you walk into the mourning room, to see the body finally,
 But you came face to face with yourself on the bed suddenly.

Imagine it is your funeral, 70 years or more on earth,
With loved ones expressing feelings at your untimely death.

Imagine you took a seat, waiting for the ceremony to commence,
And you pick and read the outline, five tributes are to dispense.

One speaker from your family and one from your congregation,
The other from your friend and another from your occupation.

The final speaker to be your spouse (spouses) you left in trouble,
Now think, think, think deeply very about this period in double.

What will your friends read about you?
What will your church tell about you?

Who will your boss at work say you were?
What about your wife (husband) and children?

Now what will you rather like to be said about you?
Yes! You can make that real tribute by the life you live today!

Let your life count in the life of someone else!

Let everyday be like your birthday

Let your life count well; spend every day like your birthday!

Birthday is a day for refreshment sake.
It is a day of taste for the sweetest cake.

Bake every day like your birthday!

It is a day for plans to make a difference.
And ever greatest resolution for excellence.
Make every day like you birthday!

It is a day you give everyone a cheer.
And they turn back and call you “dear”.
Take every day like your birthday!

When you go, giving thanks to God.
And don’t want it spoilt by any odd.
Bake every day like your birthday!

When you wish the hour should double.
Because your mind is free from trouble.
Make every day like your birthday!

When all you did, you may never forget
As the day was never lived with regret
Take every day like your birthday!

Happy birthday to you!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Use opportunities wisely

Never misinterpret work as an opportunity! “Opportunity is misled by most people   because it is dressed in overalls and look like work”, said Thomas Edison
Theodore Roosevelt taught that hard work is a privilege. He said; “the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing”

Go to the ant, consider its ways and be wise (Proverbs 6v6). What does the little ant do and we human beings have to learn from? Guess. It gathers its food through hard work in the time of abundance. That is a good use of opportunity, because it may never come again! The amazing thing is that the dry season eventually comes and the ant lacks nothing!
“Talent is cheaper than table salt. Whatever separates the talented individual from a successful
one is a lot of hard work”

~ Stephen King

Faith plus work equals success

Faith without work, Bible said is dead! Prayer without faith is equally not alive! e a life supportive agent that makes faith a living one? Think about it!
Consider a human being who has many opportunities, for instance; he has two legs, one head, two arms, and on his head; two eyes, one mouth and two ears and still complain he has no food! He has the brains to think and body to move, yet his only hope is “God will provide”.
True, God will provide but we must not hide behind the provisional capabilities of God and refuse to go into action. If you think because God is a provider, hence, He should come down and give you food, am sorry that may not work today!
You may pray to God to remove the hills on your way and fill every pothole on your path; but don’t be surprised if God gives you a shovel to do so!
“Faith by itself, if it does not have work, is dead”
~ James 2v17

Take action, win your game

Believe it; 25 years from now or less, you will be voted for or appointed by the actions you are taking today! Guess what the vote will mean. Will it be an election for you to occupy the edifice of failure or to be the administrator of the kingdom of success? Listen!
“The future depends on what you do today”
~ Mohandas Gandhi
Let your actions be for a purpose and let them be taken with passion. Develop the habit of making the best use of your chances and your desires will come to pass. Aristotle said;
“All human actions have one more of these seven causes; chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion and desire”

Most people do not achieve what they believed in mainly because their “action speaks louder than words, but not too often”, said Mark Twain. It is necessary for your actions to speak both louder and often if you relay want to make a dream come true!

Score your own goals

I saw some football fans gathered round in a certain drinking bar after their team had woefully disappointed them in a recently tough-to-decide match in the champions’ league tournament. They were so frustrated that they quickly laid the cause of their defeat on some key players as the source of their loss.

Some of them, depressed and angry have to resort to alcohol or alcoholic beverages to see if they could forget the trauma caused by them remembering the “slow motion” of the single goal netted by their opponents that bid them a premature goodbye in the classic league of champions! Worrying or no worrying, I imagined in my mind that this would not solve the issue!

I later thought of the fact that due to the passion with which these depressed fans followed their team, they could have done everything possible to make that team take the trophy if they had been put among the 11 men decision making squad on the pitch. Yes! But unfortunately, they were outside the field and their being outside the field has absolutely no influence on the results on the score board!

In life, number one; “you don’t have to leave your chances in the hands of someone whom you know is not competent enough to cause effects using your opportunities and think you will celebrate your success”.

Number two; “you don’t leave those opportunities not attempted and expect a positive result”. It is unlikely to happen today, not tomorrow and never forever!
Success is not luck! Excellence is as a result of a deliberate effort to lift your bar from inch to inch. You can’t make statements like “I was just coming back from church, them all of a sudden, I became excellent”. What’s that?

It is good you dream as big as the blue ocean, but the dreams become a reality when you take hold of the opportunities available to you to step into the world and work those dreams out.
Don’t confuse motion with action. Motion means your legs are carrying you all about; but action tells that you are being carried about a business that matters! Believe in your dreams, work and live them well through action!
“To believe something, and not live it is dishonesty”
~ Mohandas Gandhi

Perhaps you have been wondering about how you will win the tournaments of life. This is an important moment of your life. Just know where your goals are. Dress in the jersey of action and enter the game of vision! Work with your talents, skills, and tactics and with determination!

Don’t commit any foul; don’t put yourself on an offside position. Be at the right place at the right time. Attack your failures and defend your goals; look up and watch the time because the whistle may blow at any time. Don’t waste the chances you get! Target the goals and with winning in focus, you will be there!

Cemetery, the wealthiest place on earth

What most people don’t realize is how heavy their potentials are.
Those who do not identify their purpose and for that matter, did not come to the realization of their potential only go ahead wasting their time and energy with matters that do not enhance them to release their God given gifts for the benefit of the world.
Dr. Myles Munroe realized this and remarked it by implying that the cemetery is the richest place on earth.

You may be wondering where would be the richest place in the world. Perhaps you are thinking it could be the oil refinery, or world trade center, or the word bank headquarters. No! Not there!

Dr. Myles was wise to list the cemetery as the wealthiest place. Why? Because most talents go untapped; people die with their music still on their lips.
Most people, who were born to write books, go buried with their books still in their minds unpublished!

The burial ground is made up of varieties of books that were not written, designs that were not created, songs that were not sung; building plans that were not drawn; sermons that were not preached; goals that were not scored and machines that were not invented!

The wealth of the cemetery is a virtual one and was created by individuals who were not able to realize how to optimize their potentials for the benefit of the inhabitants of the earth.

Success can never be an accident

Excellence is achieved out of a deliberate effort to step once, and then continuously stepping forward. In philosophical terms, success is a green field own by intentionally irrigating the dry pastures available.
Excellence can never be luck! Success can never be an accident!
Everyone was sent to this planet for a reason. Once you have a reason to step your feet on the soil of the earth, you automatically have the powers through the salvation of Christ to make that reason come to pass.
There is a responsibility for you, and then you have the ability to respond to it.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

See you at the top- I.T.S Conference

Can you imagine there are about 7.06 billion people on the earth today? Do you know about 217 thousand and were born last night, 150 in each minute? Do you know that among all those people living, dead and yet to be born, none of them had, has and will ever have the same fingerprint as yours? Not even twins have the same fingerprint. You are unique. Take life as your lovely pet and care for it. Take heed to acquire knowledge and apply it into your life. Take time to Read, Read and Read. ….and where the great people are matching towards, you will be in their numbers ~ Love you!

Don't waste your time- I.T.S Conference

Time lost can never be gained. Yes! There are things that wait for people. Time is not one of them. You have 60 seconds in 1 minute, and 60 minutes in 1 hour, all making 86,400 seconds in a day. What makes you to waste almost all those uncountable seconds when you get up in the morning? Create time for yourself. Make a good time table. Know what to do at a specific time. Procrastination, they say is a thief of time. Don’t put off to tomorrow what you can do today. ~ Best wishes!

-Kpogli Wisdom
I.T.S Conference

Aspire to become an achiever- I.T.S Conference

Great Presidents, professors, Doctors, Preachers, Chancellors, Nurses, Teachers, Pilots and others we see or hear of today were once like you. You can also be like them, and why not? When you set a standard for yourself, make use of opportunities available to you to optimize that your God-given talents to reach that standard. Dream about your future and stay committed to your dreams. Take your lessons with seriousness and you will never regret every single effort you have taken. Take Care!

-Cephas Tornyi
I.T.S Conference

Think about your future- I.T.S Conference

Twenty five years from today, where will you be? Think about it. When you create a future of hope, you will identify responsibilities needed to make it happen. You have in your power, the willingness to make the years ahead of you to become a brighter one and also to avoid things that will not make you a success in the nearby future. Exercise things that enhance your academic knowledge so that you can fly with shining wings. Stay blessed!

-Gilbert Mensah

More responsibility, less authority

Your responsibilities are your obligations, to accomplish the dreams you envision. Or in otherwise, your duty to make your thoughts become realities. Authority on the other hand has to do with the power to enforce laws and rules to ensure exact obedience. As a leader, you take more responsibility and act with less authority. This means, you take more action and give less orders. More orders at the expense of responsibilities will make you look like a dictator. Be a leader by example.