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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Ten (10) Steps towards achieving goals (I.T.S Conference)

· Identify your goals through perception and conception. Write these goals in a simple sentence and be conscious of it.
· Be cautious of these goals always, read them always, memorize them and value them. It helps renew their viability and potency.
· Plan how to step out to work the goals. Identify when and who will help you achieve the goals.
· Create a positive mind set that your goal has already been achieved and snap a mind picture of how the success is and how it is being celebrated.
· Be aware of opportunities that provide you with the tools to reshape your dreams. Make good use of those opportunities.
· Utilize your confidence, courage, creativity, commitment and conscience to stay in focus in times of difficulties.
· In time of failure, gather yourself and try again. Failure is an opportunity to let you know that you must try again, but this time round using an alternate approach.
· Silence is gold, speech is silver. Go for the gold, not silver. Stop talking too much about your goals. Get into the game and score them.
· Listen to advice and counsel from great achievers, avoid those who belittle your ambitions. Stand on the shoulders of giants and you will see farther than them.
· Set and observe deadlines. Work out to meet deadlines. Work exceptionally to leave on earth an IMPACT.

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