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Saturday, 25 August 2012

"It is good, it is well"- (An African Story)

Everything happens because it was destined to happen. Truly, even failures and disappointments we encounter in a certain minute are all for our victory in the next minute. There is this African story of a King called Nana Wofo. He was a talented man such that when he was a child, almost everyone pleads to seek an advice from him. He was noted to have killed many wild animals in the Nalem evil forest, where all brave men would not have loved to hear in their ears. Nana Wofo’s talent and bravery brought him fame and courage that earned him the throne after the father’s death. His father was murdered by a suspected group of gangs who made away the kings regalia and precious chains. All efforts to get the murderers arrested could not work out. The kings precious chains were missing. During his leadership period as a traditional ruler of Asimani village, Nana Wofo still goes on his hunting expeditions and a talented hunter.

One day, some strangers found their ways into the gates of Asimani, only to be directed to Nana Wofo’s palace for reception. On arrival, Nana accepted them kind heartedly as he always does to other strangers by giving them one of his wide apartments as their temporal residence. A conversation with the visitor made the king convinced that they were very wise; even wiser than he does. He however decided to keep them in the village as his friends forever. All the friends disagreed, except one, Teley who accepted to remain.
Teley became the chief’s best friend and offers the king series of help as they go to the bush together to hunt for bush meat. One thing so unique about Teley is his ability to give a good compliment for every circumstance. Even if he is in pain, Teley would say “it is good”. On the Kings birthday, when the kings inquired from him to give recommendation about his palanquin, all that Teley was able to say was “it is good”. This made the king to be proud of him. Gradually, everybody in and outside the palace began to call Teley “it is good” and he will respond to that call “it is well”. He one day cautioned the teenagers during their puberty rites with his encouraging words. He informed them that sooner or later, they will be getting married and that marriage though is complex they should say in every challenge “it is good”.
The first Saturday of the first month of the year was meant for sharing grasscutter meat from household to household. King Wofo and Teley however decided to hunt for the grasscutter meat that morning for the evening’s feast. They set off early and got many animals killed except for a grasscutter. At exactly noon, they were however lucky to have seen a fat grasscutter grazing on a green grass few meters away. As they always go by it, Teley put the bullet into the gun for the king to shoot at the animal. Unfortunately, he did not place it well. The consequence of this mistake accidentally made the king to shoot his fingers off. The king got angry at Teley, showing him the bleeding hand with fingers chopped off. When Teley saw the king in tears and pain, he looked again at the wound of the kings and gave a louder shout “it is good”. Nana Wofo got angry at his remarks, asking that how can pain, tears and bleeding be good? When they got to the house, he made his guards arrest Teley and had him imprisoned for life.
Nana Wofo now resolved and hunts alone after his wounds got healed. One day, he was enjoying his expeditions till he got deep into the forest where no one goes and returns safely. All of a sudden, he could hear some strange noise all around. Next was a tragedy. Wild cannibals just surrounded him. They carried him to their territory to eat him up. When they arrived, Nana Wofo got panicked due to what he saw. There were bones of human beings that they cannibals ate few minutes ago. It was time for him too to be eaten. Six cannibals surrounded him and removed his cloth. They were just about to start eating him when one of the cannibals  saw that two of his right fingers were missen. They stop immediately and got afraid because cannibals don’t eat disables. In fear, the cannibals dressed the kings again, carried him to where they found him and run away in fears. Immediately the king returned to the house and narrated the story to his house hold. He remember that it was because of the  wound caused by Teley, that he is still alive. Nana wofo on that note rushed to the prison where Teley was kept. When Teley saw the king, he smiled and said “it is good you came here”. The king replied, yes “it is good”, and “it is good I got wounded” because, this wound same me from cannibals. Cannibals don’t eat disabled; the wound saved me. The king turned to Tilley and apologized. He said “am sorry to bring you to prison for what you did, I didn’t know it is good”. Teley smiled again and answered, “it is good you brought me to prison, else I will be with you in the bush and the cannibals would eat me because I am not disabled; its is good”. The king now understand that everything is good. As they were leaving the prison, the kings saw his father’s chain on the neck of one of the prisoners.  He quikly ordered for a check and it was realized that that prisoner was the murderer of nana woofo’s father. In tears, Nana again whispered “it is good that I came here”!.
So you see, my brother, my sister, my mother, my father, what you are passing through is good. Just shake yourself, be proud to say “IT IS GOOD, IT IS WELL”
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Three (3) unhealthy actions all leaders should avoid

Leadership is a game and games are won by keeping to the rules, principle, terms and conditions that are related. Some principles will suggest you do something. Other suggest you don’t do something at a specific time. Your inability to follow what the principles suggest is a prepared palm to receive failure in that game. Leadership is also a game that requires a lot of dos and don’ts. This concept leads us to knowing some three (3) major unhealthy things to avoid in leadership, namely;

1.       Unhealthy ego
2.       Unhealthy associations
3.       Unhealthy lifestyles
1. Unhealthy ego:
This is  a kind of ego that lack secured, and well defined personal boundaries. Unhealthy ego results in grandiosity and makes the leader feels exaggerated ideas about him or herself. A person with unhealthy ego will probably:
·         Talk to others frequently about him or herself even if not asked. Every story in a conversation leads to his or her autobiography.
·         Deny credit to others even when they deserve it at the expected time
·         Make the leader to stop learning by creating a sense of complacency in him or her. He or she feels there is nothing again to be known
·         Blame others in their mistakes instead of assisting them in correcting the mistake created
·         Complain about a problem instead of seeking the solution
2. Unhealthy association:
Social issues are of great concern to every leader. As a leader, you need to;
1.       Know who to identify as a friend and who to avoid as a foe
2.       Associate yourself with people with similar mindset and ideology
3.       Make decisions that do not negatively influence your relationships.

Unhealthy association is a kind of social integration that negatively affects a person’s disposition owing to a difference in character, ideology or culture between two or more people. It is always said that “show me your friends and I will tell you your character”. Why?  This is because of the role that association plays in influencing characters. Bad companies (unhealthy associations) the scripture says corrupt good behaviours. Beware of your associations as leader.
3. Unhealthy lifestyles:
Unhealthy lifestyles are typical examples of behavioural actions that contribute no quota to success. Instead, they result in disgraceful personal branding which does not create attractive environments for success to visit. Unhealthy lifestyles that contradicts good leadership roles are divide into tthree main parts as follows:
1.       Unhealthy behavioural patterns: for example
Ø  Over-engagement in arguments
Ø  Over-complaining about tasks instead of deciding solutions
Ø  Giving excuses frequently and procrastinating takes
Ø  Portraying a-know-it-all behaviour
Ø  Exhibiting bad listening skills 

2.       Unhealthy health lifestyles
Ø  Smoking excessively
Ø  Addiction to drinks
Ø  Bleeching of the skin
Ø  Over-eating

3.       Unhealthy work attitude
Ø  Excessive lateness to work
Ø  Poor communication leading to poor client relationship
Ø  Over reacting to little issues
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Ability, Motivation and Attitude

“Ability is what you are capable of doing. Motivation determines what to do. Attitude determines how to do it”- Lou Holtz

Everyone has a capability and that is what he or she can do when given the opportunity. An attempt to do go outside what you can only leads you wayward.
Case Study on "Ability":
Imagine a striker in a football team for instance the reknown Christiano Ronaldo who is popularly known for his wonders in scoring goals, deciding to play the position of a goalkeeper. How awkward he will perform! Why? Because goal scoring is his ability and any attempt to practice what he can’t do well and don’t do regularly is a leading factor of failure.

Everyone is blessed with a reservation to do something his abilities are geared towards. It therefore means that everyone at least have a level of personal motivation. It is now expected of you to know what you are motivated to do. You may be motivated by your talents and or, someone’s speech and or an action you are exposed to. Motivations are what “determine what to do”. Are you motivated positively or negatively?
Case Study on "Motivations":
There was this secondary school student called G.K. G.K got introduced to his friends who were average smokers. Having being motivated by their actions, their actions (i.e smoking) in turn “determined what G.K should do”. G.K eventually ended a heavy smoker while his friends remained average smokers. Today his parents spend a lot to care for his psychiatric medication.

Everyone has attitudes, be it positive ones or the reverse of it. Attitude could be healthy or unhealthy. It tells more about how you will do something you are capable of doing or what you are motivated to do. Attitude appears in your actions, mood and thoughts. Anyone with unhealthy attitude works tirelessly for unhealthy achievements- thus failure!
Case Study on "Attitude":
Everyone has a level of discipline, a least. That’s why you will see that even the most laziest person will get up from his bed at least even if it’s late. A person will a lazy attitude lack discipline. Imagine one lazy man who decides to write a book of 31 pages  and resolved to write a page per day in the month of August till the month ends to get 31 pages. Lack of a good attitude, discipline to describe it will result in him trying to find where he left his page 4 last night as the month is about to end. Thus “how” he will do it because “attitude” does it in a “how way”. In this case, that how could be described as “inadeduate work”, “shabby work”, so he will pass a slow way to get there!

You may have a vibrant ability, but you must be motivated to spark to movement. You may have motivations to spark your abilities into motion, but you need a healthy attitude in order to do it better in your own style!
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What on earth is required of us?

What on earth is required of us?
Christ told us, Bibles still tell us

Leaving footprints on your ways
Making positive impacts in your days
In God are grace and success keys
To be obtained on bended knees
When everyone is placed in God’s sight
Be sure among them, you are right
When all stand in God’s view
Be that person who was made new
When God looks for whom to send
Be the one who wills to attend
Seek not to be revered by men
Create hope in God’s silence Amen
Live your life in integrity and diligence
To God only give reverence!
-Israelmore Ayivor
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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Big Six Questions For Goal Setting

A goal is a set of plans, steps and strategies put across to attain a fulfilled status of a dream in focus. “Many people fail in life not for the lack of ability or brains or even courage, but simply because they have never organized their energies a goal” (Elbert Hubbard). How then can a person organize him or herself around a goal in order not to fail? It’s by using compactible ideas and information when setting goals. In the following six (6) questions, you will identify some reasons, strategies and steps to draw a well fulfilling goal for establishing a realistic dream.

What am I up to? What do I wish to accomplished? What will I do to have it done? What purpose will my intensions serve? What is the goal? What does my talent need to offer?

How am I going to create the goal? How will I go by what I have created? How am I going to get assistance or a help? How will I know if my goal is achieved? How will I identify the obstacles on my way? How long will my goals take to be accomplished?

Who is going to take the steps am putting down? Who will assist me carry out these plans. Who is going to benefit from these goals? Who am I associating myself with?

Which steps will be needed of me? Which friends will I need to make and which ones should I avoid? Which obstacles are likely to stop me? Which of the steps is more important?

Where will my dreams be situated? Where will I get the incentives for my goal? Where will assistance or motivation come from?

When do I want to accomplish my dreams?  When should I start?
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SMART in goal setting

A goal set to accomplish a purpose must have feasible characteristics. One set of those characteristics is that a goal must be SMART. The acronym SMART was propounded by George T. Doran in his article entitled “There is a S.M.A.R.T way to write management goals and objectives” as appeared in the November 1981 issue of Management Review.

Varieties of books, blogs, websites and other posts gave their views about the meanings of the letters of the acronym. However, the 1981 edition of the acronym stood for S- Specific, M- Measurable, A- Assignable, R- Realistic, T- Time based. In the current edition of the SMART acronym, one is likely to find key words are suggested by Smart project (http:/ as outlined as follows;
·         “S- Specific, Significant, Stretching

·         M- Measurable, Meaningful, Motivational

·         A- Agreed upon, Action, Achievable

·         R- Realistic, Relevant, Reasonable, Rewarding, Result-oriented

·         T- Time-based, Timely, Tangible, Track-able”
What then does a person need to do with those five key words above as far as goal setting is concerned?
Your goals must be clearly defined, touching a task fulfillment and can be understood by everyone
You must know how your goal will, be said to be completed; thus the parameters for identifying an accomplished goal, how much of it will be accomplished and at which time?
Also means “achievable” and this figures out that the goal can be established to fulfill the dream in focus. There are some goals that are not attainable owing to what it’s going to fulfill.
The goal must be real. It must represent a way out into reaching a dream and a way in which you are willing to work.
A goal is said to be time-based if it has been woven around a time-frame or a deadline. Every single day can serve as a little improvement on a set dream through a well set goal.
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What is a Goal?

A goal is the “end result or achievement in which effort is directed” (

It can also be defined as “a desired result an animal or a person or a system envisions, plans and commits to achieve- a personal or organizational desired end-point in some sort of assumed development” (
A goal in my view after comparing the above terms and many more references revealed that a goal must have the following and many other features. A goal must be;

1.      Directed towards a dream: A goal cannot exist independent of a vision or a purpose or a dream. A dream is just a fantasy or a desired end. Goals are steps taken to reach that fantasized end.

2.      Designed with a deadline: Every goal must have a time to “die”; thus a time to be accomplished. This deadline is the main reason why “Time bound” is found in the SMART tool used for constructing goal.

3.      Divided into two main types; short term and long term goals: Short term goals are those set to be completed with a short time, for instance within less than one year. Long term goals are those set to be completed within a long time interval, for instance more the three years.
The following words have been researched and accepted to represent the ideologies behind the term ‘goal setting’; “objectives, aims, intensions, deadline, purpose, strategies, vision, planning, preparation and dreams”.
Without a goal, a person will either remain a dreamer till he dies or he will attempt to fulfill a purpose in an unplanned way which may equally yield what happens to the former.
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There were many ladies out there
But Esther made the difference
She aspired into a great status
And crowned with diligence

There were many men out there
But Noah made the difference
He and his nuclear family
Survived the flood occurrence

There were many kings out there
But David made the difference
Loyal and Royal, but humbly
He ascended into the palace

There were many leaders out there
But Joshua made the difference
He and his household together
Knew whom to give reverence

There are many sons out there
But Joseph made the difference
Though confronted with questions
Made all answers with brilliance

And yet there are many out there
Though others live in negligence
You can live your life in radiance

-Israelmore Ayivor
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Saturday, 18 August 2012

God still get something to do with you

You may not believe this but it’s real
It’s my most awesome tale to tell
Thus a once perfect statement still made new
God still get something to do with you

You may have had a baby out of a wedlock
Even if in prison you were once locked
I don’t care, if you have ever smoked cocaine
God has a purpose, yes God can

You may have slept with every woman in Tripolis
Or have used every brand of cannabis
You may have slept with every man in Cotonou
God still has something to make out of you

But before He can make you useful
You need to be saved, to be successful
God is no longer creating trees, He made the seed
He wanted to save you for Himself for a need

It not too late once you are still alive
But this grace will be over, as death will arrive
Get up now and be made new
God still get something to do with you

-Israelmore Ayivor

Brighten the corner where you are

Most people do mistakes they could have harmlessly skipped before. One of those mistakes is running in search for greener pastures with complains of just dry straws around your territories. Why don’t you just water those dry straws to turn them green? It takes harmless actions to do so. Do you feel where you are, isn’t worthy to accommodate you? You owe it to yourself to enlarge your territory. Well, it happens in some cases where you find yourself at some places and positions and all you need to do to survive is to relocate. Yes, that’s what happens sometimes when you are not in the exploitation of your destined talent. However, when your talents are destined and your actions are geared towards the fulfillment of your purpose, you have to brighten every darkened corner around you and you will shine.

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Friday, 17 August 2012

The past- a nightmare; The future, a dream

There is a saying that “you live to be wrong when you forget your past”. No arguments about this. But to make it complete, “you live wrongly if you permit your past to negatively influence your future”. Majority of people who live in the past today are those who cannot focus the future for a clearer view. Your past, whether successful or not can greatly influence your present and consequently your future. An unsuccessful past may haunt you by creating fear in you, even in your night dreams. Likely, a successful past may also create and brand complacency for you. Think like Albert Einstein who describes his major achievements as a mere stepping stone for greater accomplishments. By so doing, he overcame complacency which stops the progress of achievers. Think not about your past failures, else they will haunt your future to death. Rather use them as lessons to help you dream bigger.

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When people don"t like you...

It is the desire of everyone to gain acceptability through familiarity with everyone. You may hear some people say “oh well, I don’t mind if people like me or not”; just note it down as a statement, not a fact. Everyone aims at likes in behaviour and action. However, there may definitely be a reason why some people may not like you. It could be natural or out of something peculiar. The Bible advices all disciples of Christ to minister to every household, no doubt about that. However, Luke 9:5 instructed that “whosoever will not receive you, when ye go out of that city, shake off the very dust from your feet for a testimony against them”. This is another way to say;
  • “don’t carry their poor-reception attitude in mind” or
  • ·        “don’t be bothered if they ill-conceived your thoughts”
  • ·        “don’t let their actions affect your thoughts”
Simply to say, when people don’t like you, don’t let it influence your actions, dreams, goals and sense of purpose. Be intimate with the willing, courteous with all but wash of every tempting statement created by those who don’t like you.

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You are you; no one can be like you

Every tree you see on earth today came out of a humble beginning- seed. You are a seed of great accomplishments on earth. However, you are entitled to that accomplishment as a purpose for which you were brought to earth. The friend you saw today also has purposes but believe it or not, they are different from yours. Someone may resemble you in appearance, it’s a fact; but that person is not you and can never, so will never be you. It is so with accomplishments. You may have similar dreams with another folk, but they are just similar, not the same. In everything you do, you are expected to do it in your own style and win it in your own style because, you are you; and its only you who will be accountable for who you are!

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Thursday, 16 August 2012

You are responsible for your life

“If you want to be really successful, and I know you do, then you will have to give up blaming and complaining and take total responsibility for your life — that means all your results, both your successes and your failures. That is the prerequisite for creating a life of success”, said Jack Canfield. Complain about why something was left undone by somebody, only find out that you are also somebody who could have done that something. Once you will be responsible for the success you achieved, you must also be responsible for the actions you take toward it. It therefore means that that you are totally responsible for your living. Complaining about someone’s action changes nothing about that “living”. It’s the steps you take to maintain what you are responsible for;- your actions, your success and your entire life.

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Stay away from discouragements

When you plan to execute a goal, it is inevitable that people will in one way or the other try to discourage you from pursuing that ambition. Don’t be surprised at this because that is their dream they are also pursuing. There may be many reasons for this; ignorance, fear, jealousy and many more. As long as you follow your purposes, ignore the naysayer; those who are smart at saying “it can never be done”. These are “people who try to belittle your ambitions; small people always do that”-(Mark Twain). Mark Twain advice that you “stay away from them”, nothing less, nothing more! However, take into consideration the people who try to explain the implications of your actions to you, not out of fear or jealousy, but with realities. Consider them before you make your final judgment.

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Don't be nagative in affirmations

If you are consistent in believing that you are not going to make it, the possibility that you are going to end it on a successful podium is very narrow. Just believe and affirm that you can and you will. Few affirmations when positive serve as magical motivations that spring you up to the heights you can’t imagine; how much more when they are consistent? It’s the same with negative affirmations too. A little dose of it can keep you sinking effortlessly. Know what you say. Think about what you want to affirm about yourself before you pronounce it. Consequences of optimism and pessimism are both expectations that brand you future. How do you want your future to be? Affirm it now!

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Seven (7) things all leaders should learn

Leadership is not restricted to positions of authority or stature and can, in fact, be practiced by individuals acting within their sphere of influence without being labeled as leaders. Once a time you may find yourself in situation that can only be solved with leadership skills and failure of these may make you lose that opportunity. Follow these seven (7) lessons carefully and you will see how awesome it is to act as a leader of your own!

L- Listen to Learn- Leaders who listen to learn understand that true listening employs consistent eye contact, facing the speaker, avoiding distractions and waiting until the speaker is finished before responding. Listen to the plights of your followers and respond promptly

E- Empathize with Emotions- This entails aligning the leader's personal feelings with those they are in contact with without letting sympathy for the other person cause a loss of objectivity. Sympathize when necessary and let it be known how you feel about your followers’ circumstances.

A- Attend to Aspirations- Personal goals should be acknowledged and encouraged in order for aspirations to thrive in a positive climate. A leader must dream big and it takes dreams and aspirations to differentiate those who exist from those who are just making a living.

D- Diagnose and Detail- A leader must have the skills to diagnose and detail the facts in any conversation in order to avoid wrong assumptions and undesirable conclusions.

E- Engage for good Ends- Leadership entails selecting the right course of action in planning, decision making, and business practice to help bring the best overall results for the company while adhering to ethical standards.

R- Respond with Respectfulness- Respectful leaders honor the worth and dignity of individuals, are sensitive to power differences, and resolve conflicts with honesty and patience.

S- Speak with Specificity- Speaking reveals leadership skills as well as the personal power and sphere of influence one has in an organization. Be specific and consistent in your speech.

Dreams are microscopes

You can view your future by focusing it with the lenses of your dreams. With dreams you make your destiny count by the impact you make. No wonder Erich Fromm compared it to a microscope by saying “a dream is a microscope through which we look at the hidden occurrences in our soul”. To add, not only in our soul do we find dreams focusing our destiny, but also in our daily quests to fulfill the mission we run for the creator. As an achiever your goals should not just to dream, but to dream big. Remember “dreams are free, so free your dreams”- Astrid Alauda. Dream big and act big, then leave a big impact.

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A dream is an index of greatness

All achievements big or small started from dreams because “a man’s dreams are an index to his greatness” (Zadok Rabinowitz). Dare to dream because pursuing it you, will surely leave great impact on the earth. Those whose have the courage to pursue what they dream about are those who will live to enjoy the fruits of their dreams; but those who will leave their dreams unturned are just nearly equal to those who have not yet dreamt. “All dreams can come true, if only we pursue them” (Walt Disney). Which dreams have you? How serious have you pursued them. How much costs have you paid to fulfill those dreams? Get on track and let every little talent you have get exploited.

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Purpose makes you a living being

With a purpose in your mind, you are living; without a purpose you just exist. Its takes aspirations to aid you to ensure that your purposes are detained in the chambers of your consciousness and worked out into realities. It also takes dreams to make you to be known for what you were sent for. It is difficult to write a biography about those who don’t dream because you don’t actually know why they were brought forth, what they pursue and the differences between the two. Take this advice from Henry David Thoreau who cautioned; “do not lose hold of your dreams or aspirations. For if you do, you may still exist, but you fail to live”

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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

God up and solve problems below you

Go up and solve problems below you. It’s an undeniable fact that “darkness cannot drive out darkness. It’s only light that will do that”- (Martin Luther King). Albert Einstein confirmed this by adding that “you can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created”. You need not to remain in the state of ignorance, thinking you can solve your mistakes there. To solve problems of illiteracy you have to rise up to a level of enlightenment to have it done. Don’t despise counseling; it makes you move up the level of lack of information so that petty problems will not appear difficult for you.

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Stop thinking and act now

Stop thinking and act now. There is time to think and there is time to act about what you think of. Thinking prepares you for action, but action is perfect with planning. Do not spend all the time planning your thoughts. Napoleon Bonaparte advised; “take time to deliberate; but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go in”. This is a true talk. In the life of every footballer, there comes a time that he got to stop training and express the talents he trained on. People who can act are those who can identify the fact that there time to learn and a time to put what you learn into practice.

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Excellence is a habit

Excellence is a habit. A Greek philosopher and a physician, Aristotle once said, “we are what we repeatedly do”. He went on to describe excellence and for that matter success as a habit, not an act. It’s obvious what we do often becomes part of our character easily. And what our character tells of us is the living biography we carry. Just like bad habits, good once are also internalized by daily repetition. A failure comes from a step wrongly taken, so success comes from a step wisely made. Excellence comes from continues expression and application of the wisdom that leads to success. It therefore means excellence is obtained in episodes.

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Monday, 6 August 2012

Seven (7) things fear does

Different concepts viewed fear from different angles. The concept in which fear is being used determined its meaning and for that matter its consequences. However, this concept sees another side of fear that it is a canker-worm to developmental fabrics that weave our virtues, rendering us valueless even in what we think we pursue. The best that a man can do to be free from this scavenger is to bag it for the already burning rubbish dump. Henry Hayford noticed this and retorted; “if there is anything I could banish from the earth, its fear”. Yes, fear is a little hell. It has no know essence and comes with numberless detrimental effects as follows:

Fear breeds poverty:
Sister Mary Tricky taught that “fear is the faith that it won’t work”. Meanwhile we know its obvious something working out positively well will be a source of sustenance. If this is so, we can rightly understand that fear creates a conducive environment for poverty to flourish. Before poverty can stay and be recognized, it must find a place of comfort. Courage converts poverty into prosperity while fear preserves its heritage. Poverty under the colony of fear torments an individual with all sorts of unrealistic efforts; efforts made without courage. Fear suppresses the need for men to prosper. Men who fear cannot risk their talents and poor they remain because talent in action is wealth but talent’s inaction is poverty.
Fear shuts the doors of opportunity:
At the door of opportunity, people who fear are so much aware that opening that door will be the main route to their success. But fear whispers to them“if you open it, this and that might happen” and this keeps the door shut, remaining untouched. The fact is that they fear the challenges that pursue success and as they reject these challenges, success is rejected as well. The mind of opportunity is then killed to death. “Fear is a mind killer. Fear is the little hell that brings total obliteration” (Frank Herbert). Jeseph Cambell confirmed it by advising that “the cave you fear to enter contains the treasure you seek”. Do you seek success? Search for it with courage.
Fear keeps an individual static:
Growth is a dynamic process achieved by changing of oneself for the better. Fear and inaction are comrades; inaction dances to the tunes stroked by fear. “Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Get up and get busy” said Dale Carnegie. With idleness, you grow your fears to become giant. When these fears mature, they stop your progress. You feel like acting to resolve an issue for your personal comfort and fear stops you. This fear got its source from idleness and you become the sufferer.
Fear make you to blame the world:
There are times that some people ought to change their circumstances into opportunities which they failed to do. Some also see tasks ahead as difficult to trample over. The little lesson to take here is take these people later projected their failure to an excuse, event or persons.  You can imagine someone who failed in an examination and blamed it on witches and wizards instead of identifying his role as an indolent student. If you cannot turn something up, let the whole world know that it’s because of your fears. Don’t let the opportunity bypass before you blame your failure on another things.
Fears guides one to danger:
Courage is a presentation of one’s bold chest to face battles which were constructed for victory. Unless overcome, the victory remains an illusion. When danger appears the same courage and hope is used to suppress it. However in the fields of fear, danger gains the upper hand and overthrows those who fear. On another side some people fear a true opportunity that they see as a difficulty. In an attempt to hide from it, they meet relatively unnecessary ones that they see as opportunities. The bigger your circumstances, the bigger the victory provided courage flows in to help you counter the circumstances. But to the fearful people, the bigger the circumstances, the quicker their backward footsteps. If you reverse your foot without cautions you might reverse into danger.
Fear leads to suffering:
Fear is an emotional state that keeps haunting those who patronize it. Chanaleya warned “as soon as fear approaches near, attack it”. The presence of fear in you will always causes you to panic when you see the fearful object and this is a fearful torment. Fear of opportunity which also creates poverty, is a master of suffering. Either you suffer from the tormenting haunts of the fearful things in you or you enjoy the poverties’ status of fear to make success out of your talented views. “fear is the path to the dark side, few leads to anger, and anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering” (Yoda)
Fear limits your world view:
 Fear creates a barrier that reduces the intervisibility between you and where your success dreams stand. Within the tentacles of fear, one sees just a narrow range of achievements to be tapped from his talents and for these reasons, work little than expected. A person who fears cannot dream a good dream, that’s if he dreams in the first place. Even if he dreams at all, he does not dream big since he considers a much effort is needed that he does not pose. Inferiority develops from fear and it teaches that you can see the world as a small globe.

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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Life is how you see it

If life appears to you like a game, you need to win it.
But goals you cannot score if you remain on the bench.
Rise up, dress up and enter the game!
If life appears to you like a mission, you need to accomplish it,
Missions you cannot accomplish if you still have no dreams.
Get up, wake up and dream big!
If life appears to you like a drama, you need to act it.
A drama you can’t perform if you refuse to rehearse.
Watch out, come on and make it real!
How you see life does matters;
But how you fulfill what you see matters most.

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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Something good can come out of you

Imagine how Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin from moldy bread. Someone may think the bread once rotten is good for nothing but just to be bagged for the rubbish dump. Bet me, once there is life, there is hope. No matter how parlous your estate is, something good can be made out of you. It takes your conviction to refuse to stay where you are, to migrate into success. No condition, they say is permanent because that “rejected stone” stone had also become a “chief corner stone” sooner or later. It’s not too late; you can still become who you must be. Take up this challenge and you will soon realize that something good can come out of Na-za-re-th.

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Friday, 3 August 2012

Reform the world; don''t deform it.

The world was in a particular state before you were born. You now have two options; either you change it positively by the potentials invested in you or you leave it the way it was when you were born. Don't spoil it, don't deform it and don't let it appear more horrible to be passed on to the next generation. It's better to have it in the same state than to deface it. However, it is more laudable to change it to better the next generation. To do this, you need to accept the numerous responsibilities of changing the world. You can do it better. Thumbs up for you!

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Thursday, 2 August 2012

A person's speech makes him

Beware of judging people by their appearances. Not everything that glitters can be called gold. It is bias to judge a book by its cover. Why not read the first few pages of it before? A person may act as polite, but don't rush judging him as an angel. Wait, let him speak and you will know who he is. By what a person says, you can tell if he is a human or a beast. Don't test the attitude of a person by the colour of his skin, but by the content of his speech. It’s obvious most people appear bright until you hear them make comments. That is why Albert Einstein said it all that “we all know light travels faster than sound. That is why certain people appear bright until you hear them speak”. Again and again, test the attitude of a person not by the colour of his skin, but by the content of his speech.

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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

You harvest what what you invest

The world as they say, is truly like a mirror surface. Smile before it and it will smile back to you. Frown at it and it will be a nasty horrible place of doom. In all things, don’t forget that what you invest is what you harvest; what you have paid for is what you will be given; what you sow is what you will reap. “If you go to work on your goals, your goals will go to work on you; if you go to work on your plans, your plans will go to work on you. Whatever good things we build, end up building us”- (Jim Rohn). Take heed to invest into something worthy now. Then relax and wait for a perfect outcome. You can’t wait!

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