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Monday, 30 September 2013

Laughter galore!

Laughter is a medicine whose overdose is not an intoxication. Smiles are weapons whose over exploitations are never dangerous. Since I can smile and never be charged for each package of smiles, why can't I add laughter to it and do them together unnecessarily?

Laughing while cooking; laughing at your stew! Smiling while walking; smiling at the floor! Laughing while sleeping; Laughing at your dreams. Smiling while doing your own thing in the toilet; smiling at the flies!

Well, I want to agree that laughter is not only a medicine, but also a vaccine. It does not only cure, but also prevents anger, bitterness and hatred of all brands. Why don't you get immune to all those bad attitudes that have no known essence? You can, if only you can smile, grin and laugh unnecessary!

Too much of everything is bad; but too much of laughter is the best. Have no limits for your self-made happiness because "nobody will happy you"! However, be careful that your laughter calls for no alarm. When it does, it now becomes a teasing or mockery...!

Happy yourself.... Live life sooooo well!!!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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The density of your destiny!

The density of your destiny is the product of the mass of your visions and the volume your impacts occupy!

The volume of your impacts is measured by the direction of your movements, the passion with which you inspire and the attitudes by which you make an influence!

The mass of your visions is directly proportional to the size of your dreams and distance they can cover within a given period of your life.

You may have the greatest vision, plans or goals as you may term it. You can call it Vision 2015, Vision 2020 or whatever. But remember, not work is done unless a distance is covered!

Do you know how heavy your destiny is? It is exceedingly and abundantly above all that you can ever think of, ask for or imagine! But you have the ability to convert it into a "paper weight" when you don't use your talents very well.

Do you want your talents to have an international recognition? Do you want your dreams to have its S.I unit? (Unite de Standard Internationale).

Go figure from your maker and he will reveal to you the purpose of your existence! Live life sooooo well!!!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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One of the greatest motivations we can have in life is from the success of one or two goals we set earlier. When you reach a goal, it provides you with a sense of accomplishment and encourages you to continue to set goals for a brighter future.

If you don't have a destination in mind, how will you even know if you get there, let alone knowing what to do there? A good way to start living your dreams is to figure out the paths you will take you your destination; these are your goals!

Your goals must have a deadline; they must be achievable and specific; they must be realistic and coherent.

Develop a printed picture of your future on paper and present it to God for editing! We may propose, but remember; God can dispose our plans, propose new ones and impose them on us! However God can do something about your situation when you have a plan which he will either discard or upgrade to suit his glory!

Never live in vain hope; set goals and look upon God for a divine direction!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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You are your own paddle!

You are your own canoe and you are your own paddle, so paddle your own canoe. Society had taught us to give away our power and abilities! It is not fair!

Majority of people conditioned their minds that someone has to step in to solve their problems and fix back their broken lives. Inasmuch as you need people to climb up, walk with and seek help from, it doesn't mean they have to think for you; you do the thinking by your own mind!

You and only you will appreciate the power of imagination God gave to you! You are your own compass; I can't, your spouse can't, your parents can't, your siblings can't, your government can't! Even in most case, God takes your acceptance into consideration. That is why he can make "stones" to praise him if humans will not accept him!

Decide now to take responsibility and re-charge your life with a good image about yourself. Re-kindle that hope and sense of usefulness by which no obstacles can succeed in stopping you! You can do it! Yes you can!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Don't dis-value your identity!

You can't forget, demean or deny who you are! Water cannot forget it is wet; Sun cannot demean its hotness; Snow cannot deny it is can't disvalue your own abilities!

To disvalue something means, to reduce its potency, discredit its ability and make it less useful. You make yourself a disvalued being when you are born "original" and die as a "photocopy"; or you fly like the “Tsetsefly” when you were called to soar like the eagle.

Most people have been suppressed by not stabilizing their own inflation rates against others; that is one harmful effect of low self-esteem! Hidden in every seed, is a great forest! Hidden in every egg is a numberless set of fowls! Hidden in every young child, is a great man or woman! Hidden in you are mighty things you cannot imagine.

You may have felt discouraged by the attitudes of your friends, customers and family...but that should not reduce your value!

If you are great, you are great...yes, and truly, you are!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Together we build!

Israelmore Ayivor
The little I have, I share with you; the little you have, you also share with me. Together we all have a full share of everything. Share with me your Love and I share with you my Peace; together, we share Unity!

The world is woven in a mesh of networks in such a way that no one will be right to say "I want to live my life alone". You can't live alone and be happy. God's kingdom is about leadership and follower-ship...

You lead others with your visions, and others also lead you with their dreams; it is in your servant-ship that you derive your master-ship!

You can't do everything; I can do everything too. I can do what you can't do; you can do what I can't do. But together we do greater things that had never been done!

Let us cultivate the habit of thinking about others; not only being obsessed with our own selfish gains; that will not help change the world. We were taught to be each other’s' keepers; let's live as each other’s keepers and live life so well!!!

Live life so well!!!

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Best things first!

Israelmore Ayivor
The kind of soil in your area determines the type of crop you will plant to harvest; The kind of potentials in you decide the type of success you will celebrate.

Don't look for greener pastures anywhere; just water the dry gray grasses around you and you will get the wet green ones that appeal to you! God saved you by the blood of Jesus Christ for you to fulfill an assignment on earth; He saved you and kept you where He saved you for something valuable to be done out there!

What you have determines what you can do. Don't worry too much over what you can't do; rather focus your attention, resources and time on what you can do best and you will excel in it!

May the Grace of the Lord sail you through! 

Live life so well!!!

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Learn more, keep learning much more!

Israelmore Ayivor
Yes. We all know you are a graduate with PhD. But when was the last time you chased after a bookshop to purchase and read a book to improve the beauty of your brand?

I was in car yesterday from Ho to Keta with a gentle driver whose front shelf of the car was packed with books with the titles; "safe driving", "technical lessons all drivers must know", "the car and the driver as machines", "the bus drivers' and motor riders' guide" etc. I may not quote the titles splendidly, but everything was synonymous... Guess, while we had a free time to wait, he picked up and was reading one of the books. My conversation with him clearly shows that any idle time he has is employed into discovering information pertaining to his area of life; thus driving.

Businessman, Pastor, Nurse, Deacon, Politician, if you know more, do you know you can know much more? Yes you can!

Devote your time to research about the messages you will preach, Pastor! Read about how others are also doing it, Musician. Read! If you want to depend on the little information you know now, you will soon fade out of the system... If you know more, you can know much more!

Enjoy the day! 
Live life so well!!!

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Our Father Loves Us!

Israelmore Ayivor
"I am that I am", Thus says the Lord, God of hosts. I made the air you breathe and the water you drink. I made the oceans, forests and the heavenly bodies, great and small.

I made forests out of the deserts and the deserts out of the flourishing grasslands. Let us reason together; come to me and I shall receive you! I shall make great nations out of you and you will become a hope for Africa. I give my shoulders for you to lean on. Feel free to lean on me; my wells are opened for you to quench your thirsts.

Never be depressed; I am your guide. My right hand is mighty and I will make a way in the wilderness for you. I know you, I made you by my own hands to use you for my glory. Whatever I created you for will surely be done. Therefore, whatever I made for you must be given to you for me to gain whatever I called you for.

Mountains may break; Rivers may dry up; Forest may wither and the colour of the sky may fade out; but my love for you will not die!

Live life so well!!!

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Begin in a small way!

Israelmore Ayivor
A journey of thousand miles they said must begin with a step. Little drops of water makes the mighty ocean. Little steps link to make great accomplishments!

Have you ever seen someone suffered from Chicken pox before? It starts as few itchy spots on the skin. In an event of no treatment, soon the entire skin is covered with several masses of itchy spots all over. The presence of only one spot initially means, there is Chicken pox infection. The little step you take is a golden opportunity that hides a great success.

In an event of you not giving up to treatment you face, the little steps you take will become mountainous accomplishments! Just don't give up!

Never be too obsessed about making a long shot towards the goals; you may end up missing it. Be concerned about little passes and dribbling that will take you there in time. Take the first step of faith; take another step of hope. Move out of your comfort zone and stretch your hands as far as you can!

You will be there!
Live life so well!!!

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The 10 ever deadly dispossessions in life:

Israelmore Ayivor
1. Leadership without character.
2. Followership without servant-being.
3. Brotherhood without integrity.
4. Affluence without wisdom.
5. Authority without conscience.
6. Relationship without faithfulness.
7. Festivals without peace.
8. Repeated failure without change.
9. Good wealth without good health.
10. Love without a lover.

Live life so well!!!

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You don't have monopoly on God!

Israelmore Ayivor
The attitude with which we pray to God really matters so greatly. When we go to God with pride and disregard for our counterparts, contempt, arrogance and scorn in our hearts, we waste our time. A sincere Christian does not give thanks to God for making him better than his friends; he prays for them to become as sincere as he/she is.

There are instance where some people think they are the superiors and others are outcasts; that is not scriptural!

SuperioRITY is not a NecceSITY in ChristiaNITY. We all have one supreme God who loves us all with an equal first class degree of love with honours. God does not love me less that how He loves you! No wonder he made his salvation accessible to & affordable by everyone, both poor and old.

You don't have monopoly on God. If man were to have monopoly on God, some would have kept God in their houses and lock him indoors to prevent him from reaching to others!

Our father loves us with an equal love every day!

Live life so well!!!

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God's business!

Israelmore Ayivor
In Luke 2:49, Christ said "I must be about my father's business". This statement just means, there are other businesses in the world, but he is motivated to do only the one that pleases his father!

Friends, not every "work" is God's work. There are some works that only make you to serve the devil day after day unawares.

* When God put in you a seed of music, he is not expecting you to harvest immoral, unclean, unwise and purposeless songs in the crafty name of entertainment!

* God does not call you to be a movie star whose movies are immoral. You don't use a wrong method to win right souls. Must you have sex or attempt it in a movie to teach us lessons? No please. Drop it!

Christ will never buy any ticket when on earth to watch "Beauty Ladies' Contest". For what reason will he be at such a programme? He'd only sack participants away from the room as he did in Jerusalem and he does not need a ticket to enter the room and do that!

Imagine "Christ sharing free condoms to young people?" Never!

Do what Christ will do!

Live life so well!!!

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Obey God for who He is;

Israelmore Ayivor
Be the one whose Lord is Jesus and who takes His words as a final authority without any thought of controversy. True believers follow Jehovah, not only for what He does, but especially for who He is.

It is better to believe in the existence of God; obey him in sincerity, honesty and purity, and die only to find out that there is no God; than to pretend there is no God, live a reckless life of vanity, carnality and impurity, die only to find out that there is one God.

If you obey God because of his miracles, signs and wonders, you are highly likely to betray him on the day he withholds his miracles. But if you trust him for who he is, you will maintain a balanced worship for him not regarding what happens or does not happen to you!

Jesus is Lord, no controversy!

Live life so well!!!

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Keep negative people away!

Israelmore Ayivor
Never abbreviate your dreams. People who have short-hands always do that. They can't stretch far. Dream big dreams!

As long as there is life, there is a potential; and as long as there is a potential, there will be a success!

Never surround yourself with negative people. They...
Demean your value;
Destroy your image and
Drive you crazily!

They Compress, Oppress, Depress, and Suppress your dreams in every way by how they see you, what they tell you and what they think about you!

Don't give yourself to people who try to belittle your ambitions; be positive in your thoughts! Have a good image about yourself; Develop the possibility mentality about your potentials; Visualize your desired end as glorious and always be in focus as a workman for God!

Live life so well that when you die, even your critics will forever admit that Napoleon could not have done what you did.

Life is deliberate. Success is out of a conscious effort. Be inspired to make your dreams come true!

Live life so well!!!

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Love is the Value!

Israelmore Ayivor
LOVE means a L-Life O-Of V-Value to E-Everybody!

How valuable are you to other people? How influential do other people consider you to be to them? Do you really love as you always claim it? "Love" is a word easily said, but hardly valued!

Live life in such a way that when you are absent, people remember you for who you are because of what you've done. When you pursue your dreams in life, even your enemies will appreciate the success of your actions; just that they will not open up to say it!

One of our major purposes on earth is to have dominion and take good care of other creatures at our disposal. Our care demonstrates our value to them and our carelessness proves our negligence to do God's work.

Live your dreams; Device better opinions; Promote constructive criticisms with the goal of making an impact that will add value to everyone including the unborn...

Nail your impacts on hearts and as long as they pump, your L-Life will be O-Of V-Value to E-Everybody!

Live life so well!!!

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Rescue, but don't Reject.

Israelmore Ayivor
One good side of a mirror; it helps us to see the reflection of the effects of our own actions on ourselves. We smile and it smiles back to us, we frown and it frowns to us.

The bad side of a mirror; it does not help us to see the reflections of our actions on other people. How I wish it shows us the reflections of the effects of our actions on others also so that we will be conscious of the actions we take each day!

When we are able to focus on the consciousness of the actions we take, we will not make other people feel rejected, deprived, cheated and unaccepted. Whatever we do goes to create marks in the hearts of people who share in the effects of our actions and experiences. Those marks could become wounds if they have the possibility of scratching their senses of existence.

God created everyone to love and to be loved; If you will not take care of people, just leave them as they came...DON'T SCRATCH THEM with your actions.

Rescue the perishing!!!

Live life so well!!!

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The sweetness in you!

Israelmore Ayivor
Flavour your life in such a way that anyone who thinks he or she is biting or back-biting you, will rather take smiles away unexpectedly as a surprise.

When God's favour and Godly flavour are in you, your haters will taste wisdom and the only thing they can do is to regret ever tasting a sweet thing.

Don't always strive to please people; you will only become depressed. Work to please God and the diligence of your work will even make your enemies to secretly appreciate what you do. You know? Most critics know how great you are, but they won't openly admit it, so don't even expect compliments. But ensure that your life is a light in people's lives and your success creates a podium for their happiness.

Treat everyone with an equal love and share freely when necessary... Don't despise any little gift that someone has; Don't think you alone knows everything; Don't accept the advice of people who always want you to dislike others!

The flavour of God is in you... Live life so sweet !

Live life so well!!!

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Why were you born?

Israelmore Ayivor
Wrong answer: "Your mother was not ready to give birth to you, but because your grandmother said to your mother that she must see her grandchild before she dies, she quickly rushed to conceive brought you forth". Wrong!

Correct answer: There is an assignment God wanted to do at a specific time, at a specific place for the benefit of specific people. So he sent you and kept you where you are, to discover and optimize your wisdom, Dunamis power and love to made indelible impacts with his vision for your life!

God has a plan for your life; A plan to prosper you, but not to harm you! God has a future and hope for you... It's left over for you to discover your potentials through a genuine, sincere and Ernest salvation!

God wanted us to do something, and we went the bad way. Then he said "No!, I am not going to lose what I want done!, So I'm gonna save this people and restore their dreams back to them"!

God is willing! God will save! God will rescue! God will restore! He will do it again!

Live life so well!!!

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Arise and Shine!

Israelmore Ayivor
When you fall, you will not only rise up. You will rise up and Shine. Yes, it is one thing falling and rising and it is another thing falling and rising to shine the light in you.

When stumbling blocks can become stepping stones, then these stones that the builders once reject can equally become chief corner stones!

Bad histories can be changed into best mysteries, because there is an appointment in every disappointment. See oppositions from people as an opportunity to silence the critics and shine your light on them so that they can also benefit of your "rising up"!

My God, can these bones come back to life again? Oh yes! I know you can do ALL THINGS! It is possible!

Wherever you are hiding, may the perfect will of God locate you and equip you for a breakthrough! God can fetch water with the basket in order to prove to the bucket that ALL THINGS are possible.

Come on! Come out! Come over. And don't just come over, but come over and OVERCOME !

 Live life so well!!!

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Your body!

Israelmore Ayivor
God hides things in things; in the seed, he hides a forest; in an embryo, he hides a nation; in today, he hides the vast future!

Your body is an office where God had hidden many great treasures of victory and power of influence and supernatural dominion. You may not see or feel them, but they are in there!

I see no reason why you should now expose that office on the streets, for people to see those hidden gadgets that God expects you to use for curving, culling and constructing your success! Ladies, you are selling your bodies when you feel like exposing it to attract men's attention its main function. And I guess who should be paid when you sell your body, because it does not belong to you in the first place. If you receive the pay, you have robbed God... And God is not even interested in the pay, because he did not make the body to be sold!

Come back to your roots. Visit the office of your body. Enter it. ALL THE THINGS are there! Employ yourself now~ do something!

 Live life so well!!!

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God's Kingdom and God's Wisdom!

Israelmore Ayivor
These are the two greatest requests scripture requires us to be obsessed about... These are WISDOM and KINGDOM!

Christ taught; "seek FIRST the KINGDOM of God! But we need the WISDOM of God to know how to pray this prayer. That's why the bible said WISDOM is the PRINCIPAL (first) thing... Get WISDOM and in all your getting, get understanding!

King Solomon was right to pray for Wisdom as his ultimate gift. The Apostles of God were so filled with the Wisdom of God that they sought the righteousness of the Kingdom as their Optimum desire.

We need Wisdom to seek for the Kingdom and we need the Kingdom to have the Freedom to possess all other things!

May the good Lord of Promotion and Protection; Dependability and Reliability; Sustenance and Deliverance; Honour and Favour.... Enrich us all with an Undiluted pack of WISDOM, so that we can make Good Discretions, for Better Devotions and have Best Directions! May your devotion be for the Kingdom!
#Kings, Live life so well!!!

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My Life's Restored!

Israelmore Ayivor
I don't have go anywhere else to look for joy, beauty and life... I don't have to think and trek in ignorance for my hidden treasure anymore... I don't have to cry and weep because of pain, loss and failure anymore.


This is because once Christ is me, life is in me, wisdom is me, joy is in me and ALL THINGS that can ever make me to be the real me were all restore in me...!

All these happened not by my works, but because I surrendered my life for Christ to shine his glory in me. I don't live any longer. It is Christ, who is living in me and his life is a glory, hope and deepest love!

I can do ALL THINGS through Christ who empowers, enriches, equips, enlightens, energizes, recreates, revives, promotes, strengthens, purifies, sponsors, and prepares me! Yes, I can... ALL THINGS, I can!

It is wonderful, awesome and merrywise to see satan lose the battle to me in fear and panic and shame! My soul, rise up and celebrate with the joy of victory! Vi-vi-vi-ccccc-to-to-to-rrrrr-yyyyyy! Live life so well!!!

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What is a blessed memory?

Israelmore AyivorI wonder why everyone who passed away is branded with the title..."of a blessed memory"? For e.g "Mr....., of blessed memory.....etc.

What is a "blessed memory"? Who is qualified to be tagged with the title "blessed memory" after his or her death?

"Blessed" means a God branded quality of something; "Memory" is something that lingers on and on in remembrance! Joining the two words together, we can say "a blessed memory is characterized by a legacy or impact that someone leaves in the memory of people as ordained by God for him or her.

It is no blessed memory when you can't be remembered for a God loved passion, a Holy Spirited vision, or a Heavenly branded mission!

Not everyone who died had left a "memory" and not everyone who had a memory had left a "blessed" one. So not all have a blessed memory!

A person with a blessed memory did what God sent him to do, and made impacts that only God can erase! In all you do, make an impact to leave a legacy! Do something that you will be remembered for and do it well till all is done!

Have a blessed day! Live life so well!!!

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Prayer, Faith, Work...

Prayer is the master key, but without Faith, you may not have the passion to grab that key. Faith without Work means, you grabbed the key, but you are not willing to open that door!

Whenever you pray for a the deserts to become a forests, God gives rain and seeds and not flowering trees. It is easy for people to complain that their prayer was answered, meanwhile it was answered!
Success comes first in the attire of "opportunities" and people who have only "sights" with no "visions" are blind to know!

God hides things in things; in every little egg he hides a flock of chicken... Don't see God as a physical being; He is a spirit and that spirit works through fleshes like you and I, if we avail ourselves for Him to use.

Pray and have faith for what you prayed for. However, be ready to work. Don't expect God, a spirit to come down and you watch him do great things in your life. Give your life to Christ and Christ will work God's plans for your life through you!

Great Day!

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