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Friday, 19 July 2013

God is just MOLDING you!

God does not want you to REMAIN how you are. He wants to MOLD you into who He wants you to become. As a result of MOLDING, you may be rubbed against something; you may be twisted in distress, you may be crumbled under pressure; you may be wet by storms and turned by ramps! 

That does not make you a despised material... It rather tells that you are useful clay whose beautiful destined shape will be the talk of the world.

If you think about the MOLDING, you may be offended and disintegrate yourself... But if you focus on that beautiful art of your destined shape, you will surrender yourself for your true destiny!

God has a master plan for your life and it must come through a process...
Be available for use by God. He is not interested in the seeds he put in you; He is interested in the fruits that must come out of you!
*Surrender all parts of your body…unto Jesus...our blessed Saviour for Him to MOLD you!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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