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Friday, 31 May 2013

From a call into a glory!

God knew us even before we became clots in our mothers' respective wombs!

* When He knows us, then He predestinated our end, with a divine purpose!
* When He predestinated us, then He called us with a new name!
* When He called us, then He justified us with righteousness through a Holy Blood!
* When He justified us, then He sends us to accomplish a divine assignment!
* When He sends us, at the end, He will glorify us in a new Kingdom!

Our end shall be the glory of the Lord... Our end shall be glorious!

Glory be to God!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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The "fig" humans

Every tree is expected to bear fruits in the right season. Unfortunately, it was not so for the biblical "fig" tree. Though the season was due, it had nothing to quench the tastes of the passers-by.

What was the result? Christ said to it; "henceforth, you shall no longer bear fruits". How did that manifested? The fruitless "fig" tree withered off and died"!

Friends, Goals untargeted are missed; Plans unattempted become fruitless; Passion unexposed becomes wasted. Whatever you fail to use, you definitely lose! The best way to miss a destination is to avoid the road leading to it.

Don't be like the "fig" human! "Fig" humans are those who wither off with their gifts unused! Whatever God gives to you, let it quench the thirst and hunger of someone else. It was meant for something! Never let it "wither and die" in you!

Money uninvested finishes; Love, unshared fades; A nerve unused atrophies; therefore, Success unshared also fails! 

*Live life soooo well!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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God will sponsor it

Many people do not achieve their real assignments on earth because they think they have to sponsor what God want to be done.

They therefore give excuses such as; "I can't do it because I don't have money".
The truth is that, you can never sponsor God's purposes. You can't even pay for your bills in the first place. Or can you pay for your oxygen bills? Never!

God wants you to be obedient; and put your plans on paper and He will show you how to direct them. Period!

It therefore means, the first step to success is not the availability of money; but rather the preparation of plans... If you don't have the plans, God has nothing to direct!

*If you have the plans on paper God will sponsor them

* Live life so well!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Impression vs. Oppression

Part of the lines of the National Anthem of Ghana reads; "....and help us to resist Oppressor's rule". The question is "why resist oppression?".

Oppression is to lead people into more sufferings than before; Impression (good impacts) is to relief them of their predicaments.

He who manufactures atomic bombs and donates them freely to conflicting societies is doing more harm than good. He who manufactures medicines to relief people in endemic areas of their diseases is doing more good than harm.

At this very moment, you are doing something, I guess; in everything you do, let this question be answered and answered well; "am how profitable is it to the world?"

*Live Life so well!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Make uncommon marks!

When a pencil make marks on a paper that is filled with marks already, its own marks do not show. Leave your marks where none existed; let them be uncommon!

When you walk in the footprints of another person, you cannot leave not any footprint of your own. Use the footprints of your predecessors, to make your own and you will appreciate God for making great impacts through you!

Don't follow the crowd... Pursue your assignments and success will chase after you... Remember, what you leave behind after your departure is what will be used to remember you! 

Let them be uncommon... That’s what God sent you for!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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You can rise again!

Don't worry when you fall down on few occasions; the sun also experiences a sinking spell in the evening and drowning spell in the night. But when the bright morning comes, it is the first to lick the dew on the surface of the green leaves.

When you rise after falling, you will be the first to lick success on the lap of your purposes.

It does not matter the number of times you fall... What matters is the number of times you rise up again after each fall!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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You can't hide it!

Your purpose is as big as an elephant. Have you ever see an elephant trying to hide behind a mango tree? It is not possible because its body is larger than the stem of a mango tree!

Jonah tried it and ended in the belly of the shark; came out and made it real!
Joseph, even though in the prison, his dreams looked for him and sorted him out of others for his real self to be realized.

It will be funny if you are thinking about hiding yourself from the face of God... Not you! It is too late for you to go back because everywhere you go, success is written on your forehead and you can't clean it!

Get back towards your higher calling! May this blessing follow you so that you will not wither without fruits, as did the fig tree! God is with you!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Why God gave you imaginations

God gave you imagination for the simple reason that He does not like your present state. You may have accomplished more things, but still its not enough until every power in you is used up!

With your God-given imaginations, you take a tour into your future, see how bright and taste how sweet it is, feel it in your dreams and then come back and tell God, "come and let's go there".

Telling God "Let's go there" means you now ask permission to actualize what your imaginations took you on the tour to experience! By the dynamic power deposited in you, you will get to that dream land!

God uses our positive imaginations to reveal our future to us and grants our request to enter that future through our sincere acknowledgement of Him as our divine source of the Dunamis power!

* Come and let's go there, God!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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God answers your most difficult questions!

God redeemed you through Christ for great works established for you before the world was created.

If you say it is impossible, He will say all things are possible! (Luke 18v27)

If you say I am too tired; He will say I will give you rest! (Matt 28v28-30)

If you say I can't do it; He will say I can do all things (Phil 4v13)

No matter which excuse you have in questions, He has answers for them! So, just submit yourself for His divine work with obedience and you will duly be rewarded!

# Obedience is better than sacrifice.

--Israelmore Ayivor
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God said you must be, SO YOU MUST BE. Period!

Whatever vision God had predestined for your life MUST come to pass!

* The "Delilahs" of this earth will never weaken your Dunamis Power!
* The "Pharaohs" of this world will never succeed in chasing after you!
* The "Absaloms" of this soil may pursue you, but will never come near you!
* The "Tobiahs and Sandallats" in your life will never discourage you with their mockeries!
*The "Eves and the Saphiras" in this universe will never lead you into temptation!
* The "Bethshebas" of this land will never succeed in seducing you!
* The "Jezebels" of this generation will never succeed in tormenting you!

You are lifted! You MUST be who GOD said you MUST be! is well with your soul.

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Demand it, Pay for it, Gain it!

You are either as small as your controlling desires or as big as your ambitious aspirations. Life is like a waiter behind the counter; what you demand from it is what it will give to you.

In the Holy Scriptures, Jabez, whose initial status was pain worthy demanded; "God, enlarge my territory" and his wish was met. 

Demand for your full menu of Success, Good health and triumphant eternity and all those petitions will be implemented!

However, you must bear in mind that the waiter gives you your demands when you pay for them in the right amount, with the right currency.

Be willing to pay; change your attitude, be committed, be prayerful and you will never lack!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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The TRUTH, not the FACTS !

The fact may be that you have failed the first few attempts, but the TRUTH is that YOU ARE COMING AGAIN, and this time it’s a registered success!

The fact may be that you feel weak within, but the TRUTH is that you are STRONG...and will never be overcome by satan!

The fact may be that you don't have money on you right now, but the TRUTH is that you are NOT POOR...and can never be!

The fact may be that you are lonely, but you are NOT ALONE...God is with you.. E.M.M.A.N.U.E.L!

The fact may be that you were attacked by a minor illness, but the TRUTH is that you are NOT UNDER THE BONDAGE OF DISEASES!

My friends, the fact may be that I have not seen you for long now, or even never before, but the TRUTH is that GOD KNOWS YOU!

The TRUTH reigns forever and ever!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Hatch your egg of potentials

Every mango seed, before it germinates is only a promise mango tree; so is tadpole, is a promise of a frog!

A caterpillar, before it grows wings, is only and promise butterfly; so is every sinner Saul, a promise of a righteous Paul.

One thing that God delights in is hiding the great future in little things. Therefore, in every village is hidden a great city; in every little girl is hidden a great woman and from every little boy, an honourable man is raised.

You are like an egg of potentials with the promise of success. Get yourself hatched when the time is due. It’s a deal.

--Israelmore Ayivor
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You are unique... Always have this attitude!

You are the only you God ever created; there is no other you anywhere and there can never be. No one can be like you!

You may be wondering and be asking, "what makes me unique?". Understanding your uniqueness has to do more than the uncommonness of your fingerprints and a non-existence of a replica of your DNA composition. The simple news is that the potentials in you cannot be found anywhere and you got to believe that!

When you realize and know how unique you are;

* You will never look merely upon yourself because God made you the way He love it!
* You will not pursue the culture of blindly imitating celebrities because they also have their own unique identity!
* You will brighten the corner where you are...making the grass look greener than before!
* You will live life so well; happy and contented!
Margaret Mead said "Always remember that you are absolutely unique, just like anyone else".

You are unique in your own style.

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Today, not tomorrow!

If you postpone a task that you can accomplish today to tomorrow and it goes to add up to the clusters there, you are likely to go through stress to achieve a little result instead of going through comfort to reap overwhelming outcomes.

Plot your dreams graphically with the available time and you will appreciate 12 hours of a day made up of 86,400 individual seconds.

Rise up today if it can be done today and do it today, what can be done today... 

Let it be done and done well because tomorrow will have equal number of hours like today as yesterday also had the same number of hours!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Oh disc, don't get corrupted!

You are just like a storage device. God uploaded something in you and expects you to download it for the entire world to copy before you return to Him eternally!

Are you downloading them? Is it almost completed? Have you contaminate those talent files God saved on your inner disk?

Oh no! Please, you can't be an immoral music composer, dancer or rapper and still say those talents are not contaminated. You can't be acting worldly movies or being obsessed with this world of unkempt fashion and say you are original!

Scan yourself and format those "nyama nyama" songs off your mental disc... Go for the true gospels!

God want to use you... Release yourself... He uploaded... Download it... Don't corrupt it!
# God's is watching His gifts in you!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Until all is used up!

Do you know how to identify it if all your assignments on the earth are done? Don't worry; there is a simple way to know that!

Your assignments are all done on the day you are no longer alive; when you become unconscious of things that matter to others.

Some people prematurely terminate their God-given assignments even when they are still alive; that should not be your portion!

The fact that you are still alive is an indication that, there is more work for you as an evangelist, preacher, author, singer, inventor, leader among others!

Get back to the dreams towards you goal UNTIL all that God put in you are exhausted; then you can say "yes father, I have come to Rest In Peace, awaiting my reward of eternity!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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If God close the door, don't bang on it!

You don't use what God hates to attempt pleasing him... That is not worship, but rather a threat. That is an awkward thing to do.

God may have given you a specific gift in a specific room, but you might also be too disoriented that you will not know the very way that your visions are to lead!

You have to look for it by asking the Lord. You don't go forcing God to give you what He knows you can't use to make any impact on the earth!

When God pull off that "lady" or that "gentleman" from your way, don't follow God, begging Him to get that back. Be content. God will give you something better when He takes something good from you!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Stop the conflict tithe!

Many people worry over how social and religious conflicts can be ended. The answer is simple and clear; "if you want to stop a conflict, stop participating in it"!
No conflict can ever survive unless people continue to add their contributions to its growth. It is paying a tithe!

The ancient function of tithe is to keep food in the house of God forever! However, participation in conflicts is like paying a conflict tithe! As long as it is paid, there is an abundance of conflict in the house!

How then do we participate in a conflict? It is by taking sides when misunderstanding sets up. The existence of the side you take marks the existence of the conflict; likewise the absence of the sides is the absence of the conflict!

You don't pray to God to solve a conflict for you when you are already paying a conflict tithe. Stop the tithe, stop sponsoring conflicts, and remain neutral and let God use you as a "generator" to spark unity!
* Stop paying it now!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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When you are wrong, admit it!

There is good news here: Human beings will become free from making mistakes on the day that cars will begin to drive themselves.

You are not immune to mistakes and you should know that very well. It is however totally out of place when you refuse to acknowledge your mistakes when they are real. That attitude is termed "unhealthy ego".

The pencil, an inscriptional tool also knows this very well it is likely to make mistakes on paper, therefore behind it is an eraser that helps clean the faulty marks.
What are your erasers? How often do you say, "I am sorry"; do you always want to win every argument on earth even if illegal?

You need to know that humans are fallible. And no vaccine to give you a protection against mistakes; but the cure is there! The cure concerned your approach in periods of conflict.

* This attitude.. "I am right, but I may be wrong"!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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"Hope", like hairs and nails

Our hope should be like hairs and nails... The more* we cut them, the more* quickly they should grow up!

There is hope for a tree that has been cut down, said man of God, JOB. Why? This is because if it is cut down, it will sprout again, with new stems and more* leaves.
Never lose hope when you face a difficulty... 

The fact is that "difficulties" fear you and you must have the hope to let them know you are never afraid.
Encourage yourself! Let your hope grow more* and more*!

# Think about it...

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Monday, 20 May 2013

Every good deed deserves your compliment!

Stop looking down on people because you do what they can't do. After all, everyone has his/her version of talent. The fact that someone cannot do what you do doesn't means he/she is purposeless.

Cultivate the habit of giving compliments and appraisals to people when they deserve it. Don't hold on your rebuke when they deserve that too.

Break down the wall of unhealthy ego and negativity that only makes you to think you are the best person and no one else can come near you. Everyone is best in his/her own stead... God is with you always!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Feel good; live life so well

You have the right to feel good about your own identity... "No one can make you feel inferior without your permission", said Eleanor Roosevelt. Therefore;

*Stop comparing yourself to others. That will either make you to become proud if you see them as low, or cause you to have a low self-esteem when you see them high.

*Stop hating yourself for your weaknesses... Hate your sins, but don't hate yourself... Hating yourself means hating who God loves hating who God loves is a sin! God loves you, but hates your sins. Repent!

Feel good; Enjoy the Liberty of Christ; Grow with an Inner Peace and Live life so well !

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Repent quickly and free your mind

Have you ever done something wrongly and it keeps hunting your mind? Your sense of internal peace is prone to go into pieces if your knowledge about your wrong behaviour repeatedly shows you its ghostly face. This is a yoke of bondage!

You may even be at Church and your mind will keep telling you what a hypocrite to you are because you know what you have done; you know it yourself. Monday to Saturday you try to live in the bondage of sin and try to hide it in shadows of guilt and send it to church on Sunday....???? You are only hurting your self-image!

Genuine repentance keeps your mind and heart at peace, providing you with a sincere ego and liberty! It makes you to believe that you are good enough and acceptable by God.

Free your mind of guilt, repent quickly if you find yourself unexpectedly in a mesh network of mess and walk in the liberty of Christ to higher grounds. # Read Gal 5v1... Shalom!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Beware of fake people!

Sometimes, you may freely take on yourself the bullets that supposed to hit them and later, they become the gun behind your neck.

You may try to offer them a candle light to make them see clearly and they change it into fire to burn you!

You must hence be careful even as you stay at peace with all because the same river, in which you baptize them, may be the same water in which they may get you drown to death!

# Fake people do exist !

--Israelmore Ayivor
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What if Muhammed will not go to the mountain?

Your visions are stationary and you are movable  It therefore means you don't stay behind and expect your dreams to move you; You rather must get up and move them.

There is a usual saying that "if Muhammed will not go to the mountain, the mountain must go to Muhammed". I plead to say this does not apply on the land of achievers. Success is never obtained by an accident; neither can it be by luck!

If Muhammed will not go to the mountain, let the mountain be there and let Muhammed also be there and a distance separates them. At the end, he will regret for not closing the distance to obtain his treasures.

*Never leave your goals to chance to score for you. Get into the game and change the figures on the score board!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Do something before your die!

Those who die with their songs still on their tongues unsung are telling God that "God, you have made a business deal with a wrong customer like me". The talents God put in you are capitals. You must acknowledge yourself as an investment for greater profits.

Plan your life in such a way as to become productive. Release whatever God put in you and release it to the fullest!

Don't die with those souls unwon; don’t die with those books unpublished; don’t die with those crops unharvested; Don't die with those apps undesigned; don't die with those sermons unpreached! Don't go to the grave with your songs, still on your tongue unsung! Let's share the grace...


--Israelmore Ayivor
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At PEACE with all

One of the greatest legacies Christ left behind was "PEACE". According to John12v27, He encouraged us neither to be trouble nor be afraid; He added, "Peace I leave with you....not as the world gives". This is an awesome legacy!

It is however a disgrace for a child to abuse and destroy the legacies he/she inherited from his/her parent. As a child of Christ's father, how are you using the legacy "PEACE" your saviour left behind? Think about how a parent will feel if he/she gets to know that his/her hard earned properties are being destroyed by his/her children?

God expects us to live in harmony with all our neighbours in our societies. The devil however thinks it will be better when believers take to their own ways and divide into parts even in the same house, church or country! That is a gross deception as some people are being taught to live in PEACE with some and deny others of PEACE.

Let's share the grace!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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Let LOVE be without hypocrisy

LOVE is an unselfish, loyal and benevolent intention and commitment to one another. LOVE is a gift from God, imparted into us by practical example (Rom 5v8). God is love, he who dwells in LOVE, dwells in God, says 1st John 4v16.

Let’s us not abuse the love God gives to us. Let’s share it in sincerity and transparency, not hurting one another with words, actions and thoughts. We need one another to survive. Rom 12v9 said it all that;
"Let LOVE be without hypocrisy...abhor what is evil and cling to what is good". 

LOVE is the greatest commandment. # I love you!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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The "Elizabeths" of this world

There are times when you may feel lonely and uncertain about the dreams you pursue. You don't need money, food or shelter at that time. What you need is an "Elizabeth"!

Mary met "Elizabeth" whose presence made her realized that she too could make it. Elizabeth was few months pregnant with a miracle baby head of Mary and Mary seeing her believed she could also pass through with her miracle baby. Elizabeth saw a great future in Mary's life and did not keep quiet on it; she shouted it; "all nations shall call you blessed"!

In life, you need true friends who are ready to put smiles on your face always. They are the "Elizabeths" who have already gone through the labour and would tell you that you can also go through. They see hope in your future and do not become jealous, but rather tell you boldly!

As you make true "Elizabeths" for yourself, Be an "Elizabeth" to someone also! Know your Elizabeths and make them realize you love them! I love you +++

--Israelmore Ayivor
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The right tool for the right work

Have you seen a spoon before? It is made up of a blade and a handle. Have you seen a shovel too before? It also has a blade and a handle.

However, it will be ridiculous if someone carries a shovel today with the intention of eating his lunch... Unless he convinced us that he is one of those evil spirits dropped from heaven. The spoon has its function, so does the shovel~ every work has its own perfect tool.

You can't be a genuine success if you capitalize your mind on wrong ways of reaching to the top! Corruption is not the tool for success; same applies to laziness, excuses and procrastination.
Success is built on Perfect Purposes, Powerful Plans, Persistent Prayers, Passionate Poise, Positive People, and more. These made Christ to be successful and you must also be.... I love you!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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