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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Top Six (6) Qualities of a L.E.A.D.E.R.

Leadership is a state comprising a mixture of knowledge, values, attitude, skills and behaviour used to manage a disposition or a situation. Depending on the management level of the individual in the said state, we could have successful leaders and unsuccessful leaders respectively. 
In one way or the other, I may say everyone is a leader because situations do crop up in our lives day in day out and we apply some of these leadership skills to solve them carefully unawares. It therefore means that you must not be voted into power or appointed to manage a firm before you are called a leader. Everyone mindful of creating a family through marriage needs leadership qualities to rule his or her home and this. To do this, one must start branding him or herself each and every moment so as not to be taken by surprise or found wanted when situations arise and they need to intervene skillfully.
The following and some other more are the top qualities that make you a perfect leader;

To be loyal means to show consistency and firmness in one’s support for a person, organization, country or anywhere applicable. The quality in loyalty is that, it makes you serve with kindheartedness. Loyalty creates rooms for acceptance, good personal relationship and self-respect, all which are needed in leadership. Inconsistency in leadership is a very bad attitude and can lead to repeated failure.

 To excel means to be very good at something, performing exceptionally well there. Excellent people make efforts to attain the peak of their pursuits through what they know, think about and do. Mediocrity on the other side is to accept the average as the ultimate. Leadership position in a group demands a division of labour. For instance, at a firm, we have someone as a porter, another person entrusted with publicity issue, someone also concerned about administration, etc. Excellence in that state therefore means that you can do very well at the very post you find yourself and you can do better than anyone who might step in that shoe. A good leader does best where he finds him/herself.

To be assertive means to be confident and passionate. The role of assertiveness in role performance is that it the leader face difficult situations with courage. In quest of managing multiple priorities, an assertive leader delegates effectively and supervises perfectly. Melancholy has no room in the mansions of a leader endowed with assertiveness. A leader with this quality can fail though because of risk taking, but through failure, he learns from mistakes and this contributes to the resultant excellence.

A person is said to be dedicated when he devotes him/herself to a particular task, subject or goal to fulfill a purpose. Dedication and loyalty go hand-in-hand; loyalty provides the platform where dedication demonstrates. A committed leader invests time, money and talent into what becomes a success as last. In the presence of dedication, it is very difficult to give up. Giving up is an indication of defeat, and winners are normal people who have not been defeated at last. Personal dedication takes its source from the love for work and the purpose being pursued.

To be an example is to create and show a pattern of what you expect another person to show or create. All leader are models and every model is expected to teach through action, behaviour and speech. A leader must therefore have the quality of being first what he wanted his followers to be. There is no need being a pretender or a hypocrite in leadership. A good father teaches his children through his actions and likewise a good mother because every little step taken by these models would surely surface in the children. A good leader thus does what he preaches.

 Every step we take brings us a consequence, whether desirable or unwanted. The whole scenario is like cultivation where every seed yields a fruit of its own species. A good leader must be fully aware of this: - this is knowledge. Wisdom which is another premier quality comes into play when the leader applies this knowledge to prepare, plan, promote and pursue projects that will lead to the fulfillment of purposeful results. A result-conscious leader is focused on an outcome and generates skills to let this happen. If it will be by delegation or in terms of resources management to meet expected goals, he does it perfectly. A result-conscious leader does not sit down in order to celebrate a success that is expected to arrive by chance.

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Eleven (11) things achievers do

You first turn the wheel of success inside you by your thoughts and the outcome will reflect on the outside. Remember again that successful people are ordinary people who:
  1.  Have positive attitude towards their actions, directions and convictions.  
  2. Respect their own values, virtue and voluntary visions
  3. Have a burning passion to see their purposes realized
  4. See hope ahead in the face of every difficulty.
  5. Can believe in their resolutions even if they seem impossible
  6. Pursue excellence and reject the arguments of mediocrity
  7. Make constant efforts towards their perceptions
  8. Consciously are aware of their state through self-analysis
  9. Believe failure could be an opportunity to succeed better
  10. Maximize the size of the dreams they pursue
  11. Believe success is worked for from the inside to the outside.
Good luck and love you!

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Service to makind, the secret

Success unshared is failure. For this reason,   you owe it to yourself to have it in mind that a conviction to distribute in pieces the booty you have harvested is a sacrifice towards great successful attainments. Jim Rohn confirmed this when said “whoever renders service to many puts himself in line for greatness; great wealth, great return, great satisfaction, great reputation and great joy”. Service to mankind they say is service to God. The help offered by the spirit of greediness is just as disastrous as an unnoticed failure. The only way greediness can help you for success to be restored for you is to take its hands off your mind and introduce generosity to your door steps. Giving, they say is the proof that you have conquered greed. Sacrifice the little you have, don’t be a miser. Being a miser is a sacrifice of the wrong thing to get the right one and too often ends in loosing of both. Sacrifice your time, your money, your talents, your resources to get what you really want and you will never regret to have harvested a wonderful package of success. Cultivate the habit if thinking about others.

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Passion gives the difference

Self passion is to say the zeal, or the enthusiasm with which a person yearns for that success in the search mirror. The higher the concentration, the higher you sacrifice. Self-passion makes you to say no to one thing at a time and yes to the other. Lack of passion or drive is termed apathy where the individual is melancholic and unwilling to play a part in his own success. “The difference between successful person and the other is not lack of strength, not lack of knowledge, but rather in lack of will”, says Vincent Lombardi. Apathetic people cannot do what passionate folks do. Once apathetic, your limitation is mediocrity, but passion is determination to ride beyond excellence. Self-involvement when passion arrives is the way of creating success by your own fingers. Have the passion for self-analysis. Don’t pretend to be the ultimate. Passion in its express form results in self-confidence, a molder of good attitude and self-confidence at work is termed, courage. Emotions, appetites and desires are powerful forces that can carry you far. In the presence of purposeful emotions and, healthy desires, courage is set in motion for success alongside self-discipline.

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Sacrifice through Self discipline

It is not enough to just write you goals, visions and values down. Your inherent commitment to plans you made is the price you pay to get the objective criteria of those plans. Each and everyone, even the unsuccessful also have a volume of discipline. This account for the reason why a lazy student though lazy, cannot sleep 24 hour in a day. He or she will by every means wake up even if its midday to start his or her daily work. But a customer on the search for success must do more than an unconcerned idle citizen whose dreams about being fed with golden spoon by another person. Self-discipline suggests that you make plans and stick, committed to them or you have resolutions and you don’t go against them. You need to give away pleasure hour in quest of pursuing a divine desire in your directions; this takes sacrifice. Sometimes it feel bitter when keeping on track because as said earlier success is a warfare in which troops of abandoned attitudes still create the tension when they demonstrate for a comeback. Self-discipline turns them away.

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Don't blame anyone

If at last you don’t succeed, blame it on your brain, not anything else. Resolution is started from your brain. With resolutions, you get up one day and say; “oh no, am not going to do that again!”. You say it and say it with passion and commitment. Your brain is responsible for posting warning letters of change to you and this you need to reply for your own betterment. You owe it to yourself to open those letters and comply with their provisions and suggestions. Do not blame it on anyone if you don’t succeed because, your brain is responsible for this since it’s here resolutions germinate.

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Three (3) R's of a dreamer

Resistance of unprofitable opportunities:  At the dissolution stage of your success deal, all tempting behaviours, especially those caused by bad attitudes must be avoided. Some things that appear as opportunities are real sins. It takes conscious awareness to identify these and re-align. It also takes endurance to resist a bad attitude and persistence to keep doing this continuously. When dissolving old ways for the new, you get these odd powers fighting back to take their former seats. It’s like coup d’├ętat where there is tension in the system of opposition and the ruling. But with involvement of God and perseverance, your resolution are secured.
Reading your value:  As a self-life coach where you become a monitor to your own walks, beware of factors that may hinder good decisions and transform them for the better. It is like the work of a thermometer and that of a thermostat. Both can measure views, quantities and parameters, but it’s only the thermostat that can transform the state of a situation for the better. Thermometer measures it and there it ends.
Redefining the size of your dream: Success is not obtained from the silver platter. It is bought and re-fashioned. At the point of dissolution, ideas to be given away were determinants of narrow success, so we will call that narrow dreams. But thanks be to God they were given away by involving him to resolve new ways whose size are wide and deep.

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Be aware of yourself

Consciousness is more of a light or a path finder that helps you to knowing where you are and where you are heading towards. It’s obvious you can’t go ahead without first knowing where you are and where you are heading towards. This principle applies in almost all areas of life. Bad attitudes may surface within certain times and unawareness which we can also refer to as unconsciousness is the main speaker in these trying moments. Self-awareness on the other way works around the clock to exchange generosity for greed, and love for hatred. It also divides passion into petty fragments that cannot stand united and the results are to redefine success as impossible.  Self-unawareness is more of a cancer that eats away the tissues of your good attitudes long before even before diagnosis are made. Know of your current status; assess your stance from time to time. Be conscious. Be your coach, directing and monitoring your daily movements with the voice from your divine maker.

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Confidence works visions with passion

Low self-esteem is the first killer of confidence. This makes you unwilling and you may lose focus, direction and passion for your vision. Loss of passion on itself is a bad attitude. The main sources of low self-confidence include regrets from past failures, weakness of the mind, and fear of risk taking. All these create negative and illusive fences around business, academics, marital and even spiritual concepts. Do you really want to spread wings of success with which you will fly above others? Then you need to “see hope in the face of difficulties” as Barrack Obama said. And don’t forget successful people do what unsuccessful people don’t and can’t do. Be confident and you will rise above your limitations.

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Once commited, you will win

According to Mario Andretic “desire is the key to motivation, but it is determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal; - a commitment to excellence, that will enable you to attain the success you seek”. Success ideation don't grow with you automatically, you need to graft them to yourself and let them be part of your reasoning faculty. Grafting success to be part of your daily thoughts will also cost much to pay. I believe you know the price, thus commitment and determination to attain the height for that success you pursue.

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Your attitude counts a lot

Attitude is defined as the opinions and feelings that you have about something and the way you behave towards someone or in a particular situation. Attitude is the spectacle you use to view an existing condition and approaching ones. Here, bad attitude makes you to be either shortsighted on one way or blind on the other way, therefore making you unable to focus either an impending situation or a current opportunity. Some examples of good attitude are hard work, appreciation, humility, divine desire, etc. The reverse side of these includes laziness, low self-esteem, inordinate desire, procrastination, excuses and many more. Now, behind the counter, there are other types of attitudes that are neither described as good nor bad. These are ugly attitudes and comprise envy, greed and hatred. 

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Buy your success now

Success is never meant to be stolen. It is bought. It is not free, it has to be purchased and everything being purchased must be paid for. Payment for success is not based on installment. Full cash for full success. Now who sells success? Where can we get success to buy? And how much does it cost? Its obvious success could have its counterfeit and genius form. Beware where your success is bagged for you. It could either be too costly or counterfeit. Well if too costly, there is nothing wrong to worry about. However if its a white elephant, that is where disappointment lies.

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Learn to sing your success song

Success relates and applies to different people in different ways and endeavours in life. For instance, the success of a newly married couple is to remain in unity, bring forth good children and celebrate marriage anniversaries later in life. Success to a student may be to pass that examination, make that mark in that special test and later come out with flying colours. Similarly, a market woman may define her success as evident when her sales bring profit as expected. Another area of success is to a Christian who looks forward to enjoying eternity not in agony, but in triumph. The reality of this goal of that Christian is evident by one day seeing himself among the elects of God after the end of the first heaven and the first earth and this is his success. It therefore means everyone has success stories to dream about and success songs to learn and sing since we all engage in daily chores that we must expect to bring success to us.

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Work, don't wait

As said by Marva Collins, “success doesn’t come to you, you go to it”. Success is not like a concert or a display which is brought to your door steps. An old saying taught that “if they are bringing the show to your house, you don’t need to go out to meet it” unfortunately; success is not one of those shows that trample its feet to people’s houses without an invitation. Even if you invite success, it will not pay you that visit until you do follow ups and carry it by your personal hands and brings it in.
 Rise up today and let your brain work for you. Let your divine thoughts help you to release the greatness that is hidden in you. With godly perceptions and an ability to resist the attitude of mediocrity, rise up and work, don't wait. The universe is counting on you a lot.

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Eleven (11) Questions to identify your talents

  1. Who am I? who do I think I am. Who do others think I am?
  2. Why am I here? What am I here to do?
  3. How much potential do I have? How able am I?
  4. What am I capable of doing?
  5. Where does my interest lie?
  6. By what criteria should I measure my ability?
  7. Who sets my standards?
  8. By what process can go through to maximize my ability?
  9. What are my limitations? Are they overcome-able?
  10. How often is my interest in what I do?
  11. Within the answers to these questions lies the key to a fulfilled, effective life
Within the answers to these questions lies the key to a fulfilled effective life.
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Apply effort and achieve

Achievements are successes attained or obtained after aspiring toward what is desired and sustaining such an attainment. “To desire is to obtain, to aspire is to achieve” (James Allen). Many are those whose successes led them into failure and disgrace while others had their failures promoting them into success.  The simple lesson to learn here is that the ability to maintain the potency of a reality you have acquired from your possibility is a success on it own. Your thoughts enable you to perceive and believe this fact that it’s from your brains that achievements gain their first shoot. Therefore if you perceive evil, prepare to achieve evil and beware and be prepared to pay for the consequences of what you perceive and achieve. “All that a man achieves and all that he fails to achieve is the direct result of his own thoughts” (James Allen). Let your brain work for you and let your thoughts help you to maintain what you harvest as an achievement. “We would accomplish many things if we do not think of them as impossibilities” said Vince Lombardi. However, Dennis Waitly also see that thoughts alone does not count; rather the action of efforts that follow those positive thoughts. He said “the result you achieve will be in direct proportion to the effort you apply”. Don’t fear that you may not be able to reach that far in your attainment. Fear is defeat. Abraham Lincoln advised on this that the fact “that some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well”.

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Be positive in attitude

Develop positive attitudes towards your possibilities and you will erect positive realities. It’s real because what you reap now is the result of what you have sown earlier. Positive yields positive, no argument. Why don’t some people achieve what they perceived, desired and asked? It’s because they were not positive in the purpose of their choice of attainment. “You ask and do not receive because you ask amiss, that you should spend it on your pleasures” (James 4:2). Don’t ask for selfish reasons. Let your desires please your God and you will receive because you “ask what …is of Him” (1st John 5:15). Solomon despite later relegated into a state of Apostasy, he was positive by asking God for wisdom to lead the nation of Israel. He did not ask for pleasure, treasure or leisure but for wisdom and pleased God with his request. By wisdom, God established the heaven and earth (Prov. 3:19). Seek first positivity and all successes shall follow you.

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