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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Five (5) Steps in Wisdom Acquisition

The first step in the acquisition of wisdom is silence, the second- listening, the third- memory, the fourth- practice, the fifth- teaching others”-Solomon Ibn Gabriol

“Silence makes you to keep your mouth shut so that you can hear what is being said. We learn more when our mouths are shut than when they are opened.
Listening helps you to internally keep what you have heard when you were silent. We can memorize when we take our time to listen very well to what is being said.
Memory aids you to put into practice what is being kept for application. Without keeping data, you can’t have it processed in to information. Keeping data and information; that’s what memory does.
Practice makes you perfect to become a master over what you heard and kept. With that, you can also teach others the same thing you learnt.
Teaching others guides you to share your success. It crowns it that all that you have listened to, kept, memorized and practiced had borne fruits. Success unshared is failure in disguise; it therefore means wisdom unshared is also foolishness in disguise”

- Israelmore Ayivor 

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