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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Ramps ahead, watch out!

Ramps geographically are the slopping parts of the landscape or a raised ridge of a uniform land. Ramps are usually intentionally created across some roads so as to purposefully slowdown vehicles. A car moving over a ramp experiences an uprising, then a lowering and it can move smoothly again. Passengers will bear with me how uncomfortable it is to travel in a lorry across ramps and pot-holes. The most rampant ramps that slow most aspiring achievers on their dream journeys to success include disappointments, mockery and discouragements from the very people they trust could give them supports.
Ramps supposed not to stop you from reaching your dream destination. You need to develop strategies to skip them and adjust yourself again. Learn this form the driver. A good driver watches out for all road signs and follows their suggestions. When he sees “stop”, he understands and stops his car. Similarly when he sees “slowdown ramps ahead”, he reduces his speed, climbs over the ramp and then moves swiftly again! Take this precaution. The bible confirmed this by advising that “see that you walk circumspectly” Eph. 5v15. To be “circumspect” according to the dictionary means to “take caution and go sensibly”. Have your strategies at your fingertips and skip every ramp even before they appear.
Ramps, believe me are in for nothing but to;
Ø  Slow people’s progress for some time or for good.
Ø  Pull people’s legs back from what they want to reach out to
Ø  Prevent people from achieving their goals in a desired time
Ø  Stop people, making them idle and causing their finishing becoming poor.
If you surrender to ramps and sit on them for long, they consume your time. If you give them the chance, they can even progress to make you a stagnant dreamer. Do you know how “scratches” can render a compact disc useless? It’s the same way ramps create a useless stagnancy in poor and unfocused people.
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