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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

At your own funeral, 70 years or more to come

Imagine you are at the funeral ground of a loved one,
As you walk inside the building, last respect to be done.

You feel the sympathy of losing a very dear person,
And you star think, memories teaching you a lesson.

As you walk into the mourning room, to see the body finally,
 But you came face to face with yourself on the bed suddenly.

Imagine it is your funeral, 70 years or more on earth,
With loved ones expressing feelings at your untimely death.

Imagine you took a seat, waiting for the ceremony to commence,
And you pick and read the outline, five tributes are to dispense.

One speaker from your family and one from your congregation,
The other from your friend and another from your occupation.

The final speaker to be your spouse (spouses) you left in trouble,
Now think, think, think deeply very about this period in double.

What will your friends read about you?
What will your church tell about you?

Who will your boss at work say you were?
What about your wife (husband) and children?

Now what will you rather like to be said about you?
Yes! You can make that real tribute by the life you live today!

Let your life count in the life of someone else!

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