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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Faith plus work equals success

Faith without work, Bible said is dead! Prayer without faith is equally not alive! e a life supportive agent that makes faith a living one? Think about it!
Consider a human being who has many opportunities, for instance; he has two legs, one head, two arms, and on his head; two eyes, one mouth and two ears and still complain he has no food! He has the brains to think and body to move, yet his only hope is “God will provide”.
True, God will provide but we must not hide behind the provisional capabilities of God and refuse to go into action. If you think because God is a provider, hence, He should come down and give you food, am sorry that may not work today!
You may pray to God to remove the hills on your way and fill every pothole on your path; but don’t be surprised if God gives you a shovel to do so!
“Faith by itself, if it does not have work, is dead”
~ James 2v17

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