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Friday, 19 July 2013

You have a duty!

There is one reason why I can say no one on earth was created by accident. Think about this; the manufacturer of a product knows what he is creating his product for before he finished it. A manufacturer does not finish creating his product before thinking about its function!

The fact is that God destined your end; He created you and finished the plans of your work before He even brought you on earth. It’s not today before God will be thinking about what to use you for.

The good news is that God's plan for you is not to harm you; but to prosper you and give you an expected decorated end!
Inquire from your maker to reveal more of your purpose to you; He will take you through for the establishment of his purpose!

Don't live your life by merely existing. Let your manufacturer reveal your duty to you because He knows it and will not want to create anything and see it get wasted!

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