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Sunday, 28 April 2013

All fingers can be equal

It seems and had become a usual adage that "all fingers are not equal". I am not sure I can believe that any longer. When all the fingers stand straight-jacketed, they will never be equal. But when they BEND DOWN to make a fist, they become equal. A person's FIST is a symbolism for PREPARATION to blow obstacles.

We are created equal. No one is above the other. Be submissive (but not timid, fearing to rebuke); BEND yourself for others in HUMILITY and you will see that you are equal with them.

Don't we want to prepare a FIST to blow satan away together? Then why should we be stiff-necked and straight with what is not changing us? Why not BEND ourselves Flexibly to be equal with others?
Oh no, we can't blow satan with straight fingers! We must come together to fight the devil...Bend yourself and lets make the blow firm!

# Remember, I am not better than you; you are not better than me. We are equal when we co-operate!

- Israelmore Ayivor

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