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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Things that must be changed

Things that are worth changing are things that are O.P.D;
O- Outmoded: You cannot think you will still employ 16th century method of marketing and advertising your products and still be excellent. That may work only in your night dreams. The world is changing in advancements and you need to catch up with where it reached so far.

P- Profitless: Methods that bring no peace into your life, no love into your family, no unity into your church and no harmony into your country are absolutely out of place. Simply, they carry no gains on their hands. You better create a way of exit for them to excuse you or you excuse them before pave their ways to reach you.

D- Dangerous: When a lady falls in love with a “mango” headed man who is criminally minded, lackadaisically oriented and successfully unproductive, who always threatens her life, but she insists she is still in love with him, she obviously engaged in a harmful business.

Don’t forget, not every movement is “forward”, not every change is “progress”, not every score is a “win” and not every destination is a “destiny”. Let your change bring into the world a change!

- Israelmore Ayivor

Amazon Book Author

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