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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

# 1. INFORMATION: Six (6) IMPACT tools for raising the bar

Albert Einstein said “information is knowledge” and stressed that its’ a tool for paving a broader way. Information is the light we use to find our dark ways out. When information comes, ignorance flees.
Information exists in two forms; the good and the bad. Information could be beneficial or detrimental. Good information properly used becomes beneficial while bad information used any how is strictly detrimental. Good information wrongly used is equally detrimental as the use of bad information.

Sources of information include the libraries, text books, lecture or lesson notes, pieces of advice, internet, and etc. One typical area where a good source of information is almost always used wrongly and produces a detrimental effect is the internet. This happens when users take advantage of this media to download dirty movies, pornographies and open unnecessary sites to appeal to their unwholesome egos.\

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