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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

# 5. CONSTITUENCY: Six (6) IMPACT tools for raising the bar.

Constituency according to this concept refers to external or internal constituents or factors that support or rejects your nomination for setting higher standard. In politics you will identify that a stronghold constituency for a candidate is the area where this candidate obtains majority of the votes cast.

In this concept, your stronghold constituency is not a physical geographical location that gives you power to rule, rather the talents and skill constituted in you that makes you reign and believe it or not those talents are unique to you. You can’t live in the stronghold constituency of someone and sail through easily.

The whole world heard of many footballers like Ronaldo, Messi and Rooney. We can also testify of the talented goal keeping skills of Oliver Khan, Van der Sar and Dida, just to mention a few. The former list belongs to the constituency of footballers and the later, goal keepers. Just think of how ridiculous and awkward it will be for Ronaldo or Messi to decide that he is now going to the goalkeepers’ constituencies. Likewise Oliver Khan will also perform abysmally when given the chance to function in the later constituency.

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