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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

# 3. POSITION: Six (6) IMPACT tools for raising the bar

“Blessed is the man who does not walk in the council of the ungodly, nor stands in the way of the sinners, nor sits in the seats of the scornful…. He shall be like a tree planted beside the rivers of waters…” Psalm 1:1, 3.
Position describes where you put yourself and where you put yourself is by far a very big tool to create who you become. Everywhere you stand, or sit or walk produce something out of you and that something is a product produced by the position.

A student cannot be depositing himself at “fan fairs”, “night clubs” and “dating corners”, etc. when his friends are learning in the classroom and still expect to have the same level of bar as they have. Wherever you put yourself gives you whatever it gives.

I was watching a football match between Chelsea FC and Manchester United FC years back and I happened to discover through that game the major role that position plays in determining our success. It all happened when Chelsea played their optimum skills and earned 60% ball possession against their opponents’ 40%. However the end result yielded three goals against the dominant Chelsea team. What really made the team to lose was the miss-position of their goal keeper which made them conceded the goals. The ambitions of the 11 men in the blue jerseys sunk narrowly as this number 11 blue jersey bearer almost always deposit himself on the “off-side position” and whenever the ball is being passed to him, the whistle blows and the flag goes up.

Are you putting yourself in the right position or you are always “off”? Remember not every position welcomes victory!

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