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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Watch out; the two thieves are there!

Many people miss their accomplishments because they crucify themselves on the cross in-between the two thieves;
1. A wasted yesterday and
2. A stressful tomorrow

They are the causes of repeated failure and obtain their potency from excuses and procrastination. No wonder, procrastination is tagged as a thief of time! Excuses make you to have slippery answers to why you won't do something and that makes you waste the day. Procrastination on the other hand assists in pushing yesterday's task to today and today's task to tomorrow until you have a loaded reservoir of big tasks to lift... Stress is the next employee!

Stay away from excuses; eschew procrastination... Don't put off to tomorrow what you have to do today!.... Get off from that cross!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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