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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Don't neglect your talents

Everyone has something peculiarly special to him or her. Same have you. There is something common that you can do in a special way, and if you do it in your way, everyone turns round and look at that again! Don't neglect that talent. Apostle Paul in the Holy Bible also stressed on this topic "neglect not the gift that is in thee..." (1 Tim 4:14a)

Its very unfortunate in some cases where folks are talented in and area and ignorantly turn away to concentrate more on something else just because someone else is doing doing it there excellently. Its very dangerous because it hides your talented self and makes you wear someone's talents. You mask your self when you are noted for this. Identify your inherent gifts and work hard to maximized the potentials you need to fulfill that talent.

-Israelmore Ayivor

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