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Monday, 1 October 2012

The two (2) seasons in fulfilling a dream

Many millions of people waste their precious lives seeking immediate joy, promotion, satisfaction, comfort, safety, security, approval and acceptance which only lead finally to depression, demotion and debt. They become Oppressed, Suppressed and Compressed because they were depressed. They dream, wish and wait for something good to come to them now, without making any step. The woeful tale of doom they only have to narrate to us later would probably be about their regrets in the words "had I known".

On the journey to fulfillment of one's dreams, there are two main seasons; the dry and the wet seasons. The former is painted with pains, strains and even blood stains and characterized by personal efforts to turn things round through thick and thin. Every determined achiever had passed through this season before having a triumphant entry into the second season.

The wet season is the period of smiles when the determined sower reaps. During this period, tears become smiles while sweats become joy. Pains become gains and this is no new thing to  those who have passed through these two seasons before. They got more news to tell us

-Israelmore Ayivor

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