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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Self-analysis constructs straight paths

Self-audit or self-analysis is a qualitative measure of assessing oneself from time to time in quest of identifying any drift in pursuits, wallow in stagnation or flow in excellence. To audit yourself, order your conducts and attitudes aright and watch yourself from the back to see how far you are faring. You also ask questions about what you do that add no value to your accomplishments. All achievers in one way or the other had encountered a tap on their shoulders respectively through experiences they came across with. They also had series of encounters with encouragements and rebukes that made them who they really are.

Rebukes made them knew they were drifting and all they needed to get more applause was to re-align. Offer the opportunity to similar minded people to tell you about where you are going. You can know what goes on ahead of you by asking those who had been there. Similarly, you can also know the road you create is going crooked by asking those behind you.

-Israelmore Ayivor

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