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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The greatest right- "Right to make Choices"

We may talk of many claims backed by the law or constitution of our country. Yes, they are rights anyway. But the biggest, greatest, heaviest and widest right a person can enjoy as a citizen of the earth is "the right to make choices". This right is back by nature!

It is a fact that even our creator respects our right of choices, hence provided us with the the way that links Him to us, but expect us to either choose that way and be redeemed or neglect it and be condemned. This does not mean, He (Jehovah) creates our doom, but rather, it means He respect our views!

How are you using that right? Are you abusing it by your own hands, or someone is helping you to abuse it? Who do you choose as friends? What do you choose as you values? What do you choose to eat? How do you choose to behave? What do you choose to excel in? Life is all about choices!
Make your right choices in the following areas that count so much in our lives;


Get up and take A.C.T.I.O.N now!

-Israelmore Ayivor

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