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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

How to Conquer Fear Now

What is ‘fear’ exactly? Fear is a strong negative emotion that is etched into our psychological and mental fabric from the moment we were born and interacting with other things in this world. A bad experience such as shock, pain during young age may leave a deep-seated fear inside our psychology makeup. Sometimes fear plays its role as a life-saver as it prevents us from taking untenable danger or risk. However, in many cases, it arouses illogical and irrational negative feeling that deters us from pursuing a challenge. As a result, many men live the life of a loser simply because they are terrified to take up challenges that may lead them to enjoy wonderful life experiences.

From among the many human emotions such as anger, hatred, despair, jealousy, aminosity, selfishness and so on, fear is by far the strongest and worst negative emotion that severely impacts a person life. It deters a person from fulfilling the true purpose of life i.e. to learn and evolve to become a better, more enlightened human being.

There are various types of fear: fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of darkness, fear of loss, fear of pain, fear of death, fear of height, fear of being alone, fear of being in the limelight, fear of public speaking, fear of unknown, fear of taking up new challenges, and many more.

Fear attaches itself strongly onto our emotional and psychological fabric. The more energy we give it, the more destructive it becomes. In the movie Star Wars, Jedi Anakin Skywalker failed to conquer his ‘Fear’ and finally was lured into The Dark Side to become the villainous Darth Vader.

To conquer fear, we need to clearly understand ‘what’ exactly we are afraid of. There are steps we can adopt to free ourselves from a particular fear.

1. Establish a Fear and Its Outcomes
What exactly am I afraid of and why? What is the worst scenario that can happen if thing that I fear most indeed occurs? Write them down in detail. The more details you can write it down, the better you can analyze it and see that the fear and its consequences are very often completely irrational and non-sensible.

2. Analyze Fear
Go over point by point. Make a rational analysis of the probable occurrence of events that you fear. What are the steps you can and will be taking to overcome the consequences of that occurrence? What resources you have or can be reasonably obtained to counter the occurrence? And if all things and efforts fail, what loss will you be encountering? Is the loss bearable? Get your relatives or close friends to go over the analysis together if you have problem doing an objective evaluation yourself. Listen to their opinions.

3. Reversing Your Relationship with Fear
After you have carried out an objective and rational analysis of a particular fear, taken actions and eventually triumphed over it, repeat the process each time you come across a fear in your life. When this practice develops into a habit, you soon become aware that a fear for certain thing eventually becomes a good tool to your success. You become an expert to use fear to clearly analyze a situation, develop solid plan of actions, allocate resources and efforts to overcome a challenge you faced. In fact, you become master of your destiny, not fear. In this way, initial fear for certain thing turns out to be a good tool for success.

We have the choice to act or to react. When we reverse fear from the dominant position of a ‘Master’ to a submissive ‘Slave’, our life changes for the better. Soon we affirm the saying, ‘There is nothing to fear but fear itself’.

Life becomes meaningful and fruitful. We live life to the fullest. That is fantastic, isn’t it?

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