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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Money is not everything! (The Judas Ischatiot lesson)

 Money is a necessity, but not the determinant of a successful life. It is there to secure you, but not to save you! It is there to support you, but not to sanctify you!

 People who chase money without chasing any good reason for it are always brought down by the money they chase. Yes! If God gives you a gift, he adds it's manual that contains how to use it to it. However, if you chase something without receiving any authority from above, you will be tempted to throw it away because you can't find any good manual for it; Go, ask Judas Ischatiot. He has more to say!

 The truth does not need a number of supporters for authenticity. One person among the lot can be the odd one out. In a similar way, 11 people out of 12 may be on the wrong side. However, when the master says you are wrong, "you are wrong indeed"! When the master says you are saved, "you are saved indeed"!

 Never let money be the reason why you betray your close companion. You may not have the joy to spend it because you are supposed to enjoy that money with that companion you betrayed! Do not love money; love the reason for which money exist.

 Let the truth reign!

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