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Thursday, 1 May 2014

The message giver is greater than the messenger!

God is the message owner; prophets and pastors are messengers. It's happens on no account when the messenger becomes greater than the message owner!

Yesterday I was privileged to receive an inspiration under the ministry of beloved Mr. Justice Tsar Adegbe who preached about the Benefits of the Kingdom of Christ. In his message, the spirit-filled vessel taught that the canals through which the power of God flows through us are enormous; God being the main "power source", Jesus being the "transformer" to relay the power into us through the "cables and wires" of the Holy Spirit! Impressive!

It is an undeniable fact that Prophets, Pastors and other workers in the vineyard of God are just "multi-sockets and extension cords" that God uses to send messages to us from him as the main "generator"!

Sadly, I observe that human and church cultures have relegated this impression to the background. Majority of Christians believe the "messenger" than the "message owner"; they regard the "multi-sockets" than the "transformer" and on a sad note, they elevate the "extension cords" above the "high tension cables". This gives them an unkempt audacity to believe everything "human beings" called prophets say without even acknowledging the fact that there is a greater power source behind the scenes! So sad, so pitiful!

The pure and undiluted belief is the belief in Christ Jesus, as the "transformer" of our lives. Without him, God's the flames of God's wrath would have consumed us. "You don't receive electricity into your house directly from the main source, else you burn the house. The high currents must pass through a transformer", the preacher illustrated! Without Christ, no life has hope... Christ is our High Priest, said the Bible!

Let's us avoid these "human worships", confining our source of hope in prophets, kings, presidents, lawyers, etc. God deserves the greatest honour!

Remember the message owner!

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