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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Think before you thick!

My usual instruction to students when they are preparing to write their examinations is "think before you answer the questions". I am convinced that some multiple choice answers could be so close that you might not know the very one that answers the question correctly! You must think before you pick the correct answers else you will thick the wrong one. You must think before you follow your dreams, else you follow them through the wrong path! Such is life!

Every choice you make is influenced by the thoughts you employ. Two main types of thoughts take you away from reaching far; "shallow thoughts" keep you static; "negative thoughts" take you through the wrong paths! Think positively, think deeply!

Your thoughts are enough to give you the differences between the good and the better. You get to identify the differences between the "best" and the "excellent" when you think deeply! Give thinking the opportunity to be your everyday meal; you get nourished by the best success nutrients!

Great thinkers are great winners. You can't go lower than that; you must think and be a winner! Keep thinking; think about your destiny; think about the impacts of your serenity; think about where you will spend your eternity!

Go, keep thinking!

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