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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Take someone to "Jerusalem"!

If you can carry palm leaves to church on "palm Sunday" while you can't offer your life for people to freely "pass on" in love, shame on you! Remember, the palm leaves and clothes were placed down for Jesus to walk on and get to the Jerusalem city; those ancient palm leaves have a significance. What is the significance for today's palm leaves? My dear, the "ancient palm leaves" should instruct you that your life must be lived in such a way that, people will get to their "Jerusalem" through you in triumph!

You become a hypocrite when you can't freely be at peace with others, but you can carry green palm leaves to church to commemorate "palm Sunday"! Throw those palm leaves somewhere; and lay your life down for someone to walk on and get to the destined land!

Go! Lay your life for people to use as the bridge to become happy people! Let people get to their dreamland through your humility, honesty, and sincerity!

God be with you!

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