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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Stop the conflict tithe!

Many people worry over how social and religious conflicts can be ended. The answer is simple and clear; "if you want to stop a conflict, stop participating in it"!
No conflict can ever survive unless people continue to add their contributions to its growth. It is paying a tithe!

The ancient function of tithe is to keep food in the house of God forever! However, participation in conflicts is like paying a conflict tithe! As long as it is paid, there is an abundance of conflict in the house!

How then do we participate in a conflict? It is by taking sides when misunderstanding sets up. The existence of the side you take marks the existence of the conflict; likewise the absence of the sides is the absence of the conflict!

You don't pray to God to solve a conflict for you when you are already paying a conflict tithe. Stop the tithe, stop sponsoring conflicts, and remain neutral and let God use you as a "generator" to spark unity!
* Stop paying it now!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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