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Monday, 20 May 2013

At PEACE with all

One of the greatest legacies Christ left behind was "PEACE". According to John12v27, He encouraged us neither to be trouble nor be afraid; He added, "Peace I leave with you....not as the world gives". This is an awesome legacy!

It is however a disgrace for a child to abuse and destroy the legacies he/she inherited from his/her parent. As a child of Christ's father, how are you using the legacy "PEACE" your saviour left behind? Think about how a parent will feel if he/she gets to know that his/her hard earned properties are being destroyed by his/her children?

God expects us to live in harmony with all our neighbours in our societies. The devil however thinks it will be better when believers take to their own ways and divide into parts even in the same house, church or country! That is a gross deception as some people are being taught to live in PEACE with some and deny others of PEACE.

Let's share the grace!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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