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Friday, 31 May 2013

The "fig" humans

Every tree is expected to bear fruits in the right season. Unfortunately, it was not so for the biblical "fig" tree. Though the season was due, it had nothing to quench the tastes of the passers-by.

What was the result? Christ said to it; "henceforth, you shall no longer bear fruits". How did that manifested? The fruitless "fig" tree withered off and died"!

Friends, Goals untargeted are missed; Plans unattempted become fruitless; Passion unexposed becomes wasted. Whatever you fail to use, you definitely lose! The best way to miss a destination is to avoid the road leading to it.

Don't be like the "fig" human! "Fig" humans are those who wither off with their gifts unused! Whatever God gives to you, let it quench the thirst and hunger of someone else. It was meant for something! Never let it "wither and die" in you!

Money uninvested finishes; Love, unshared fades; A nerve unused atrophies; therefore, Success unshared also fails! 

*Live life soooo well!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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