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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

God said you must be, SO YOU MUST BE. Period!

Whatever vision God had predestined for your life MUST come to pass!

* The "Delilahs" of this earth will never weaken your Dunamis Power!
* The "Pharaohs" of this world will never succeed in chasing after you!
* The "Absaloms" of this soil may pursue you, but will never come near you!
* The "Tobiahs and Sandallats" in your life will never discourage you with their mockeries!
*The "Eves and the Saphiras" in this universe will never lead you into temptation!
* The "Bethshebas" of this land will never succeed in seducing you!
* The "Jezebels" of this generation will never succeed in tormenting you!

You are lifted! You MUST be who GOD said you MUST be! is well with your soul.

--Israelmore Ayivor
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