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Monday, 20 May 2013

The "Elizabeths" of this world

There are times when you may feel lonely and uncertain about the dreams you pursue. You don't need money, food or shelter at that time. What you need is an "Elizabeth"!

Mary met "Elizabeth" whose presence made her realized that she too could make it. Elizabeth was few months pregnant with a miracle baby head of Mary and Mary seeing her believed she could also pass through with her miracle baby. Elizabeth saw a great future in Mary's life and did not keep quiet on it; she shouted it; "all nations shall call you blessed"!

In life, you need true friends who are ready to put smiles on your face always. They are the "Elizabeths" who have already gone through the labour and would tell you that you can also go through. They see hope in your future and do not become jealous, but rather tell you boldly!

As you make true "Elizabeths" for yourself, Be an "Elizabeth" to someone also! Know your Elizabeths and make them realize you love them! I love you +++

--Israelmore Ayivor
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