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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Beware of some human behaviours!

Remember, not everybody will like your dreams, although they are real dreams. To some people, if they should give you a noble prize for manufacturing oxygen, they will freely accept to suffocate and die. Why? Because they will ask "is it YOU?; YOU?, and who are you to make me breathe?" It’s no surprise!

Human behaviour sometimes never cease to pose an amazement. There are people that you do everything for, but they will never see any good side of it! Carry their bodies and put them on the moon; they will misinterpret it and say, you have buried them deep down into the soil. Employ them and give them the best salary package; they will still complain that you are stingy!

Never be discouraged about those kinds of behaviours; learn your lessons and move on! Don't overwork to please people. Do what you can do as a visionary to see to the welfare of people, but never let their undue anxiety, discontentment and their unhealthy egos pin you to mediocrity.

--Israelmore Ayivor
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--Israelmore Ayivor
Visit Amazon for books by Israelmore. Click here

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