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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

We will rejoice together!

When the success is uniform, the celebration becomes universal. Of which use is it to yo to rejoice at the time your friend cries?

When you identify a path to victory and you hide it to yourself alone, you seem not to understand the song "when we all get heaven...". Yes! That is the song of victory for ALL of us!

What a day of rejoicing that it will be for me to see you smile as you also see me smile! I will see you laugh as you see me laugh too.

As Christ succeeds, we will success! As Christ conquers, we will conquer! As Christ was lifted, we will be lifted! As Christ overcame, we will overcome...

One day, tears of joy shall rain down as streams across our cheek beds as we see the loved ones who will make it into the glorious eternity...

Don't miss this clarion call, triumphant entry and eternal abode! Once again, another great fellowship will shake the boundaries of heaven... Your presence will highly be acknowledged!

See you there, see me there.

--Israelmore Ayivor
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