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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The greatest legacy is Peace!

Simply; no peace, no progress. Peace is the storehouse, where treasures are assured of safety and security.

Before Christ sent the comforter Holy Spirit, He gave out PEACE, to prepare the way. In his words of blessing, Christ said, "My peace I give you... Let not your heart be troubled"!

It's of no use if a company prioritizes "buying of equipments" ahead of "resolving an existing dispute among its workers". When those equipments arrive, where will the safe environment be for them to be used?

The greatest legacy a father can leave for his children before he departs is PEACE, otherwise his properties will go in PIECES sooner that he dies.

If you enjoy peace now, remember it is out of the toils of those who were gone before you. The question is "will you leave the same peace when you are gone"?

The future of the unborn is right there in your palms. Live like Jesus; He maintained the PEACE and look, there comes the Holy Spirit!

Jesus inspires me!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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