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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Pentecost in action!

Pentecost without hard work brings "plenty cost". The anointing does not make us rich if we don't rest our head to think and move our bodies to act

Never give chance for idleness to create vacancy for the devil to operate in your life; he tries to find work for idles hands! Use your time to apply the word of God in your life! Speak it, and keep saying it; apply it and keep applying it!

God himself promised us of prosperity, good health and success, but he expects us to work in order to get it! Today, whatever treasure is laid in our storehouses for us, we command the devil to take his hands off those divine properties in Jesus' name!

"devil", take your hands off because it does not belong to you. My Bible tells me that you came to STEAL, kill and to destroy! Yes! By the knowledge of this word, and the PENTECOST power vested in Christ, we command that you will not give us a "Plenty Cost"!

We'll work and eat the fruits of our work in Jesus' name!
Live life so well!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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