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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Don't overwork to please people!

You were not created to please people; you were created to inspire them!
Christ was hailed, praised and led triumphantly into Jerusalem by the people. On arrival, just on the spot, he went into the chapel where people were using the chapel for their "selfish gains". Jesus did not wait to say "because I was hailed and praised by the people, let me have favour on those in the chapel by allowing them to proceed". No!

Christ drove them away mercilessly! He sacked them away! Bible said, "He made a whip out of ropes, to drive them away"!

Employees fear to be sacked, Students fear to fail, Pastors fear to lose members, etc. and their only resort is to become PLEASERS OF PEOPLE!

Oh no! You can't continue to be that way. Stand with people when they are right; part away with them when they insist on going wrong!

Don't intentionally demand respect... You will automatically command it if you stay put God first in everything you do!

Glorious day!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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