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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Maintain your POSITION.

Know the people BEFORE you, and the people BEHIND you. This is what makes you to secure your place in history and not missing out any drop of your potentials.

In Ghana Commercial Bank in AD 2013, if you want to withdraw money or make a deposit into an account, the simple rule is to join the long queue. Well, joining the queue is not a problem, but when you feel like excusing the queue for few minute to come back again, you must know the people BEFORE and BEHIND you so that you can secure your safe position on return. People who do not do this only generate uproars and confusion in the banking hall.

In life, the legacy you enjoy now was left by the people BEFORE you! However you must be determined to leave a legacy for those BEHIND you; they are the unborn generations!

If you don't make a difference, you allow the person BEHIND you to follow the person BEFORE you and that means, you cut away your POSITION !

Don't lose it; do something to leave something!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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