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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Be proud of what you have!

All other birds are always jealous of the beautiful feathers that the peacock has. But the peacock itself doesn't know the value of it's beautiful plumage and goes plucking it off with it's feet! Oh peacock!

You have the ability that some people out there do not have in that adequacy. But they are making it greatly with the little they have! Never sit idle to see the great value in you being plucked off by you!

A human peacock may have dominant talents, but will keep being static till someone with a less ability goes to bypass them in the race! Somebody complained of having feet without shoes, until he met somebody who has not feet but not complaining!

Feel good at what you have; someone hasn't gotten that, yet is happy, confident and proud! One of the greatest sources of depression in life is to be worrying over what you don't have while looking merely on upon what you have!

"Do not neglect the gift that is in you" ~ 1st Timothy 4:14

I love you plus plus plus!

Stay blessed and live life so well!

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