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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Say no to bad leaders!

Few days ago, a young girl child of 7 years, brought her sister of 5 years to the hospital for admission and treatment while their mother was away to the market to sell. According to the little care taker, their mother said that "she will bring her to the hospital after 3 days when she gather some money". But the 7-years old sister couldn't stand the severity of the pains of her sister and hence she has to wait for their mother to leave the house before they could take the next step.

When their mother went away for her market day business, off, these two sisters secretly sneaked out of the house into the hospital, demanding and insisting on admission since they believe "that is the only way out for relief". Their mother returned, visited them in the hospital and gave them a blame for doing "something" without her knowledge! You see?

It is very simple. This true story said it all. If you want bad leaders to suggest for you what to do, you might die with your good opinions in your head!

It is pitiful if we throw our good ideas away in order to worship the evil ideas of so-called "seniors"! Guess what they have for us? Nothing much! Think.

I love the passion of the little girl to resist all barriers to the health of her sister. Yes! When leadership has become a barrier, you need to bore a hole through it and find your way out to the next level.

One of the lines of the Ghanaian national anthem said it all; "...AND HELP US TO RESIST OPPRESSORS' RULE WITH ALL OUR RIGHT AND MIGHT FOR EVERMORE". This is not just an anthem, but it is a prayer! Resist every temptation from anybody who does not have any good plan for you and move ahead in life.

Sometimes, it would seem as if you are arrogant. No please, your life is your life, your success is your success and you will not die before thinking of what to do! Many failures would have been skipped if only we had not listened to bad leaders!

Stay blessed and live life so well!

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