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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Your brain is a Gold Coast...

If you are interested in becoming a colonial master over "Gold Coast", don't dream about putting people into slavery! Just blow your brain, mine your mind! The brain in like a balloon, you got to blow it into a portable size and shape!

More Gold, Silver and Diamond had been mined from the thoughts of men than from the crusts of the earth. Your brain is a coast of great monuments!

You can either breed wild crocodiles or tamed sheep from the very brain in your skull. When the mind changes, life changes! Mind change could be positive or negative; wild or tame. You got to be positive to mine the best minerals off the brain's beach.

Shake of the disbelief; drop down the doubt! Open your mind and cast your thoughts as wide as you can! Think big; Think Positive; Think possibility!

You are a rich country on your own because you carry in you what can make or unmarked the world. Rise up and use all those great ideas you have!

Live life sooooo well!
Stay blessed and live life so well!

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