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Saturday, 30 November 2013

If you really need it, go for it!

This is how I am thinking about it; "if Mohammed will not go to the mountain, let mountain be there; let Mohammed also be there; and let a distance separate Mohammed and the mountain!

A success ship does not go to people's houses to load their dreams; people must meet it at the habour of choices and actions. People who think they can be waiting for fried fish to jump out of the frying pan into their mouths should be still and know that they have to keep waiting till they die. Why? This is because fried fishes are dead; they don't fly into mouths!

Never ever think success will come as a magic; it comes as a reward. Rewards are given not because they must be given; but because they are commanded, deserved and earned!

What do you deserve? What are you doing to grab it? Are you waiting and wanting? Are you charging and changing for it? Remember the statement "Garbage in; Garbage out". You can't put in garbage and expect a consumable product! Stand up and go for it if you really want it! Close the distance that separate your desires from you and God will make a way!

Live life so well!

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