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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Never be discouraged!

Dr. Myles Munroe was called "a monkey" by his High School Teacher because he has a black skin. That name "monkey" had been the name his classmates used to tease him!

At first, he was discouraged and when he got home, he told his mother, "mummy, it could be true. Maybe I am a monkey"! His mother retorted; "no my son, you are a great man, not a monkey"!

He felt great by his mother's words and said within himself "the boy called monkey will surprise everyone soon". About 25 years after, an old man, struggled to walk with his walking stick to met Dr. Munroe at one of the World Class Conferences chaired and facilititated by him, bought one of his book and pleaded with him to orthograph it for him. Dr. Munroe kindly endorsed his signature in the book with the words "YOU ARE NOT WHAT PEOPLE CALL YOU TO BE, YOU ARE GREAT"!

The old man begun to share tears, begun to apologize to the motivational guru! The guru didn't understand why this old man should be asking him for forgiveness! Alas, the old man introduced himself as Mr. Robinson, the teacher who named Dr. Munroe as "a monkey"!

Tears of Joy could flew down the cheeks of Dr. Myles. He prayed for the old man and even gave him money and many books at free cost!

You see? You are not what people call you to be! Never let people's mockeries about your dreams discourage you to coil yourself in your shell. On a more serious note, never discourage other people too because the young man sitting beside you may be the next UN General secretary in the future!

A good self-esteem is the overall perception you have about how worthy feel you are... Never let how people feel you are suppress who you should be! And also remember, never let others also feel low by what you tell them!

Stay blessed and live life so well!

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