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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

My 2014 Year message to all Friends

Friends, Welcome to a new year~ 2014.
The year looks new, but I believe that the newness of the year has more to do with our positive attitudes than our physical sight and emotional feelings.
  • Look up the sky. The colour is the same today as it was on 31st December 2013.
  • Look up the sea. The wave is as constant as it was on the last day of the previous year!
  • Sniff the air you used to breathe 24 hours ago. The moisture of the air is the same!
  • Feel the soil you walked on 1440 minutes ago; the texture is the same, just as it  was!
  • The volume of my breakfast is the same; the size of my lunch did not change and I believe the weight of my supper will be as it was yesterday!
The year is new as the calendar tells. But it would be as old as the previous year if you enter it with the old mindset that never brought you any better and happier life. When you live in the New Year with an old mind that always failed you, you are as old as the failures of the past. The year is new therefore the thoughts must be branded with new odour, colour and texture!
Enter the New Year with a can-do spirit that tells everyone that “all things are possible”. I pray for you; I believe you can do it. I know you will do it. Do it and do it better to the glory of the Lord Jehovah!
You can go extra mile to do extraordinary things even at the extra time. I thank God for the things He did to others through you in the previous year. Even the little steps you took are highly appreciated. In those LITTLE things you did, other people can feel TINY miracles. No piece of the Kingdom Cake is too small. Even the tiniest miracles is  as wholesome as a National Package.
Take life with all seriousness and believe that you are responsible for optimizing your God-given potentials. God gave the seed, but he wants the fruits back. Pick the seeds up. Plant the best ones. He promised the rain. It will be a bumper harvest!
Personally, 2014 is my year of CEASELESS PRAISE unto God. I will ceaselessly remember you on everyday, every week and in every month of this year in my Praise unto the Lord Jehovah our creator!
Live life sooooo well.
Shalom and enjoy the year!

--Israelmore Ayivor
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