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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

You are a leader!

When the centre cannot hold, the result is that "things will definitely fall apart! It is an everyday formula.

The simplest way to transform a society is to transfigure the leadership of a society! When the head is not good, the body moves to any haphazard direction; the head is the "centre" of control for the entire body!

The question is the "who is a leader?". The answer is "You are a leader". When you are prepared to rise up against the unchanging trends of behaviour in the society; when you dream of what to create to enhance your territory; when you jump outside the box to think big, dream big and act big...then you are a leader!

However, when you always take time to assess whether your previous year is greater than your current year and make amendments to make the next year greater than the current year, then you are a leader of leaders!

When things want to fall apart, do well so that they don't fall on your head. Good leaders are problem solvers. If the problems you had last year by the same time are the same problems you have this year by the same time, two questions will vindicate you by the evidence of your sincere answers; 1. What have you done about the problem? 2. Did you try another approach when the first failed?

Remember you are a leader and what this means is that, You can join the masses to transform the world one person at a time! Strengthen your leadership and change the world. We are prepared to celebrate with you!

Live life so well...

--Israelmore Ayivor
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